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Animation - The Fastest

By creatureart
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Unpolished animation.
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DarKestcreagirl's avatar
Haha, that is cute!
creatureart's avatar
:D I'm glad you liked it. ^^
ShadowStarry's avatar
I played this over and over for like, hours.


I'm off to go repeatedly listen to it again.
creatureart's avatar
Mwhahahahahah! You have now entered the point of no return!

:cough cough:

XD I'm glad you liked it! This one made me giggle as I was animating it, too!
ShadowStarry's avatar
I'm addicted to watching this now. I downloaded it to flash player and I watch it every day instead of doing mah homework.

-drools- so cuuuute.
creatureart's avatar
:no: You have now entered... THE DARK SIDE.

\(0o0)/ Nooooooooo~! Starry, come backeth!
ShadowStarry's avatar
nyaaaaah... fastest...


I'm obsessing. Did I fave this yet?
kiefers24's avatar
Hey mate, how are you going? This character is really cute. I am wondering if you were creating this at the time of animation competition?
creatureart's avatar
Thank you! I wanted to draw something cute and simple - so it wouldn't be hard to animate. Nope, I haven't heard of any animation competitions so this was just for practice.

Thanks again, Keifers. :hug:
kiefers24's avatar
the pleasure is mine. :hug:
wash1989's avatar
haha made me laugh, love is expression and body language :)
creatureart's avatar
:D Thank you. That's one of my favourite parts of drawing cute characters -- they make me laugh, too. ^^
tears-of-eternity's avatar
thats ridiculously cute. XD
creatureart's avatar
:XD: Thank you~! I'm glad you think so, too. ^^
Syreth's avatar
You make me want to start doing animation every time I see one of yours. Cute character, although I wish I could hear the voice.
creatureart's avatar
Sorry to hear that you can't hear the voice on it. That's odd.. it could be because it runs on a different flash player... or just because its not loading properly. I'll have to check when I next use the net from another computer.

Thank you. ^^ And you should want to animate - you'd enjoy it a lot. It's not as hard as people sometimes think, although it does take work (12 frames to a second... yeah. ^^; ).
Syreth's avatar
Hah. I feel like a dummy. My speakers were turned off at the moment! XD I like that effect. Hehe.
creatureart's avatar
XD Well that solves that then. That happens to me too, actually. Especially since it just takes two keys to mute my computer. ^^;
KhakiBlueSocks's avatar
Cute...quite cute!

"I am the fastest!"
creatureart's avatar
"But I am the fastest!"

XD Thanks, Khaki!
soul-alive's avatar
Wa-haha. *giggle* Cute!
I can't stop watching it. lol
The mouth movements were captured quite well.
creatureart's avatar
XD Thanks, SA! The last time I lip-synched was for my assignment last year, so it was a lot of fun revisiting it. Making the mouth move around like putty is blast.
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