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Animation - 'Go Away'

By creatureart
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Scribbly animation of some angry guy.
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© 2007 - 2021 creatureart
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0zorakid's avatar
i think it's very cool :clap: & i like the paint stoke:D
creatureart's avatar
:hug: Thanks, Ozora. You're a legend. :hug:

Animating is so much fun. ^^
0zorakid's avatar
ur welcome :smooch:
yep, i think i should learn it^^
creatureart's avatar
Definitely. :nod: I think you'd be a wonderful animator, actually. ^^
wash1989's avatar
this is great I have to practice giving my characters more dynamic movements like this
creatureart's avatar
Wow - thanks, Wash!
^^; Yeah I hadn't planned the movement out or anything - just drew frame after frame with no idea in mind to experiment a little. I'm glad it turned out ok. :D
wash1989's avatar
oh haha that makes it even better :) you awsome job
redchinese's avatar
he looks like he's accusing someone
like "YOUUUU!!!!"
very realistic movements :)
creatureart's avatar
Oooo now that's a better idea for what he could be saying. I want to try recording my voice saying that or something. :XD:

^^; Wow, thanks for saying the movements look realistic, RC. I often just experiment from frame to frame so I'm never really sure how they'll look.

redchinese's avatar
even if this is an experiment
the result still is that throwing-back-head
perfect for any self respecting lawyer :XD:
creatureart's avatar
Yeah - it reminds me of that DS game I'm never played... Phoenix something? Apparently there's some great lawyer action in it. :XD:

Thanks. ^^
soul-alive's avatar
Awesome, Rah. Angry Alex, hmm?
creatureart's avatar
That's Awesome Angry Alex to you. :D

Yep. Fairly angry. ;) Thanks, Sara.

:hug: How are you going, hun?
soul-alive's avatar
Ah, I see, I shall not mess up his name again. ^_^

Okay, much better, and well rested, since school has been done for a week +, I'm heading back to pack up my room later today. *wargh*
How about you?
creatureart's avatar
^^ I'm all good. Got to get some crazy film projects handed in on Monday (which is the first week of my holidays... it always bugs me when things are due IN the holidays... -_- ) and help organise a retreat for the Christian fellowship group I'm in at Uni - but otherwise, I'm looking forward to the holidays. :)

Hey I'm looking forward to seeing you back. Have a good flight home. :aww:
soul-alive's avatar
Thanks - have fun with your retreat!
MisushiIce's avatar
You have the best animations! ...he looks like my friend Alex Napier XD
creatureart's avatar
Not only looks like, but has the same name as your friend?! How cool is that!

You have cool friends, Sushi! :hug:

Hey good to see you again. Hope you're doing well. :hug:
MisushiIce's avatar
I'm doin' good^^

I showed Alex the picture and he said "Holy crap, she knows me!" lol. He's nuts.
creatureart's avatar
:XD: That is sooo awesome. You could tell him that in reality he doesn't exist - he's actually the personification of a character in my imagination. :evillaugh:

Good to hear you're goin' good. ^^
RescuedSheep's avatar
oh goodness wow!! You're insanely good CA
creatureart's avatar
::scratches head in embarassment::
Oh, wow, thank you. :blush: I like doing random animations. ^^
Wilsondep89's avatar
what program did you use
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