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ANIMATION - Smile Therapy

By creatureart
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Strage little animation.
Smile. ...or else....! :shakefist:
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oO-ShiroNami-Oo's avatar
Aww thats awesome! it would be so much fun to get attacked by them (pirabbit and the penguin heh)

BTW I reread redemption from the beginning on your website! noticed a few pages (like the cover artwork) I had not seen before! it was awesome.... I understand some things better now!
creatureart's avatar
You read through the comic? Thank you! I'm relieved that things make a bit more sense when they're read together. ^^;

Haha, I'm sure we can... arrange... an encounter with the pirabbit and penguin for you.... :evillaugh:

oO-ShiroNami-Oo's avatar
Syreth's avatar
I saw this a long time ago, and yes, it did make me smile! XD Great animation!
creatureart's avatar
Thanks, Syreth!

Haha, I'm glad. I had a lot of fun putting this together so its nice that you did get a smile out of it.^^
ShadowStarry's avatar
LAWLNESS! that pwns.


Made me smile a bit, And Im sick! :(
creatureart's avatar
You're sick? :(
That's bad. How are you feeling at the moment?

I'm glad that this got you to smile even though you're not feeling well, then. :)
pichu90's avatar
Hehe, smile therapy works everytime! :D
creatureart's avatar
:XD: That's true. Helping an emo person to smile can do wonders. ^^ Thanks, Pichu!
pichu90's avatar
You welcome! :)
Nami15's avatar
AWW!! Alenard! He is so cute *huggles*
creatureart's avatar
Awww thank you. :aww:

Even though he's my character, I think he's kawaii too. I just want to get him past the emo stage. ^^;
Nami15's avatar
Your Welcome ^^

YES! Past the emo stage!! C'mon! You can do it! XD he is so cute.. *huggles Alenard*
creatureart's avatar
Definitely. He's a-getting there. :P I've been working on getting a Comic Genesis/ Keenspace site set up for Redemption, but I really want to get working on some new pages. ^^

:boogie: I'm so chuffed whenever you call him cute. I think he's borderline - especially for people who are unfamiliar with anime/manga. Because such people often assume him to be a girl... which is actually not a hard mistake to make. ^^;

But I think he's cute, too. XD
Nami15's avatar
Yay!! Getting there is good too!! ^^ soon he will rock!! :XD: Ooo! That's cool!! I can't wait for either!! the Comic and the Site ^^

Aww, :boogie: He really is adorable/Cute ^^ Hm? Yeah.. I get that a lot about my characters.. ^^; It's said really lol. Yes! Very cute! Little buddy! *pats his head*
SnoringFrog's avatar
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Tiggstar's avatar
Ahhhhh! LOL :XD: that was great, totally made my day XD SMILE!
creatureart's avatar
Really? :glomp:!

I'm glad it made your day. Smiling is good for you. ^^

Thanks, Tiggs.
photosoph's avatar
Great work, CA. :aww: Very, very cool. :aww:
creatureart's avatar
:XD: Haha thanks, PSoph. ^^
photosoph's avatar
:D You're welcome! ^^
redchinese's avatar
he needs to cheer up
creatureart's avatar
He definitely needs to cheer up. :nod: He will, eventually. XD
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