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Gallery Folders

Observer by Nimphradora
Peridot Dragon by DemonML
Adventure Noodle - Commission by AntiDarkHeart
Collab:Drachenfeuer by DemonML
Dragon and Reptilian Creatures
Dragon flying out from the bestiary book by snuapril01
Lana concept by GelangweilterToaster
Teradea by lOcelotkal
black lightning DRAGON adopt (CLOSED) by besomrak
Canine Creatures
[Art fight] Surtyr by Aymea
AUCTION ADOPT (CLOSED) Emerald by ShaorHashi
When They Were Both Here by Bandarai
Plumed fox by Chiakiro
Avian Creatures
Fantasy Animals VOL V (non-canon) by Roojoeus
Parhelion by saltysass28
Bird Dome by Alphadount
Original Species For Sale! + Auction | CLOSED+ by SempaiSapphire
Feline Creatures
Time for Rehearsal  by TheLadySKnight
Park Patrol  by TheLadySKnight
Trauvainain Cat 2020 by CylindricalFawn
Deserted by Solarizoa
Ungulates "Hooved" Creatures
First Night by CyiCreations
Swamp Unicorn by CorvidCreates
Storm by MartianBean
Black crystal unicorn by RimmOlki
Aquatic and Marine Creatures
Sealcoon by lOcelotkal
Mellanta by ArgentDandelion
Froquydk by Unialien
Psylopod TP by Unialien
Insect and Arachnid Creatures
Whirlpool Pukai by ArgentDandelion
Doodle Monster: Heart Tick by MisterFeelgood
Doodle Monster: Festering Jawbreaker Grub by MisterFeelgood
Spider Elvis by MisterFeelgood
Anthro and Monstrous Humanoid Creatures
Hide 'n seek by Reineo
Evening walk by TellerySpyro
It's less scary with you around by Reineo
Ogre colored with filters by Krispinus
Other Assorted Creatures
Terrantor by ArgentDandelion
Thulian Smoolk by ArgentDandelion
Hi I forgot to upload this by II3Rr0r418
Strontode by ArgentDandelion
Rainbow or red fury. by RimmOlki
Pixel Creatures
yeet by MariahKat
Reference Sheets and Profile Images
Chatty by Aymea
Sketched, Lined, or Monochrome-Drawn Creatures
[WIP] Dragonking by DanielLarsen
3D Rendered Creatures
Shenza by Gawgain
Tutorials and Resources
F2U - Sunchaser Base[Old Base] by Witheryn
CoC Sales
Dragon and Reptilian Creatures FULL
Sunset Dancer by Sky-Shifter

Welcome to Creators of Creatures~!

Hello, welcome to CoC! This is a group for creatures of fantasy origin, whether they be based on birds, wolves, felines, dragons, insects, or even aliens!

This group aims to bring together artists from all artistic groups and backgrounds and bring them all together in an interactive community, in order for us all to improve our art in many ways, and meet fun and amazing people, all at the same time.

In this group we strive for interaction, and so we will hopefully be holding
many great raffles, auctions, and contests in the future, in order to get everyone working together!

Quality Control is something that we do practice and enforce within our group. If your piece of art has been denied, we are more than happy to give you an explanation of why, and even give out some pointers or tips if you'd like them! All you have to do is ask one of our staff, or leave us a comment on the Deviation Submission Process.

:bulletblack: Please submit to the correct folders If you are unsure, please see the FAQ page, or feel free to ask us.

:bulletwhite: NO submitting your own art to the Featured Folder, please.

:bulletblack: You are allowed to submit one deviation per FOLDER, per DAY

:bulletwhite: NO unfinished artwork is allowed.

:bulletblack: Anything involving sexual content or themes will be denied.

:bulletwhite: NO literature or journals will be accepted at all.

:bulletblack: NO OPEN adoptables or auctions, this inclues YCHes and PTUs, will be accepted, the CoC Sales Folder in our gallery is strictly for staff contributed artwork to be used for raffles and auctions. Closed adopts, auctions and finished YCH images can be sent, as long as they follow the group rules

:bulletwhite: NO photo manipulations will be accepted.

:bulletblack: NO fanart. Any creatures/characters that are owned by a company/corperation will not be allowed in the group. Examples of these are Pokemon, Digimon, My Little Pony, etc. This includes fan characters.

:bulletwhite: We do NOT accept furry art! We do however allow humanoid and anthro-like creatures, as long as the anthro creature is more feral/wild in appearance, with little clothing.

:bulletblack: We DO NOT accept humans on their own. In a picture, they must not be the focus of the image.

Okay, lately we've been getting a whole lot of  adopts sent to the group that do not follow the rules so I'd like to take a moment to clarify:

This group does NOT take open adopts or sales images! CLOSED adopts are free to be sent in however, as long as they meet the guidelines. Said guidelines can be found in the description of every folder, if you aren't sure where a piece should be sent. There is also a FAQ journal with descriptions found here:
FAQ: Gallery Folder DescriptionsWhile I've updated the descriptions on the folder pages themselves, hopefully this will also help members a bit more to know where to send their artwork beforehand. If you have any questions, or are still unsure of where your submission would best fit, feel free to note the group, or you can post it in the FAQ page (coming soon) dedicated to pre-checking!
Please note also that this is a quality controlled group! If your art is declined for a related reason, it does not mean your art is bad, or we do not like it! If you desire any critique or helpful tips, you can see our Tutorials and Resources folder, or ask a staff artist.
Featured - This folder is not available to submit to, and is for top artworks selected by myself. However, anyone is welcome to suggest pieces to move here! Please send them to us through the group notes!
Dragon and Reptilian - For more feral looking dragons and reptile creatures

Of course you are all also always free to ask us through a note or profile comment~!

Another reminder that we are still open for new (wth experience) contributors/mods for this group, as we are in need of some extra help! Information is here:
Looking For Contributors!As the title states, I'm looking for a couple new contributors to help behind the scenes. They check submissions, answer questions, suggest featured art, add favorites and the like. A couple perks being able to submit to the featured folder (quality rules still apply), and the ability to submit 3 pieces per folder per day, versus the normal 1 per folder per day for members.
I'm only looking for ACTIVE members, preferably with experience! I will also be checking for any bewares or other bad behavior online as well.
If you are interested, comment below answering:
- How long have you been a member?
- Do you have any prior group experience? If so, doing what?
- Are you going to be able to be active? How often are you able to log in and check submissions, etc?
- Are you going to be able to remain objective and mature when checking submissions? (Ex: no playing favorites to certain artists/works etc. If it doesn't follow the rules, it must be declined. This includes works that may not be acce

Thank you~

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