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RIP Treebrary

I challenged myself to model something new from today's episode to practice speed-modelling, and this is what I got after 5-ish hours of work.
Made with Blender and Gimp.

As per usual, model is available here:…
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Now we just need the castle to go with it.
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greate job, my friend, i'm you fan. Can i ask you a question. Can I order 3D model from you ?
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Rest in peace, treebrary
gone, but never forgotten.
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This looks amazing! Would you mind if I used this image for a song video that I'm making soon?
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This is perfect. :3
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*reads Description*

5-ISH HOURS!?!?!?????


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I just find it totally stunning how much detail you put into this model in such a short time :o (Eek) 
The tree bark and the engravings just look incredibly real. The polished effect, that those reflections create is beautiful too.
I also like how you didn't just duplicate the memory chains and brought individuality into each of them, i. e. the different endings.
Amazing work :D
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*sob* Rest In Pieces Library.Waaaah! 
Nice work though!!Clap Clap 
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Tree will always be in our heart T_T 7
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What a nice little metaphor.
I wouldn't say that Golden Oaks is completely dead just yet.
Remember, it actually consisted of TWO stumps: A big one (the one we know about) and a little one off to the side.
If you look at the tree's'll notice that even though the big stump is clearly destroyed, the little stump is completely unharmed.
And moreover, considering the sheer size of this thing...this is the remains of the BIG stump.

...That little stump is eventually going to become the new treebrary, isn't it?
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Good Lord. How long until I can get a replica in my house?
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would this work for SFM? I'm still figuring this out
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It would with a little work.
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excellent, thank you!
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Jesus Cop that was quick
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Looks like some prime wallpaper material to me!
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Very cool. I've been messing with GIMP and took some baby steps with Blender, but nowhere near this  haha.
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Holy cow you are good! 
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Wow, that was pretty fast.
And it looks great-
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