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My Bio
I am a 3D artist who occasionally makes pony stuff and uploads it here.
As well, I occasionally stream my work, which I have set up on Twitch:

My first (and in retrospect horrible) foray into 3D art ( ).
I worked on Ponykart( ) in the past as a character and kart modeler.

If anyone ever has any questions about anything, I can be contacted here:

----------------------------[ Resources ]--------------------------

EQG Blender models:…
Pony Blender models:…

SFM & Gmod ports by jspzyhl can be found here:…

The models from ponykart can be found here:…

Favourite Visual Artist
Makkon. His work was really inspiring to me and helped me motivate myself to learn this stuff.
Favourite TV Shows
Venture a wild guess.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I listen to nearly every genre of music. If it is good, I'll listen to it.
Favourite Books
>Textbooks are all I read anymore
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Shadow of the Colossus, Tribes Ascend, KOTOR 1/2, XCOM, Deus Ex, Homeworld, and the list goes on...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC [spoiler]masterrace[/spoiler]
Tools of the Trade
Blender, Photoshop, Gimp, Xnormal, Unity
Other Interests
Just finished brushing a couple things up so I could release what I have so far. The rig is mostly done, though there are no facial expressions added and some parts of the model don't deform as nicely as I'd like. Anyways, it is a complicated rig and the hair is tricky to get working well, it is probably best to have a fair bit of experience with blender before trying to do much with the model. Just to note, the hair must be baked and rendered on the CPU, while rest can be rendered on the GPU. Get the rig here:
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First of all, I have wanted to make a comparison video for AAIWTB between my 3D version and the 2D version, but I haven't found the time until now. Just finished it, and you can have a look here if you are interested: In other new, now that I finished the mane 6 in pony form, I'm going to practice some more animation on them, though probably with shorter things then AAIWTB because it takes soooo long. After though, I will probably go back to making more characters, and I am curious as to what you guys want. Leave comments below and I'll weight your input in to my decision!
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Just finished the animation portion of AAIWTB. There are a few tweaks yet to do, but I'll do that once I'm at that point in the render. However, my computer is not powerful enough to render this video in a reasonable time. Each frame takes about 30 minutes on my laptop, which is not all that great. So, I had the idea to set up a renderfarm system where any of you can help me. outlines the process to set your computer up to help me render the animation. lf you do help, I'll credit you in the video description on YouTube, and you will have my great
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You are awesome.

People are having problems downloading the models.

Hi, I have a problem with your models, I can't open them in modern version of blender, am I doing something wrong?

This. This user is responsible for starting the whole EqG model scene and how I got into modding them for GMod. For that I, and others who still do it to this day, thank you.

Any possibility you could whip up models of some of the lesser known characters? Such as Rain Shine or Queen Novo (hippogriff form)?

You graced us with such greats works, but for such a short time. Truly do the brightest flames burt out the fastest

Um, Excuse me, I do have a favor in mind. I have sent you note. Would you like to check that note please, if you don't mind? thanks.