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Inspired by M C Escher, I created this artwork for Tiger Translate, as one of their Asian Kinetic Artists. And, yes it's still using comic sans font as the main visual.

the theme is science-change, and here's the idea behind the artwork:

Science—Change, for the better, this is what drives every aspect of our lives. Generations, scientists, investors and artists all used change a catalyst for bigger dreams.

Change is not easy as flipping our hands; there's a process; dreams enmeshed with serious contemplation; there's the cost of time, there are observations to be made, and many failed experiments for any change to achieve its desired effect. From bad to good, white to black, bottom ground to higher level and even from Helvetica to Comic Sans.

Change the way you think, change the way you look at things, change your perceptions, start your experiment, as it's all about the process of discovering things that will affect the world around you.
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Tell me, how the hell do you make these things? Illustrator I think, but, not shure...

O, and, love your work!