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Hey guys! Just so you know, the web comic project I've been working on with keh-arts and drazzi is slowly making progress. We have a DA group for it now, which you can find here!

☠ ☠

I would really appreciate people giving it a watch, as the comic will be posted there once it's ready to go! We also have a Spoopy Tumblr page which you can find here!

☠ ☠

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:heart: Last updated 06.04.2014 Commissions status is OPEN! :heart:

:bulletgreen: Prices from me are in GBP (UK Pounds Sterling) unless otherwise stated - a currency converter can be found here:…
:bulletred: Payment is by Paypal only.

:heart: EXAMPLES :heart:

Most popular commission choice by far. I must have drawn a hundred of these things! While I'm not a huge pony fan, I like them and enjoy drawing them. Ask me about prices!
Again with the ponies by CreatoreMagico Bat Pony by CreatoreMagico fallout pony type things by CreatoreMagico Caecus by CreatoreMagico Netrunner Cards by CreatoreMagico Adoptable Little Ponies by CreatoreMagico

Done in a variety of ways, head/bust shorts usually range from between £10 - £20 depending on the detail.

Saltice by CreatoreMagico Thatcher by CreatoreMagico Sage Collaborative by CreatoreMagico E.L and Lock by CreatoreMagico OC complilation by CreatoreMagico Red Fruit by CreatoreMagico

Chibi and Wind Waker style:

I love to draw chibis! They can range from anywhere between £5 - £20 depending on the level of detail!

Spooky Scary by CreatoreMagico Acoustic bunny by CreatoreMagico Yumi bell ribbon by CreatoreMagico
Ceryela by CreatoreMagico Let's Go! by CreatoreMagico Pink Punch by CreatoreMagico

Half or 3 quater body:
Bubble Tea de Pearl by CreatoreMagico Rice Blossom by CreatoreMagico Enchilada Supreme by CreatoreMagico Kamara Commission by CreatoreMagico EX CON by CreatoreMagico Before the cut by CreatoreMagico

Full Body examples:
Sweep that Spoop by CreatoreMagico Ella Mental lines by CreatoreMagico

Mature Content

B a l a n c e by CreatoreMagico
Hey cutie by CreatoreMagico

Mature Content

What shall I do with you? by CreatoreMagico

:heart: Other information! :heart:

Prices will vary depending on the number of characters in the piece as well as the style of colouring chosen, background or not and most importantly, the time in which it takes to complete the image! The usual rate often works out to around £10 to £15 GBP per full colour character with reductions in place for additional characters etc. It's always worth asking how much something may be, as I can be flexible. If you can only afford £5, I can make something less detailed to fit in with your price range!

I offer head/bust shots of characters, chibi style, wind waker style, and full or half body pictures as well. If you have a specific idea in mind I will try my hand at any other kind of thing as well! Please feel free to ask me, either via DA note or e-mail creatoremagico[at] you are never wasting my time and I'm always happy to answer questions.

If you buy from me you will receive a large digital image of your commissioned work, to do with as you see fit. Print it out, give it as a gift, put it on a mug or T-shirt, whatever! If you have bought traditional art, you will have to pay extra to have it sent to you in the post.

:bulletpink: Commissions are for personal use only. If you want an image for other uses please contact me!
:bulletgreen: Postage of traditional art commissions is available on request! Otherwise all art will be received digitally via e-mail.
:bulletblue: Commissions can take between few days to a month to complete, depending on the size and detail. I will always update you on the progress of your commission via e-mail.
:bulletyellow: I am happy to attempt most any kind of drawing. All you have to do is ask. Of course I reserve the right to refuse if I don't think my ability is suited to your request.
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For a while now I've been working on some very personal artwork, not animé or story related work but art that is about personal expression. I've decided to share this work on Deviant Art, so if anyone is interested in seeing it it can be found here at cambiare-magico It will be updated as regularly as possible.

I intend to collect this work for exhibition at some point, potentially with other people doing similar themed work from the UK and bought together in Liverpool if I can!

As I am not putting this post on a filter, it's also a sort of un-stealthing post for any few of you who didn't know certain things about me. Please refrain from making personal comments on my DA page such as 'I didn't know you were XYZ! omg!' if you don't mind. I'm not expecting anyone will say that, but little warning just in case.

Thank you to anyone who visits this art page. This work is very tender and personal to me but I'm putting it out there because I want to open myself up to the world, so that I can grow and learn.

Best regards to everyone

- Creatore Magico

[Note to commissioners]

:iconkuronai: Has some great chibi commissions available! At only $3 each you'd seriously be crazy not to get at least one of these for yourself. Go check out this lovely artists right away! You wont be disappointed!

:iconjaqhnun: Is a fantastic artists and is also open for commissions. Whatever you get will be well worth any amount, I highly reccomend checking her out as well!
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Just a very quick update to say that name your own price commissions from me are open! The details are here on live journal.… :heart:

Have at it my lovelies! Even sharing this link would be very helpful. :hug:
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Yes. I am! I realise I''ve not been on DA for the longest time but moving house and looking for a job will do that! I feel so behind on comments and for that I can not apologise enough. There are so many wonderful artists here who I'd love to give my time to commenting on their work. I wish I had the time to do so, but what with my own artwork, writing and creative projects it seems time is hard to find!

Be assured I am still looking at, becoming inspired by, and admiring all of the work I'm seeing here on DA! <3 Keep it coming awesome people!

I will update with something original soon as well, since I see that my last 3 uploads are collaborative pieces. Yikes! But for now, I must pick my girlfriend up from work and give her hugs!

Love and hugs!

Kuku xxx
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As well as the previous pimping which is HERE… and full of amazing artists, I must now refer to this… artist who is taking commission to help a friend of thiers (who is also a friend of mine.) Buy buy buy!
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Just in case anyone is looking for it, HERE is the list of artists I recommend to watch and commission! There is some amazing talent here, at ridiculously affordable prices! Please do take a look.

And now on to this meme, since I was tagged once again, this time by the beautiful and talented ClaudiaSutton

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3) You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4) Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5) No tag backs.
6) No rubbish in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this". You legitimately have to tag ten people''

I more than likely ended up tagging some of the same people over again! Sorry about that folks.

Here are the last 10 things I posted.… And now, on to ten more.

1. I sincerely believe that if you have faith, be brave and work towards your goals that slowly things will work out for you in ways you might not even understand. I think being a good a person as you can be brings happiness back to you.

2. I have the most amazing friends. I don't know how or when I got so many, but each and every one of them is special and so many of them are closer than I could ever wish for friends to be. I am truly blessed when it comes to friendship.

3. My family life was quite broken, so I tend to feel uncomfortable around functioning working families, like the little ragamuffin who lives outside their house and has been invited in for a meal. Despite my discomfort though, I love to see families working and just being how they are together. it's something I never really had so it's interesting, and really quite lovely sometimes.

4. I don't read enough. There are so many books I want to have read but I seem to never find the time or the quiet. I think I must make a resolution to read more.

5. I can't believe I am going to Zelda Symphony next month. This is going to be one of the most important occurrences of my life and I get a little scared thinking about it and about how much it's going to move me.

6. I don't think I'll ever be happy with the way I look unless I give up on all the food I love. I don't know what I want more, pleasure of food, or to be able to look at myself and not think how ugly I look. Vanity and Gluttony must be my two biggest sins.

7. The feeling that I might have hurt someone else, to me, is the worst feeling there is. It's instant depression if that happens.

8. I don't like counting on other people, I'm afraid of being let down. Yet I do it all the time, because I'd rather give them the chance and be let down than be a person who doesn't take chances.

9. I used to get sick from eating 'Smarties' so now any sweets with sugar shells on them like M&M's and such put me off.

10. I will never get over how uncomfortable it is being a trans-gendered person on hot days. Its horrible, and I think that anyone who wears a chest binder in sunny weather should be taken seriously about their trans-gender decision on principle.
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Just writing here to showcase some amazing artists who have brilliant and affordable commissions available.

:star: Firstly, head over to LJ and check out user reveillez -->… <-- they have a really unique style and their icon commissions are not to be missed out on!

:heart: Now, a shout out to the adorable oliko -->… <-- her animé style and pencil colours are constantly improving. She has a beautiful way of making a picture and is super friendly as well.

:star: I only just came across this lovely Italian oOMellyChanOo -->… <-- but wow does she have gorgeous art and a knack for portraying sexy boys. Her comm's are at a really good price and man, just look at her detailed and adorable chibis!

:heart: Now, moving on, the amazingerli -->… <-- Just wow, what can I say about this one? They have an amazing way of getting a character across. When I first commissioned them I was really stunned by the result. They have a flare for original characters and sketches!

:star: Next, my dear friend delightfully-sunny -->delightfully-sunny.deviantart.…<-- She is what her name implies, so friendly and approachable, and will work really hard on your picture.  This one has a style that is really unique and I personally am in love with it. She gets so much detail into her drawings and both her sketches and complete work are worth commissioning. If you commission this girl you'll want to print out a poster sized version of her work for your wall.

:heart: Of course I must and will always mention keh-arts -->… <-- I have commissioned her many times and she is just wonderful! You'll get a stunning traditional piece for ridiculously cheap and it will always always be fantastic. Her style is very varied and she will try her hand at so many different types of character! You're missing out if you don't commission her at least once.

:star: Then we have the stunningly talented nekophoenix -->… <-- who's work is both uniquely drawn and coloured. You wont find many people who colour like this, and this dude has a great range of talents from animals to pin-up girls. Just go to their gallery to see examples of their work, you'll want some of your very own!

:heart: Now I move on to one of my favorites, marourin --> <-- This is someone I commission again and again because I love their art and they are again, very affordable. They have a brilliant way of colouring which you can only really see the beauty of once you have their art in your hand. It's something you can own since they work traditionally and are willing to send you the finished work.

:star: Next, the awesome HatterMadness -->… <-- Again, I have commissioned this artists several times. She is a really cool person, always improving and her concepts and portrayals are really really cool! I've always been thrilled to pieces with what she comes up with and I would recommend her super highly! She will make your request come alive.

:heart: Now, UnassumingPumpkin who is a friend with the kind of talent that just makes you green with envy --> unassumingpumpkin.deviantart.c… <-- While she is a tad on the expensive side, she is well worth it as her art is just jawdroppingly good, unique and full of expression.

:star: Of course, now I must mention RomanticFae -->… <-- I know what you are thinking, WOW right? Her art is incredible, she is super fast and just produces stunning digital work. The prices are ridiculously cheap and you will always get something stunning and almost photographic with it's realism.

:heart: The lovely dustbudde also does commissions from time to time -->… <-- and her style is fab! She can draw all sorts of characters and there's a very professional comic book feel to her art. Her colour art is great too and you can guarantee she will work hard on your piece for you!

:star: Then there is cowgirlem -->… <-- I have only commissioned her once or twice before but I know she ROCKS! Just look at her work? Her drawings are very pro animé and her expressions and colours are top notch! She's lovely and friendly too, super approachable! Go forth and comm her!

:heart: Another artists I have commissioned way too many times but never enough is mashi-tsushiro -->… <-- Super cute and friendly with affordable prices and just lovely art!

:star: This list is getting super long, so I'll just mention one more artist, the lovely Sitaart -->… <-- who has produced beautiful work for me and my commission loving friends a few times. This one is affordable, works hard and you will get something as detailed as the description you put in. Well worth buying from!

:heart: Okay, I said that was the last one but now I ADD the awesome Weavrrcat who recently did two amazing sketch pages for me and I couldn't be happier with them! Go check this one out, so affordable and just really lovely and awesome!

I may add more to this list another time, but that is all for now! Aren't we lucky to have so many wonderful artists to buy from? Any purchase from any one of these guys is money well spent! Thanks for looking!
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Tagged by :iconhattermadness:

1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5→No tag backs.
6→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this." You legitimately have to tag ten people.

1.  I love retro RPG games. Secret of Mana and Legend of Zelda series are my favorites and I have played them more times than I like to admit.

2. My nickname Mr Ku/Kulet came from various people shortening/lengthening my name Saku. The name Saku came from Cardcaptor Sakura! This is because I am SO MANRY!

3. I've suffered from anxiety and depression for years but I am constantly battling to improve myself and get well again.

4. I love role play and have too many original characters to count. If I'm not working on character related things every day I'm unhappy.

5. I'm a red head with freckles. Yes, you can Judge me.

6. I did a photography degree. @_@

7. I love chocolate *_* I think I have a problem.

8. Mr Ku is a huge pervert. I love pornography, writing, drawing, photographing and looking and reading etc.

9. I would really love to create something to bring magic into the lives of others.

10. I like hugs! HUGE ME! T_T!!!

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Once again I have fallen behind with DA, but I am always around! I just fail at commenting on my amazing friends artwork! I am looking at it and being wowed and awed as usual, but as ever if there is anything any of you are particularly proud of please do link me to it! Then I'll leave comments! Just in case I missed it.

So after getting Sai from the lovely Otherbuttons I've been improving and drawing a lot more.

Chibi commissions are open as ever, this style here is £2 per character if anyone is interested. Payment must be through paypal.

For other amazing commissions check out any of these dudes here ~ :iconkeh-arts: :iconsitaart: :iconhattermadness: ~ and anyone else mentioned here… ! Great prices from these people and they have beautiful work!

Go see my girlfriend ~ :icondrazzi: :heart:
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Here I am

Sun Nov 29, 2009, 10:56 AM
I know it's been forever since I updated or commented! For that I am really sorry. Also I must apologise for now spamming you guys with comments as I try to catch up with all your amazing art!

I have been doing a lot of chibi commissions lately, so perhaps I'll have something to upload soon! If anybody wants one contact me, I will give details.

Proper post coming soon I suspect.

My soulmate ~ :icondrazzi:

~ My loves ~

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Someone paid for my DA sub... Who was that? X)
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Hey there everybody,

Well, me, kyuu and unsymbolic are done moving house to London! We are settled and have internet back again now.

I have been away from DA for quite some time, and missed a lot of artwork! So, if there is anything anyone especially want me to comment on please link me to it here? That was I can defiantly give you the comments you deserve!

I am still open for commissions, and will try anything, just ask me and I'll see what I can do! Prices are negotiable. See my last post for chibi prices.

I apologise for spamming my account with the things I didn't get to update with while we were off-line! I hope it doesn't bother anybody!

Stay cool guys!

Love Saku! xxx

:heart: :icondrazzi: :iconannarti: :iconjadeica: :iconsilverhighlord: :heart:
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Commissions open!

Wed May 27, 2009, 8:34 AM
:heart: plug :heart: :iconcowgirlem:

I know it's unlikely that I'll get any takers for this. However, since I am saving up for moving house at the moment, I think it's a good idea to at least try to make some monies!

So, I will be offering CHIBI art commissions.

Examples of my CHIBI style at present are here… and here… .

Full colour CG will be: £6.00
Full colour pencil will be: £5.00
Lines only will be: £2.00


So, if anybody wants one, please comment or note me with reference for your character, as well as a little about their personality?

Thank you to anyone who commissions me. It would be really fun to draw your character!


Jarrett for :icondrazzi: [ Complete… ]

Scarlett for :iconkeh-arts: [ Complete… ]

Herryk for :icondustbudde: [ Complete… ]

James Wonka for :iconjadeica: [ Complete… ]


My soulmates ~ :icondrazzi::iconkyuu:

~ My loves ~

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Wed Apr 29, 2009, 12:35 AM
:heart: plug :heart: :iconcowgirlem:

Mewm, my DA OTP is engaged! I am so happy for them!

:heart: :iconoliko::iconzaphiel-san::heart:  CONGRATULATIONS!

So, things are hectic at home, but I am still trying to draw every day to try and improve! I hope to get good enough to do commissions one of these days. XD; Though I doubt anyone would want them from me.

At the moment I get some days where I can draw and others where nothing comes out! T_T!

Oh well. I'll keep it up!

My soulmates ~ :icondrazzi::iconkyuu:

~ My loves ~

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Sat Apr 18, 2009, 12:45 AM
:heart: plug :heart: :iconhattermadness:

Just a quik post to say thank you to drazzi and dustbudde for my birthday pictures. I didn't expect anything so it's really really lovely.

Stay cool everyone. <3

My soulmates ~ :icondrazzi::iconkyuu:

~ My loves ~

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America? Oh yeah!

Mon Nov 24, 2008, 3:50 AM
:heart: plug :heart: :iconhattermadness:

So... There is a story here but to cut it short I'll just say it straight out.

kyuu and I are going to be in New York for the whole of December. So, I will not be able to make many comments or art during that time. I will still be looking at work though! So don't feel neglected all you wonderful artists!

Also, as a note to anyone in the US, if you want to meet up with me or kyuu New York is where we will be, but we wont be travling elsewhere. But by all means, if you are near NY and want to meet up with us! <3 We would be thrilled to see you!

My soulmates ~ :icondrazzi::iconkyuu:

~ My loves ~

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.:Comissions avalible:.

Thu Oct 2, 2008, 12:54 AM
:heart: plug :heart: :iconmashi-tsushiro:

Right fellow DA people, my good friend mashi-tsushiro is open for commissions. He is very good, very affordable and will always put his best into his work. Life can be hard sometimes, and this person  really needs the money right now! So... Comission away you guys!

~ My loves ~

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Dear Drazzi...

Wed Sep 24, 2008, 3:11 AM
Tagged by :iconhattermadness:


Dear :icondrazzi:

I don't really know how to tell you this, but You're a pervert. I think I realized it when I tripped on sesame seeds At the Hare Krishna graduation and I saw you sit on my best friend.

I'm sure you're man enough to understand that Extreme Home Makeover sucks. I'm returning Your love letters to you, but I'll keep your left ear as a memory.

You should also know that I always will try to forget eggplant-fetishism.

Go burn,

(Uwah, what a weird weird meme, but I was tagged! =0 So it had to be done.)



And that's that... ^^
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Questions of DOOM!

Wed Sep 3, 2008, 1:37 PM
I was tagged, what else can I do? *shrugs happily*

1. Choose one of your OC;a along with you.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Tag four people.

1. How old are you?

(Me) - 23
Angelo - Old.
North - Dunno... 19 maybe? Might be 20 by now.

2.Are you nice or mean?

(Me) - I try to be nice, even when people annoy me. I try to believe strongly that if you just believe and be kind, then people will follow your example.
Angelo - Mean.
North - What do you think? I'm going to be bias right? I'll say I'm a little of both, and anyone who says they arn't is a liar.

3. What is your gender?

(Me) I find it difficult to specify.
Angelo – Male.
North - Male.

4. You like snow?

(Me) I like looking at it, but... I do have some sad memories of it too.
Angelo – I don’t like anything. Incidentally, I think you mean “Do you like snow?”
North – No, it’s bad for plants and bad for sleeping outdoors.

5. When is your birthday?

(Me) – 18/04/1985
Angelo – I’m not sure, you’d have to ask my father.
North – Summer time.

6. Who is your best friend?

(Me) Hmn, It’s difficult, I have many friends, all of them wonderful for different reasons. I’ll say there are two (not including my partner) that I hold in high regard. silverhighlord and drazzi.
Angelo – Suishou, my Kinkyboots.
North – Nel is, whether she knows it or not.

7. Who do you love?

(Me) Anyone who needs love.
Angelo – Lucius, my husband.
North – None of your business. Geeze.

8. What is your favorite food?
(Me) Chocoalte ice cream
Angelo - Ittalian
North – fruit pancakes

9. Have you died?

(Me) No! @_@ Kuuu.
Angelo - … What an utterly stupid question. No, I have not died. I am sitting at a computer, writing this utterly ridiculous answer to this equally ridiculous question.
North – No, I’m lucky I guess.

10. What do you think of your creator?

(Me) Kekke ~ I think my Caroline is a brave woman.
Angelo – My what? Oh… I see, Hmm, I’m not at liberty to answer that.
North – I think she’s a cruel goddess, but I love her.

11. You want a hug?

Angelo -  -. no.
North – No thanks… Yuk.

12. What is your favorite drink?
(Me) Fruit juice =D
Angelo – Orange nectar
North – Fruit juice.

13. Favorite season?
(Me) I don’t like weather. -.-
Angelo - Autumn
North - Spring

14. What is your name?

(Me) Saku, or just Ku if you prefer. XP
Angelo - *sigh* Angelo Aarastar. Not ‘Gelo’, ‘Momo-chan’ or ‘boy’ alright?
North – North Xaekyulie Skie.

15. Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

(Me) My partner is kyuu
Angelo – I’m married, so, husband.
North:  What’s it to you?

16. Who do you hate?

(Me) People who senselessly hurt others, and even then I don’t hurt them. I just… Don’t understand them.
Angelo – Too many people to list here.
North – Nekii, oh and Kon sometimes. Most people… I don’t like people.

17. Species you are?

(Me) Kulet is a KULET! =D
Angelo – memory Keeper
North – Wish,

18. Height?

(Me) Ku?
Angelo – Tall, over 6 foot.
North – Who cares.

19. Favorite Ice cream flavor?

(Me) Don’t ask me that! T_T!!! Uwah!
Angelo – I am quite partial to mint ice cream.
North – fruit ones.

20. Killed Anyone?

(Me) Not to my knowledge.
Angelo – Yes.
North – Not yet.

21. Last words?

(Me) Kulet ku… Ku ku ku ku, Saku ku kulet ku. *nods*
Angelo – Don’t forget to brush your teeth children.
North – What do you mean last? I’m not going anywhere. *huff*

22. Tagged Anyone?

Mewm <3 Only if you feel like it XP!

:heart::iconee-: :icondrazzi: :icondustbudde: :iconkeh-arts::heart:

And that's that... ^^
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