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For all of those paying with points for the adoptables I will be selling, please put your points here.

Thank you so much for surporting me as I continue making wonderful art for all to enjoy.

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Custom Dragon Requests
Above are examples of the style I use for my dragons. I put a lot of work into them because I had an idea on how I wanted to make it.

Have an idea for what you want your custom dragon to look like? Then please let me know by slipping me a note. I would love to design a dragon for you!



CreativeStorm1's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Not an expert, but that does not stop me from enjoying drawing what comes to my mind. Sometimes I do draw fanart.

But most of the time I can create amazing creatures straight from my mind to share with others.

There has been a couple of times I've redrawn creatures I made from my younger days. Those I have to say are the craziest things I've created.

I'm sure you'll find out the ones I did redrew if I tell the story of their origin in their bio.

Plus if you interested in reading some of my original novel work or maybe read some of my average fanfiction writing, head on over to Wattpad. My link for my profile page is down below.


I'm officially somewhat back from my hiatus, I'm still looking for a new computer mouse since my older one stopped working
Mystery Egg Adoptables 3
The next collection of dragon eggs are here and there even more colourful with entirely new designs. As usual they will go for 10 pts each. So what are you waiting for? These eggs might not last long, so get them while they are still here!

1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

4. Open

5. Open

6. Open

7. Open

8. Open
Currently on a drawing hiatus, but if you know where there are any anthro adopts I can get for under 50 points, please let me know
It will be awhile before I start posting new art, my stupid laptop is on its final legs. Hopefully, I can get a new one soon.

Almandine (Comic Cover, Issue one) by CreativeStorm1

In the beginning, I couldn't see anything. Everything around me was dark, I could feel my arms becoming loose from the shadows that tried to hold me in place.

In my mind, I was thinking about my purpose and it wasn't what I wanted it to be. Why was my purpose to be shattering gems? Why was this my purpose? I was starting to question whether my purpose made any sense. Finally, I decided to broke free of my dark prison.

I burst from the shadows that bound me and saw I saw the light for the first time. Waiting for my emergence was a tall green gem, She had bushy green hair that spiked up and her gem was where her right eye should have been. "Almandine, Facet 53G4 Cut 103?" she addressed a name, I quickly realized that this must be my name.

"Fascinating, your coloring came out perfect, I'm sure White Diamond will be pleased. Before you get to work, you'll need to see her". White Diamond. The name of the leader he had been made for. The one he would be serving for the rest of my life.

She then let go of my hand and beckoned me to follow her. Not knowing want I should do next, I let her guide me away from where I had emerged from. "I was given the name Emerald of facet 5X37 cut 34. But you may call me Emerald," she said. I politely nodded.

We continued walking until they got to a large ship that was guarded by five ruby soldiers. "General Emerald, welcome aboard!" the Ruby pilot saluted, the other rubies followed her lead.

Emerald smiled and then ruffled her captain's hair. "Set a course for Homeworld, we have a guest to escort".

The Ruby pilot saw me and looked at me in amazement. "Wow, it's an honor to meet you," the Ruby pilot said. I awkwardly smiled back. "Same to you," I quickly said. All the other Rubies piled around all me trying to get a good look at me. All of them were asking me so many questions that I didn't know which one of them to answer first.

"Rubies, start the ship now!" Emerald said loudly, the Rubies did as they were told and quickly got to there stations without saying another word. "Come over here, Almandine. Sit down next to me," Emerald said, I did as she had asked and took my seat.

As soon as Emerald took her seat at the center of the ship, the ship took off. While the ship was in motion, Emerald turned her head in my direction. "Unlike most gems, I take pride in what I do, many gems have different roles to play in service to Homeworld," she said and then looked towards the Ruby pilot.

"More speed, it's important that we get to Homeworld as soon as we can," she told the rubies, the Ruby pilot saluted her and quickly pressed random buttons to make the ship move faster through space.

There was a slight jerk of the ship that almost made me fell out of my seat, but I knew that we were moving much faster now. "Emerald?" I called to her and she turned to face me. "Yes, Captain Almandine?" she said, addressing me as captain. It made me slightly confused.

"Wait, why am I captain? I only emerged into existence not too long ago," I said.

"You were made for a special role in mind, Almandines like yourself were made to be trained to become generals. But until you learn some combat skills, you only have the rank of captain," Emerald explained.

"But what is my role? I mean, why I'm I treated like this?" I asked Emerald.

"Don't worry captain, your answers will finally be solved once you meet White Diamond," she said turning to face the main window that showed space and a planet that I could only guess was where we had finally arrived to.

"Is that what I think it is?" I asked Emerald. She nodded her head. "Behold, this is the pride of our kind, this is Homeworld".


I looked at everything I saw in awe, I was so amazed of what Homeworld looked like. Criss-crossed pathways, tall towering spires, and many colorful gems that dotted the landscape of Homeworld.

The ship soon came to a docking bay, and the ship safely landed. Emerald got up from her seat, for a short while she was watching the rubies fragrantly to work together to open the door to the ship, she then turned to look towards me.

"You're new to Homeworld, so make sure you follow me and stay close. Do not speak unless spoken to, alright?" I quickly nodded, making sure to let her know that I understood what she meant. "Good, let's get going," she said exactly when the door to the ship opened at last.

Both of us walked out of the ship together, although I walked not far behind Emerald. The rubies were the last to follow, trying their best to keep up.

"Do they always do they always follow you around Homeworld?" I asked. "Well of course! I'm one of the diamond's elite gems," she replied confidently.

"The lowest of the elites for the diamonds, you mean!" Both of us turned around together to see a gem who had a puffy afro of orange hair.

"So we meet again, Hessonite. I'm guessing you're still angry at me for beating you from last time. Bring it on! Emerald hissed angrily, she moved passed me so she could be face to face with Hessonite.

Hessonite growled angrily and then turned her back away. "I've better things to do then have a rematch, I have a job to do," she said and finally walked away, steaming with anger and rage.

"So who was Hessonite?" I asked Emerald. "She's one of Yellow Diamond's elite soldiers, she wasn't that happy about losing to me, so we're not really getting along. She was made not long ago".

Once again we pushed onward through the long corridor until finally, we made it to a large door that I knew could mean one thing, We had arrived at the gateway to the diamond's courtroom.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. For a split second, I turned to only see one other gem coming down the hallway. From here I would say that she seemed almost as tall as me.

"Almandine!" I quickly heard Emerald call my name. I turned to see her quite unhappy. "Could you focus a little more. You may be a big deal, but even the best of gems have their jobs to do".

"Ahem," the guard at the door coughed, getting Emerald's attention. "Sorry about that," she quickly apologized.

"Why have you come before these doors? Do you have an appointment to see the diamonds?" the guard asked Emerald.

"I'm here with the newest general for the diamonds-," before she could finish, the blue gem I had seen before looking away pushed her way past me to the guard.

"I'm needed in the courtroom, Blue Diamond has summoned me," he said. The guard opened the door, but before he could go in, Emerald called him out.

"Hey! Who do you think you are?" she asked. The blue gem smirked. "Call me Azurite, I'll be sure to see you later," she said before disappearing inside.


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