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So I've told myself that I need to try and do one piece of Photoshop art or something in my sketchbook every night if I can, so far, so good.

This was a tutorial found on

You should look up the site, it's very handy.
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wow i love it so :iconilavplz: the colors so attractive nice work and will do check on the website right away
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ooooh colourfullbubbly!! (: i like it
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I love all those beautiful colours ;____;
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Me too. ^^
Thanks :)
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This would make a good wallpaper.

GOO' JOB! --thumbs up--
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Oh god, I can see forever...
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Is that a good thing?
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Yeah, I think it's a good thing. Drug trips are ALWAYS good things.
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XD Jess said to me last minute in BTA that I should use that as my background for the cereal box instead - so I did. He loved it. He didn't even really look to see if I had the other requirements.

He was all 'That's cool, where did you score that?' and I was all 'I made it in phtooshop.' and he's all 'Awesome, 15 outa 15... NEXT!'

XD Mr. Little.
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Sweet beans.
He didn't check if I had everything either, cause I know I was missing at least one thing, but he didn't care.
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Lol Mr. Little.

For other people he was all 'How are the text boxes linked? Where is the text converted to shape? Where was the knife tool used?'

He likes us. :aww:
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