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Chimereon pride event entry by CreativeRed, literature

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੯ू❛ั ໒⑅꒱ Toyhouse | FurAffinity | Tumblr | Stream ੯ू❛ั ໒⑅꒱

ARPG hub

੯•໒꒱❤︎ About me as told by stamps:

Asexual stamp
Transgender Stamp
Gay Stamp
Nonbinary Stamp
pagan stamp

(Patrons are Loki and Dionysis in case you were wondering. I don't know what life is like without chaos and revelry)

I live with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
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229 - PTSD Awareness
child free stamp
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I Love Grooming Stamp
I Support GOOD Dog Breeders
Bully Luv
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I love Miniature Poodles
I love Xoloitzcuintles

Favorite things:

ACNH: Isabelle Stamp
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Ableists Not Welcome

Couldn't find stamps, but basically I am chaotic good and I will %1000 punch a nazi. I support people w/ disabilities being unapologetically disabled and standing up for themselves (and I think it's hilarious when ableists get freaked out by the shit we have to deal with every day, or using our disabilities to prove a point or drive off toxic people). I support all mental illlnesses and personality disorder -havers (Including DID, Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and the big 3). I am a creative pet stylist, meaning I apply product such as semi-permanent and temporary dye, stencils, braids, etc. I am a trained professional and I only use pet safe products. I have also taken a class and have certification for this, but I support my fellow creative groomers who haven't taken a class. I support ethical breeders who breed to better the breed, and I'm anti-backyard breeder and anti designer-mutt breeder. I support working, sporting, service, and therapy dogs, as well as pet shows.

I like unique CS and ARPGs and I'm a GA for Clarose :)

Favourite Movies
Horror movies of all kind,,, And c omedies and the occasional RomCom
Favourite TV Shows
Santa Clarita Diet, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who (RTD era), Steven Universe, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
It would be easier to list what I don't like
Favourite Books
Morganville Vampires, Anne Rice vampire books, etc
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Intuos Pen/tablet + Paint tool SAI, Grooming supplies
Dainty: Seeking dainty swaps. Will only accept MYO offers if you can offer art for the design as well lol Chams: Seeking resale ($300) full or partial + trade Seeking resale (450) full/partial + trade (BOTH CHAMS WILL ONLY BE UFS FOR A FEW DAYS BECAUSE I'M IN NEED OF MONEY BY TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY. I WILL TRADE/SELL THE FIRST ONE BEFORE THE SECOND) and finally I'm seeking to either trade some of these guys for other CS , HQ anthro or humanoid designs, or possibly art for one of my dainty MYO slots. (Most likely interested in a ref sheet, depending on the character you're offering, but i may be all right with just a fullbody) I AM WILLING TO HAGGLE ON PRICES FOR SOME OF THE MORE EXPENSIVE CHARACTERS BECAUSE I REALLY NEED SOME MONEY ASAP Q.Q
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Hi! Just letting you know you were one of the free art raffle winners~ comment here for what cham you would like! And congrats! :3

Ahhh I totally thought I commented on mobile but maybe I forgot to hit send lol thank you for reminding me xD

Welcome! I was worried weather or not you got pinged. ^^;da has a habit of sometimes not lettingfolks know they were mentioned. I did not want you to think I missed you/ you did not win anything when you did.

Grey Chimereon Gift Art For CreativeRed

Your gift art id done ! I hope you like it, I LOVED DRAWING THEM OSO MUCH and finding someone with a poodle sona as their main too ;-; It made me so happy lol . Peaches is my baby and I love Red !

OMG IT'S SO CUTE THANK YOU! <3 And yee! Poodles are awesome possum. I've got 3 total poodle sonas, not including Grey, since they're not actually a poodle lol. I also have a ton of just regular poodle OCs

omg ;-; I LOVE THEM ! May i have permission to draw them sometime ? I have two main sonas that are poodles myself, but poodles just make me happy to draw !

the oc on your banner is so cute!!