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~farmers daughter~

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6845x4563px 24.33 MB
Shutter Speed
1/200 second
Focal Length
55 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 9, 2021, 2:13:58 PM
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nice 70's vibe to this nude

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Who could resist?

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Incredibly inviting.

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By my count, your gallery embraces photographs of more than 214 models, women whose names or noms de plume or mnemonic designators (nouns and verbs I've tagged them with, arbitrarily for tracking purposes, like zoologists use to follow unicorns) definitely exceed the 200 mark.

(Not that there's any kind of competition, but Bergman's at 212, with surprisingly little crossover, QueenGreen in a dark afro wig --go figure -- and a few others like Laura, Amber and Amelia/Ekaterina...BUT)

My voluntary Fool's Errand that began a couple/3 months ago as a ridiculous intellectual-academic (wanky) exercise has borne fruit here with Valentyna -- because the two versions of her in golden, you posted here and at Patreon are so facially different that she might

1. have visited a cosmetic surgeon between shutter-clicks,

2. been cloned, or

3. had her face carefully modified in post by an expert who has been retouching beauties for more than a decade.

No wonder Desty is/was so amazingly versatile, with masters of postmorf-ology "like you" realizing VISIONS with casting control, practical lighting, camera acumen and

a necromancing postproducer's Pride of Frankenstein that transforms

beautiful chameleons into fascinating butterflies for all of us theoretical unicorns & unicoronettes.

RESPECT! without turning a blind eye to your perverse taste for mischief.

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mmm Yummy 2 beautiful sets of lips need kissing

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pretty girl, delicious legs, sweet, delicious pussy

Rose-3949167 1920
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