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My dog a couple of days after I brought him home.
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:wave: You just earned yourself an ODD! congrats! An ODD (Oibyrds Daily Devs) is a little extra spotlight I shine on deviations that I think are really impressive and/or they're not getting the attention they deserve. Please see the link below for all details and do keep in mind that if you prefer not to be a feature, just shoot me a note and I'll remove you from the list :) Happy holidays!
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Thanks for the praise and the comment! I'm sorry I never responded to this comment, but I've been offline for quite a while. Even now I'm only on a dialup service. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that it is appreciated!!!

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you're very welcome! :hug: no worries, I had dial up too until just recently ;)
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What a fine pup! Destructive I'll bet. I'm looking for a new one to train in search and rescue... but am I ready for puppiness behavior??? Not so sure on that one!
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He's not a puppy anymore (thank god). That sounds like a though task though. I can't even train one not to pee in the house!
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LMAO! Yes, it's a lot of work...kinda fun though. And you get to drive with blinky lights on and go over the speed limit when you're going on a search. I really like that part. Yeah, I'm crazy... but crazy people are hot. HAHA Why don't you put a recent pic of Mr. Pup on??? I wanna see!!!
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You're cazy too? I thought I was the only one. I drive over the speed limit a lot too, but I just do it for fun! I guess I could take some new pics of him (just for you though).
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Oh yes...incredibly crazy. But like I told my ex... Face it, crazy people are HOT. haha We keep the fun in dysfunctional. Would LOVE to see the pup! You are so sweet. We're up to 6 cats, 3 kittens, 3 bum dogs and one search and rescue dog. Prolly need to get a new pup soon to start training--Axle is almost 9 now. Still does FINE search and rescue work, but it takes more out of him. Especially in this heat... half my pack is full of water so he doesn't get too wiped out. I should make a correction... Casey isn't exactly a bum... she's a wannabe therapy dog--was wonderful with my neice who had cancer and some strokes before she passed. Casey also catches rats and occasionally steals a fish out of the pond. (But who wants a fish with dog slobber all over it????) She also surrogate mothered my kitten... the icky way... made sure Square Pants' butt stayed clean... but left the feeding to me. The other two are definitely bums though...much like the cats.
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Mmmmm. Slobbery fish! I think I'll just stick to the sushi bar. It definitely sounds like you have your hands full with all of them.
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I do, but at least I never get lonely. And they get SOOOO excited every time they see you... like it's been a week instead of 20 minutes. Kind of feeds the old ego. hehe I have a cartoon of one dog telling another, "You only have to act happy--not fake an orgasm." I'm SURE Toes is a faker!!! He moans and everything!
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:jawdrop: that is extemely adorable
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<Dies of cuteness.>

That is one adorable fuzzkin.
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