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This is absolutely amazing! The colors are perfect for this picture and angle. The scenery fits very well to the sunset. The lighting i...

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Deviantart Rant - CoconutMolly (Art Thief)
We've got another one, and just like the last art thief this one's got some beef with a certain artist.
:iconxxdeviantcringexx:xxDeviantCringexx 21 44
xxDeviantCringexx  by PaladinZer0 xxDeviantCringexx :iconpaladinzer0:PaladinZer0 41 2
Before You
My wings are
With leftovers of the
i flew too close to your sun
To admire its heat
For my heart was so cold
When it exploded
You shot me down
i crashed & burnt
Sinking to the bottom
Where i slumbered
Where i was not meant to be
:iconpermanentlyexhausted:PermanentlyExhausted 57 23
Toxic Tears by ViciViv Toxic Tears :iconviciviv:ViciViv 300 29 Unnamed Host by vt2000 Unnamed Host :iconvt2000:vt2000 324 47 Crappy dragun by kamawu00 Crappy dragun :iconkamawu00:kamawu00 9 8 Wnedigo at moonlight by kamawu00 Wnedigo at moonlight :iconkamawu00:kamawu00 16 2 SUNDOWN [500] by BaserBeanz SUNDOWN [500] :iconbaserbeanz:BaserBeanz 91 22
Requests for Sundown Scenes?
So Sundown part 2 has officially ended, but I will still be putting out mini pages / epilogues and stuff while I work on the Origin sets (There is a LOT to build)!
Basically Sundown is going for a little longer, the difference is there probably won't be any huge 200-page storyline going on. In fact it'll be closer to what Rift used to be, with lots of character stuff and wrapping up!
So, if you have any requests for particular plot threads to be played out in more detail, or wrapped up, or you just want to see a specific scene, don't be afraid to comment about them here!
Time for me to reread Sundown I guess >:3c
:iconbaserbeanz:BaserBeanz 16 23
Fata Morgana by dashakern Fata Morgana :icondashakern:dashakern 210 15 Deku [izuku midoriya] by ThePsychoptic Deku [izuku midoriya] :iconthepsychoptic:ThePsychoptic 136 12 LS Part 1 --Part 10 by Eartha-Yan LS Part 1 --Part 10 :iconeartha-yan:Eartha-Yan 10 2 Music box by Eartha-Yan Music box :iconeartha-yan:Eartha-Yan 10 0 Aurora over Kolgrafafjordur panorama by morglin Aurora over Kolgrafafjordur panorama :iconmorglin:morglin 114 6 Borealis |HARMONY PROMPT| by jexbug Borealis |HARMONY PROMPT| :iconjexbug:jexbug 3 2 Silver and Gold by MaciejKarcz Silver and Gold :iconmaciejkarcz:MaciejKarcz 312 36


Traditional/Digital art portraits of OCs (SINGLES)
I will do a commission of OCs throughout the year of 2018 for people and prices will stay consistent unless said otherwise. No NWSF and nothing offensive. Please note me if you would like me to do this for you and with a Ref.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hello everyone! Today, I’m starting a large project. One as a tribute, and the other as a collab tribute. As some Minecrafters know, Minecraft’s 10th anniversary is coming up in May. On the 17, three artworks will be submitted. One as a birthday gifts, then the 2 tributes to the game. A large collab will be done for one of the tributes BUT, THEY MUST BE DONE BY THE 10th. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will need everyone’s art pieces before then so I can assemble the final and release it on the 17th with mentions of the artists who designed a Open collab starting today on MC Tribute for Minecraft’s 10th anniversary! Write down in the comments if you will be participating.

Read journal and upcoming art for more information about the collab!!! I’ll talk more in-depth shortly or ask me stuff in the comments!!



I'm still here and alive beans. Art coming soon and don't expect digital art for a while plz :'D Expect traditional art and texting thingies probably for 3 weeks. Btw. I learned to hate drawing on my phone with my finger a good bit and my laptop is annoying with the stash. THANKS COMPUTER. I'll ATTEMPT computer art for comics and sketches. DON'T EXPECT IT THOUGH PLZ.
*looks at old art while trying to fix comic page titles and cringes* My art was TERRIBLE when I first officially started doing crap. Too lazy to fix pages due to SCHOOL. And I need a new stylus for my tablet. -_- SO. DIGITAL ART WILL BE DELAYED IN THE MEANTIME. 

P.S. Beans that ordered commissions, they will be delayed. Due to malfunctions in the DA Stash, I will see if they are still in it. IF NOT. I WILL REDO THEM. Sorry for the long wait but my goodness, I've been busy with home and school stuff. ;-;'

P.P.S. DO NOT EAT A RAW POTATO IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO STARCHES OR TO THEM IN GENERAL. I did that today. It is NOT a good idea to try. I already have a headache from it. I will try to post drawings and sketches in the meantime for your entertainment. ;3
Should I bring back the little texting screenshots? I know a lot of you liked them. Instead of posting art, because of a certain puppy of mine vs my tablet pen happened, I figured it would be some entertainment until I get my phone to function, and I could stock up on art and start stacking up on it to make it easier for all of us. I also need to do a special. ^^’ I’ll see how much art I have done and go from there.

I found something out. Apparently, Lick never had any large amounts of sugar. I didn’t know this until after he took a sip of my soda and started screaming “sugar” while bouncing off the walls and running around. And I have no favorites in my group of friends. But, they’re trying to fight for it to make me have a favorite. Still not going to have one -_- My goodness... Welp. I’m making this a comic so this is easier to understand. Keep an eye out for it. I’ll be made soon.
When you look at old art you just think: "Hhebfoofjsvbdifkwlznrnl WHAT DID I DO. I NEED TO REDRAW THIS!! THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!"

I'm going to redraw some things and not even call it a redraw. Some of the things I redrew, look A LOT better than some of the other drawings. I can't copy one of them. It's too worthy of staying. Btw. Got a drawing tablet and I'm praising it with love so I don't have to carry fat notebooks and folders.



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Call me Crafty
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I draw adorable art when I'm bored sometimes, and I also do a variety of art like action and games. ^^

Real name: Sarah
Nickname preceded to be called: "Crafty" or "Creative"

My Wattpad:…

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