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Halloween Possession

Dark things sometimes call in the night, as she soon realized....

The Other Stuff:

I've been swamped of late with work, family, and stuff. So I haven't been putting as much time into artwork of late ... not as much as I'd like :) But that's life :)

I have been working on and off on this image for a week as time permitted. My one regret is that the model image wasn't a larger one :) But it was fun. In this case I was concentrating on some techniques I use to get the make up like effects and coloration correct... I removed the original pumpkin to put a jack o lantern in... though I may revisit to re-texture it a bit. I played with the background colorization to get it to blend more... the tricky part was getting the shadow the way I wanted it... there is a shadow to the model's left... I chose the lighting to be from the right as the model and background seemed to be more lit on that side...

Revision 1: I am generally good on rules. Don't think I've every violated one until now. It was an unintentional rule violation though. I used a background of a stocker (a nice background) when she didn't want it used in Nudity works. So mea culpa ... I replaced it faster than I expected :) I left her link here as it is a nice background :)

The new background actually works out well and this time I played with just desaturation with some luminousity and minor tweaks... I like how it turned out as it accentuate the colors of the model.

A special thanks to the stock providers:

:iconflow-stock: - Jack o Lantern
:iconvenomxbaby: - Orginal Background - I swapped backgrounds during the creative process and confuzzled rules so I had to swap this out for a rule violation.
:iconpandoralore-stock: - New Background
:iconnakedbloomsinsnow: - Model
:iconnarvils: - Tatoos
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MissOliviaLee's avatar
Oh Hell yeah! I love Dark art like this, haha.
creativeguy59's avatar
Yeah. It tends to be one of the styles I like to do. Finding just the right stock to pull it off is sometimes challenging... in any event feel free to make a request... have a good one :)
MissOliviaLee's avatar
You too! And if I think of something I'll let you know :)
Slug22's avatar
Hi, nice work :)...have you seen my version [link] ;)
creativeguy59's avatar
Thanks I'm glad you liked it :)
GabrielVoltaire's avatar
I'm quite a fan of the effects you use:-)
creativeguy59's avatar
Thanks, sorry been busy in RL and catching up :) any particular favorite? Starting to get back into image fun this weekend I hope :)
AnitaJoy-Stock's avatar
Thank you for using my stock! :)
creativeguy59's avatar
Your welcome :) thanks for providing it :)
creativeguy59's avatar
Glad you liked it, it is one of my favorite pieces... the sexy yet spooky aspect :)
venomxbaby's avatar
excuse me, but my stock rules clearly that you can't use my stock photos with any nudity. please change the bg or remove this image. thank you.
creativeguy59's avatar
My apologies. I must have confuzzled your rules with another bg I started with... this would be the first instance that I've missed a rule. Give me the next 24 hours (most likely) as soon as this evening and I'll replace the bg.
venomxbaby's avatar
thank you so much for your timely cooperation. its ok, i understand. thanks for not being a jerk about it :]
creativeguy59's avatar
We aim to please :) Yeah there are quite a few jerks out there unfortunately :)
venomxbaby's avatar
oh yes there are.
chainedknee's avatar
Masterful and very hot!
creativeguy59's avatar
Glad you liked it :)
creativeguy59's avatar
Glad you liked it :)
jackodeco's avatar
très bon travail et en +sexy
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