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Maxfield Parrish
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How to Train a Dragon
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GIMP, DAZ 3D, Blender, Poser, Comic Life
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Fantasy, SciFi, Vampire,ASFR, mind control, transformation, damsels in peril, vore, art, skecthing, photo manips, photography

So back

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So kinda been off the grid for a couple of reasons, one, I have been having a reoccurring health issue, kinda gave me a scare. I twasn't helping my mental health much either but it turns out to sums up to I had something of a chemical imbalance. So I am fine but it took its toll with everything else going on. So a friend took pity upon me and offered me a vacation opportunity and I took it. It however was off the grid for the most part. So I took the opportunity to delink from the world a bit. I didn't really give the online world any notice on that. I am sorry I worried a few of you. I pretty much at that point was burnt out over some drama and other fun both online in RL... So I took some me time. So back and getting things on track. Apparently I didn't shutdown my puter, discord, etc like I thought I did or I had a reboot or something w hen I was gone. So sorry if folks thought I was around when I wasn't :)
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Hey all

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So been kwazy as usual. Had some drama added into the mix that put me in a situation of being monkey in the middle for some throw down fights between folks. Decided to just excise the entire group as I don't need that kinda stuff in my haven/sanctuary. I mean I got enough going on in RL drama don't need VR drama. I got tired of folks throwing around hand grenades and trying to pull me into or put me in the situation of being pulled into. I respect folks have reasons behind how they feel. I certainly don't condone behaviors involved but two wrongs don't make a right no matter the math and there was awful lot of slinging going on behind the scenes. I had heard enough from third parties of he said/she said/they said/they did etc to know the waters were kinda murky around the principle folks involved. But I was tired of being a casualty in the process. That is the risk of the internet, people just seem to forget how they would act if you are in front of a person in your normal day to
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So things are settling down a bit (one hopes) going to be busy but not crazy busy and I've adjusted to a new work schedule... getting in far earlier messed with sleep patterns a bit as well as the extra hours at work. That all being said, should be back moving forward on a few things. Give me a little bit to unwind the tangled plans I had and get things moving in a steady fashion. So I am reopening up some commission spots... usually I don't take small commissions (things under 10 pages) but decided why not recently. I prefer longer works as generally the time sink of setting things up spreads out over more pages etc... it is why I have scaling rates. Anyways, feel free to contact if you want a commission, and to be clear that doesn't mean requests which are non-paying. Nothing personal I may listen to a request but I by no means do them as I tend to use what free time I'm not working on commission work or otherwise to do my own personal requests (from self) :) ... but you can
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Love it Well Done Art Work Galleries Excellent Work

Thanks for another fave. :)

No problemo good stuffies.

Thank you, the sentiment is much appreciated. :)

Thank you for watching CG, keep up the fantastic work

Thanks for the fave. :)