I can't say I feel truly better from the last post. But I'm trying, trying to get my drive back to make some cool art/works. With that said the mini comic/manga is almost done about 85%. Then I'll start taking requests again at that time. Once this mini comic/manga is finished I'll see about working on the second and the action scenes/art of Mai vs Sakura that I said I was going to do a while back. As for my thoughts on Eclipse and whether DA has slow down because of it!? It does feel like there isn't quite as many people around or at least they're not as active because of the change. Yet, there seems to be a influx of a lot of new DA users. So perhaps some are making new accounts or coming back now that the switch has been made permanent! Eclipse itself is ok not great, but not bad either it's like a windows update you would rather not have. But find out you lose a few features, gain a few and have to contend with a very different layout. One that's both a plus and minus at the same time! All in all it's still in it's infancy so there's time for it to grow and bring some lost features of the old site back, while improving on the new points of Eclipse!^^

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