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The Sacred Rules

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Welcome to the Murder!

We are a group for creatively made adoptables. For unique designs with love in every line and brush stroke!

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Be respectful and kind to all members.

Please refrain from advertising in the comments section. It is messy-yucky, and we believe that you will get more attention by submitting to our gallery!
Psst, join requests are auto-accepted.

This group follows dA's TOS. No excessive porn or gore please! And mature content must have the appropriate content filters.

Please help us keep this group neat and tidy by removing your CLOSED adopts from the gallery! Thank you!

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Gallery Guidelines

Raven Feather Bullet Right by AKoukis This is a group for already-made adoptables ONLY. Do not submit your commission info, your custom info, your contests, or anything else like this! These things do not belong here!

Raven Feather Bullet Left by AKoukis Originality between each adopt is important to us! Which means no recolors of the same design.

Raven Feather Bullet Right by AKoukis Bases are allowed ONLY IF each adopt made with said base feels unique and thoughtfully made.

Raven Feather Bullet Left by AKoukis Please no character maker adopts or any adopt not made by your own hands.

Raven Feather Bullet Right by AKoukis Generators and customizers such as Picrew, Gaia, Pokemon Fusion, Doll Divine, etc. are ONLY allowed as inspiration for adopts that you yourself create.

Raven Feather Bullet Left by AKoukis No fan-made designs (like Pokemon, Sonic, MLP, etc.). Popular media can only be used to loosely inspire your original ideas.

Raven Feather Bullet Right by AKoukis Clear or "legible" designs are a must. We should be able to tell what the design is. Traditional art especially must not be blurry or obscured by light or shadows.

Raven Feather Bullet Left by AKoukis No closed species, sorry! Open species are acceptable.

Raven Feather Bullet Right by AKoukis No mystery or egg adopts. We want to ensure that folks are getting quality, original designs.

Raven Feather Bullet Left by AKoukis No YCHs please! Our focus for this group is strictly adoptables.

Raven Feather Bullet Right by AKoukis No commission, art trade, or custom journals. Again, we would like this group to strictly remain about adopts.

Raven Feather Bullet Left by AKoukis Please no more than twelve adopts per submission (unless it's a character purge). We just wish to ensure that people are able to look at each adopt without feeling overwhelmed.

Raven Feather Bullet Right by AKoukis If your submission has more than one adopt, please find a way to make it obvious which adopts are open and which are closed, so that even at a glance (at either the image itself or the description) people will be able to tell.

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Gallery Folders

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Character Purges
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Pending Adopts
ota adopt - pending by usernameluka
First off, I would like to apologize for how inactive both myself and Calciferous-Kelpie have been. When we started out we really wanted to make something special of this group - a place where the adoption process could feel more personal and meaningful. We wanted to help adopts find homes and make as many people happy as we could (both sellers and buyers). Then Eclipse hit, and it was suddenly a lot harder to see club notifications. Suddenly navigation in the background of the group was messy and confusing. Not to mention it was broken completely for a week or two.

The both of us really dislike the changes that have been made, and at the moment we don't know what to do. So we both have been procrastinating when it comes to making a decision. Honestly, we still haven't set anything in stone. Part of both of us want to slowly pack up and leave DA all together, but that would also mean abandoning something that we had wanted to make here. I guess I just wanted to post a journal to let everyone know why everything has gone to an almost complete stand-still, and what we are currently trying to figure out.

We appreciate the patience you have given us, and we would also be interested in getting your thoughts on the matter. Do you like this concept for a group and want to see it continue (if that means I would stay on and manage the club still, or if it means the club would be passed on to someone else to manage it, I suppose we will see depending on what people think), or is it something that you don't much care one way or the other about?

Any thoughts you would like to share on the topic would be helpful! Thank you!

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