A way to search for Creative Commons art in DA

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A simple way to search for creative commons art in DA, is to use Google advance search.

Put it in you google.com search:
"This work is licensed under a Creative Commons" site:deviantart.com

Click the word "Images" in the left of the google page. It will show images instead of pages.

Voila. You'll see all images under CC in DA.
If you want to be more specific in your search, you can add words in the search above.

It doesn't compares with an in-site feature, but at least it is a workaround...
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Seems like this type of google search works best for art that can be used for commercial: 

site:deviantart.com/ART -"noncommercial" -"no derivative" "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License." OR "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License."
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That's good advice.
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If I come across a specific piece of art on DA, and the artist doesn't mention anything specific in the description about sharing/cc/commercial/all rights... is there any way to know if it's status without having to message them? A tag somewhere that declares the artworks status?
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There is a CC tag they can apply, but if there's no tag and no other information and it's not published somewhere else. Then it's All Rights Reserved and you should ask permission. Unless your work falls under Fair Use, in that case you don't need permission. But there are very strict rules about Fair Use. IANAL.
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I use  yahoo.pipes to find the lastest CC works in deviant art: see yokofakun.deviantart.com/journ…
Oh the lies, the lies, the lies. Entirely unreliable. Clicked an image that showed up, took me to the DA page, and it ended up being but one in a long list of "more pics like this." Clicked on the actual picture I wanted, the one that showed up in the Google search, and nope- not CC licensed.

Tried again- exact same thing.

Tried a third time- exact same thing.
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deviantART is a little messy with search engines. The "more like this" is auto-generated pages. I don't want to explain the whole process but it boosts their search results in search engines, even though it happened by accident.
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That's bound to happen, deviantArt has very poor controls for reporting on licenses. I'd recommend using any other site for CC content because deviantArt is not cut out for it yet.
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I agree, this feature would be very beneficial both in helping artist's work known and as a new resource which will promote deviantart.
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Thanks for advise!
When I find a photo using that search string provided, I then go to its respective page, but I can't find anything where the author of the photo mentions a creative commons license. Are they usually explicitly stated? Even the author's profile I have a hard time finding where that would be
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each work should have the cc license as a property.
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How do you find creative commons and also free for commercial use?
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Using google search and checking the license on everything.
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The problem with a Google-Search for finding CC-Images on DA is that it can't use the keywords of the images, it can only search the description of the deviation. :/
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Nice...now if only I remember this when I need it..
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PS: If you feel like nagging to dA about an in-site search though, go to [link]
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It doesn't compares with an in-site feature, but at least it is a workaround...

True that.
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Its good that DA made it possible to mark works as CC, but the annoying point is they made it not possible to find them via CC-Search. I have laready suggest this a few months ago: [link] but nothing happened :-(
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It works better than using Google's advanced search (which gives no results from dA when filtering with license terms), but around 11.2k hits is definitely not enough... and I found none of my CC-licensed works.

I just tried searching with a shorter string ("Some rights reserved" site:deviantart.com) and it works a lot better (around 75M hits), so I would recommend using this one instead.

Nevertheless, it would be great, if dA included a native search engine recognizing CC licenses.
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Even today, your shorter string tip proved the best way I found to search this, thanks for sharing.
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Yes that would be fantastic, it's quite a pain trying to find them as some artists just mark them as "use them however you want"
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I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A WAY TO DO THIS !!! Will try it out, thanks!!
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