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Hi everyone! I'm a CC-BY artist and am happy to have found this group :)
Check out my art at:    -or-
  -or-…    and tell me what you think at
I created a new group for CC BY and CC BY-SA works FreeCulturalWorks:iconfreeculturalworks:
I'm looking for Creative Commons about Indonesia. Everything about Indonesia. And also Indonesian folklore, like witches, etc. (by ex Calon Arang)
I have a stupid question:
How I change CC version to 4.0 in DA? it seems the DA system stucks on 3.0.
My arts are latest version of CC.
You should be able to specify the license clearly in the description. Make it clear and you should be ok. (IANAL)
Oh ok. thx.
I always make sure that I put
right bellow Perkedel Technologies

There, to make it clear. yeahhh!