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Author: Wang Xin
Location:Tianjin, China
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Absolutely delicious design, I especially like the take on his hands. I'm getting devilman series vibes with this pic of Cell, mainly the pristine human face peeking out of a grotesque design around it. :D Excellent!
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Fucking gross and bug'ish

Like I've always imagined, nice work.
EvilChicken8's avatar
my god HE'S BEAUTIFUL?!? he looks like an elegant fairy creature but knowing how powerful and arrogant he is makes this... *huff huff* this is just very great, i'm so weak for this. he's too pretty!!
141188's avatar
Oh wow that's good :D
Druidmoody's avatar
This looks great.
TheEdgeoftheWater's avatar
This is a great looking Cell! Beautiful work.
An epic looking cell
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Definitely looks more menacing than his original incarnation.
Vexisss's avatar
Shhh new phone background-
SeraphimBelsky's avatar
It's so cool! Amazing!
darkly-shaded-shadow's avatar
omg this is gorgeous.
naked-snakes-box's avatar
stunning just beutiful i love your work
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foda demais ! 
Dravoo's avatar
Whoa and wow all at once. o_o
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Man, this is awesome! This is how Cell should look!
Wingatesc's avatar
Oh waw, he is beautiful !
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o_o...thats...creepy as HELL o_O in a good way lol
heathfiedler's avatar
different looking not sure if it would be more of a realistic look for him but god knows if there was a live action move with him it they would either murder his looks or god willing have someone who is a fan and great with cg to do hi right..
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I can't believe an evil bug alien can look this good, bravo sir.
I Can't believe that I'm about to write this, as a heterosexual man in a homophobic state, but Wang Xin mad Cell look sexy. Women would be throwing themselves at him.
akatsukinoshimo's avatar
Wow! You made a handsome Cell! Love his expression!
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