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CI Daily journal Monday 28th Novemberin case you wondering why  comments  are hide
because the journal are old
and the text has been changed that's why.
Day 1 of the event we're holding
more information about this event
can be read in this blog ----->
Ci daily journal
:heart::thumb269285430:HDB Apofiss by Howleng:thumb224182951:Lake by headachedBlue Jean by Cartoon-TrashSunday Service by PermanentMSpice and Wolf fan art by AlSklad:thumb268340414::thumb268380582:Hot Tub Delight by Theherois--meSanctuary by FigrenGood Vs Evil- B+W Background by pebblebrain22Moon Light by Aleru-92Otter by BolbecBefore the Blue by Tarese:thumb210928662:Love by ina0601Last quest by danyiart:thumb270660663::thumb268078158::thumb270500974::thumb266361659:Guess im just badass :3 by The-ScarfBreaker Chun woo by poisonappleltd:thumb267967537:Fire Fox Adoptable by TakemetoyourLULZ:thumb269151719:Cute little Tines I: Tiny L Plushie by Plushbox:thumb267913571:Fall Colors by MikiCloverTMM Rise of New Mews-pt 1 by 67OtakuGirl24X3The Jack of Hearts -- Spamano by thelastprussian:thumb264248852::thumb269696942::thumb268689850:love is a battlefield by KalienaInola95:thu
CI daily featuring Tuesday 29th November
in case you wondering why  comments  are hide
because the journal are old
and the text has been changed that's why.
more information about this event
can be read in this blog ----->
yesterday Ci featuring ---->
Day 2 of the event we're holding
:heart:It's safe up here by Sasa-Van-Goththe color of life by angel-yamasaka- CE: best of friends - by windwalker035:thumb267906960::thumb258006952:Just a Dream by lion-essrampantTiger by an0nym0use99Golden Vision by headachedIce and Snow by Cartoon-TrashSpice and Wolf fan art by AlSkladCreek in Peachland by Radioactive-Ink:thumb270354306::thumb197085985:Ravine by Figrenunder the tree by zeta-etaPower Punch by Aleru-92Peek-a-boo by Bolbec:thumb258344604:Break by Tarese:thumb189863725:The Dead Flower by ina0601EVA by Abiogenisis:thumb270530130::thumb266243190::thumb269339414:Tamagawa Cheimi Fanart by The-ScarfThe Breaker fan art by poisonappleltd:thumb270408671:Zombie Hat by TakemetoyourLULZ:thumb270133354::thumb270338809:My Favorite Bunny by MikiCloverHarry Potter fan fiction chap 1: Shiro by 67OtakuGirl24X3T U R T L E by thelastprussian:thumb264570208
CI daily featuring Wednesday 30th Novemberin case you wondering why  comments  are hide
because the journal are old
and the text has been changed that's why.
we all life in a different time zone
and I have a very busy so I don't think I will do here at midnight so enjoy the Daily Journal of Wednesday already 8D
Day 3 of the event we're holding
more information about this event
can be read in this blog ----->
Yesterday's featuring --->
Day 3 of the event we're holding
An eye by Howleng:thumb204151591:Mini felt doll by an0nym0use99Beaten by headachedCactus Trees by Cartoon-TrashBassic Instinct by PermanentM:thumb266158705::thumb270189650:Haruki Chibi Beat by Theherois--meOffering by FigrenBreeze by angel-yamasaka:thumb267300296:Girl holding Balloon Sketch by an0nym0use99...and then i wasn't by PermanentMBassic Instinct by PermanentMTree with Birds by pebblebrain22Lumpiande by zeta-etaCover Issue 1 of Carrotopia by Aleru-92Elephant Drawing by Bolbec:thumb270510019:Child's play-Bilding Da Rorket by Tarese:thumb259941558:The Bamboo by ina0601Keeper of Cascade by samburley:thu
CI Daily journal Thursday first decemberin case you wondering why  comments  are hide
because the journal are old
and the text has been changed that's why.
Day 4 of the event we're holding
more information about this event
can be read in this blog ----->
Yesterday's featuring --->
AnthroExchange-Sirin by WhyteHawkeLeo Galore by CougiVenom eating the orange by jejuandBurger studs by KrwawyTamponNight Song by DesignbyKattMother Nature vs. Humanity by Nightsabra I've seen 151 out of 239 movies o_o by ArtOverDose-G-D:thumb260747592::thumb270412153:Love is blind by Kiri-TheEye:thumb269804405:.:Niame:. by konekochan777italia fan by cilgrayI HEART CYDONIA HOODIE BACK by VictoUsagi-chanBroken by OmegabinaryValkyrie by Shi-yue:thumb270853417:Death's Apprentice -tobias- by mintyfreshmangosPart of your world by ObsidianWolph:thumb270562358:Sisterly Bonding by jiejen237Kev zombie by hatchethottiePretzel and RockyRoad Cupcakes by claremansonThe tree of eternal life by cruisnickCommission: KadiKawiiChaniex3 by Sumima:thumb270023825::thumb270195379::thumb270145280:Shy. by forest-goddessFireworks by nuicSuenos Perdidos by blakrosebleedinheart:thumb270494561::thumb255651308:iGod by 3K-moreFlying heart .:Pilot poster:. by FollowingStars:thumb269959444
Daily journal Friday 2nd december part 1 featurein case you wondering why  comments  are hide
because the journal are old
and the text has been changed that's why.
Today we will feature a lot of deviations
because we got many response
Day 5 of the event we're holding
more information about this event
can be read in this blog ----->
part 2 can be viewed here

Yesterday's featuring --->
Part 1
Welcome To My World by Nightsabra :thumb267542374::thumb268392866:Riri 2 by konekochan777Redo of old drawing by Kiri-TheEyejaye davidson by cilgrayNice Costumes Guys by VictoUsagi-chanCiel PON by OmegabinaryMagic Forest by Shi-yue:thumb269646288:RPCompendium:2 by mintyfreshmangosCE Hawk Zenon by ObsidianWolphRogue-BECAUSE SHE'S AWESOME by SquibleyMy New Dress by jiejen237pair of heart cookie decorations by claremansonFrankie by hatchethottieKira. Lord of halloween. by Sumima:thumb270327781::thumb216794312:Sunflowers by jetson2010:thumb269577441:OC Isabella Acrobat by ArtOverDose-G-D:thumb256737212:Eyes. by forest-goddessSunset Skypark's View by nuicDark by blakrosebleedinheart:thumb261800505::thumb269985272::thumb270265394::thumb
Daily journal Friday 2nd december part 2 featurepart 1 can be viewed here

Part 2 of Friday CI Featuring
Finn and Jake by ShiftyCheesecake:thumb261156288:Purity or Chastity by Angiepureheart:thumb263572608:WhirlyPop Ver.2 by Samantha-Carly:thumb270926080:DoodlINK 1 by 13kolins:thumb265231003:around the corner by By-BecBeautiful Strength by MikalaLDMy Grace by moonylady:thumb268960727:Planets-who should I pick? by HUGS-of-Deathour happiness by heart-WORMSing it out LOUD by LittleMissAlexiusJourney to Gaspree Caves 2 by momo-pieFalling by AmbyrfireTEG Miss Vanity by Miss-Etoile:thumb267580205:Alternative - Pain : Deva Path by Nt-Kad:thumb265788634:Chronis: 'Choose your Destiny by Nt-Kad:thumb270012111:Blueprint by Metal-Rocker:thumb271018061:Game Plateform by fate-deviantBurst of fluff. by wAnnwFuzzy flower Monster by random-wishSheleighleigh by MominerWolf Fight Animation by DeakkaThank You by KawaiiBellsFearsome dragon by SigbjornPedersenFiva - Request by WammysNyan Cat - Animated by lanspgEunhyuk Mr.Simple by HUGS-of-Death23 Degrees 23.6'W by FluffableSheepMental Nagging by nevs89Not Always Easy by IceCubeCatGoddess of Misfortune by elaphine:thumb271443899:Dusk by Loza-MuseNun with a gun by Yorick88And Another by xRedRockerxRukia by whitneyloves:thumb263455606:Don't believe... by slipcast-chrysalismHit the lights by stefangrujicic:thumb271490824::thumb266519615
Daily journal Saturday 3th december case you wondering why  comments  are hide
because the journal are old
and the text has been changed that's why.
last Day 6 of the event we're held.

Trick or Treat by elaphine:thumb271444610:Every Bride... by Loza-MusePirate Skull by Yorick88Raindrops on r- by xRedRockerxGlitter Heart by xRedRockerx:thumb266452162:Down Fairytale Lane by AnnaIdhunitaIsis by Kimiko-Anne:thumb266189678:Viking by SigbjornPedersenThis world has a beat by RiversMoon13Naked Ghost by wwdd2From Gotham to Metropolis by illybomberSweet Lemons by AnnaIdhunitaHide and Seek by illybomberVisiting Springfield by illybomber:thumb271391148::thumb271493271:Whooo's yer daddy? by Metal-RockerBlueprint by Metal-RockerWell Try, Little Ducklings by Manatiini:thumb221209233::thumb264861364:Hat Emote by kayleeroMusic Is Heaven by Trista-WillowsAnnette and her Strange Powers by ArtOverDose-G-D:thumb265799167:Outback Australia by xXChirushiXxpg3 - My Little Cousin by xXChirushiXxSuper Mario Shoes pic. 1 by AkirasArtWorldpg18 by xXChirushiXxLagoon Memories by Miguel-SantosInto Eternity by elaphine:thumb253992171:MAHADEWI by wararimbi:thumb270664330:Chi Chobits Sketch Drawing by VictorJElizondoBullseye by wararimbiLife in Space by Zero--oreZ:thumb263768091::th

EDIT: we reach our limit
you can't comment in this journal  anymore for the daily journal

I still own you two featuring but I'm feeling kinda sick at the moment,
however.... tomorrow I will make the two featuring sorry everyone .. that you need to wait
but I don't have strength on this moment to focus on this kinda things.

also we will  use older journal to make the journals of the daily journal
but ,don't worry we will update this journal
and let you know were you can find the Daily journals

..from Monday, November 28th till Saturday, December 3rd it's possible to win :points:!

and why we're holding this because; We've reached 17,000 members and we're going to celebrate this with
every member, co founder, moderator, and contributor!!! :iconhugheartplz:

how can I win :points:?
with the The CI Daily journal featuring it's coming back:icontardyayplz:
(from Monday till Saturday)

This is what you have to do.. to get place in the CI Daily featuring
:iconpokesomeoneplz:Comment inside this journal the following:
"Daily journal" *here comes the thumb or link*
and that's all you need to do.
That's easy enough right? :nod:
You don't have to pay to play, you get :points: from us!
You can get a total of 12 :points:
if you take part on the CI daily journal...

here are the
Rules of the CI daily journal
*one deviation/submission is worth 4 :points:
*To take part of this event you need to be member of CI
*That also means we only accept submissions/deviations from members!
*You can send us a total of 3 different submissions/deviations= 12 points in total
*Because the Daily Journal is 50 deviations long and we feature till Saturday (so six days!) we can only feature 300 deviations...If we reach that limit,
you cannot get any points from the CI daily featuring, so comment quick to get your suggestion in the daily journal!

and there is still another way you can earn points :iconglomppointsplz:

You can refer your friends or watchers to CI
to earn :points:

How Does this work?
tell your friends and watchers about CI.
and if they join the group you have referral them

*5 people is the maximum one member can referral
*You get the points for the referral people to CI after the next Monday
*For the referral please note Tsuki-SoraRuki
and write the following..
"I have referral *user name comes here *to CI"
(if the referral leaves before this week is over you get no points for this user!
*No leaving and coming back to the group (rejoining)we don't count that and you don't get :points:!

we hope you will celebrate this with us:party::iconihavecaekplz:

also We're holding a logo contest more information can be found below
CI is holding a Group Logo contest for 2012!Edit : we're using a old journal from the last group logo contest we had hold
that's why there all already comments in there
since there are only a couple of months
till 2012 is here
it's time at Ci needs a new logo for 2012
you can start making entries from starting today
Group Avatar/Icon Contest::iconYaayplz:
Create an original Avatar/icon for creation-inspiration
The Rules

1. be Creative
2. Entries must be 100x50 image and smaller than 30 KB and will have the words Creation-Inspiration
in it.
3. This contest is open to members of creation-inspiration only.
4. Enter as many times as you'd like, entries must follow all the rules.
4.Please submit your contest Logo to the Folder Logo Contest in the gallery
Logo Contest  
5. Should be categorized as "deviantART Related / deviantID" or "Customization / Icons / Avatars / deviantART"
6. The avatar/icon
a. Must have our name sized appropriately so

We hope you have time to participate in this contest :aww:

:la::heart: Get your works feature! :heart::la:
blog link is below.

Regards, CI Crew :star:
© 2011 - 2021 Creation-Inspiration
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You had sent me a message that i got this day was sick yesterday. You asked me if I had a picture that I wanted feature as well as a journal. I had already on my last post give a link to a picture and a journal, so I wasn't sure what was what, Did you want another, if you did I guess like you my illness prevented me from entering a new,
Ambyrfire's avatar
Are my comments getting through? I'm starting to get worried. I don't see either of my Daily Journal comments here. Well, I'll try one more time. PLEASE tell me if you have received my comments.

Daily Journal: [link] [link]
Tsuki-SoraRuki's avatar
yes I got them but sorry for the late reply
my internet connection is horrible and also
I'm feeling kinda sick at the moment
but don't worry they will be featured ^^
ice10cream's avatar
ice10cream's avatar
Forgot about these: [link] and [link]
JiJidraws's avatar
Daily Journal~
(I forgot if I've submitted these already or not)
crysiblu's avatar
gundam535's avatar
"Daily journal" *here comes the thumb or link*

[link] and [link]
billy2b's avatar
chernboyl's avatar
i'm a little confused, i commented on the journal awhile ago, but i don't think i saw the feature for it or the points. is this a contest or a as-long-as-you-respond-you-get-points kind of thing? thanks for clarification :)
joshuaporch's avatar
Here are my links! :) [link] and [link]
joshuaporch's avatar
sorry I meant to say "Daily Journal" in that... I hope I can still get the points!
Ambyrfire's avatar
I already commented with these, but I'll try again: Daily journal [link] [link] If you've already got them, sorry for pestering! :)
Loomiq's avatar
jadesfires's avatar
kioku16's avatar
Umm.. is it like this..? Idk that much sorry >.< if it's wrong. I'm confused..

"Daily Journal" : link link link
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