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Bumped as of 28/08/2014 for New Members or Members who haven't read this!

Update: 26/2/2014
Regarding our submissions limit please read the journal below
Regarding Submission Limits - EditedWe  had, , a fair amount of people asking about the submission limit, or being rude and making assumptions based on a simple glance of our FAQ without asking nicely about what our limits are.
Allow us to kindly explain, we are a large group, 40,000+ members, which means that on a daily basis we can get as little as 100 submissions daily! To allow us admin and other staff time to go through all the submissions (accept, move, whathaveyou) we implemented a one submission, per folder, per week policy, this does not however mean that you cannot simply send the group a message asking us to submit more for you, you absolutely can do that, all you have to do is politely ask us, not leave rude remarks on the front page and one available staff member will go and submit it for you!
We also get asked a lot, "well, why hasn't my submission been accepted, it's been x amount of time?" And the answer is, we are not all on the same time-zone, we all have lives outside of deviantart,

since some of our members having problems,where to submit their deviations
I made this little guide to help and guide you.

1.Featured - (currently this folder is closed!)

what belongs in this folder?

feature(the works we vote for and think deserve special feature,
to make it clear to everyone of the crew this is �NOT a place for the crew �to put their works in

2 Mature folder

what belongs in this folder?

deviations that  involves nudity contains involves nudity  nipples, vagina, needs to have a mature content filter or else they will declined!
Mature contents like
-Sexual Themes
-Strong Language
-Ideologically Sensitive

3.Artisan Crafts and Cosplay

what belongs in this folder?

including all  existing categories
- Architectural Models
- Basketry & Weavings
- Ceramics, Pottery & Clay
- Costumery
- Culinary Arts
- Dolls, Plushies & Custom Toys
-Folding & Papercraft
- Leatherwork
- Miniatures


what belongs in this folder?

including all  existing Literature categories
-Characters & Settings
- Scripts & Screenplays

5.Fan art

what belongs in this folder?

art that you made that was inspired by a
cartoon or comic.
if your character or another persons character is based off of or on an already existing world; MLP, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Homestuck, it is FANART

Sub folder

:new:5A.Fan fiction

what belongs in this folder?

Fan stories of characters you don't own including character/OC and character/Reader

6.Original Pieces

- Pieces of your own creation, not based off of any existing works.
( Oc characters,chibi's and comics & cover comics)

7.Dark, Horror and Macabre artwork

what belongs in this folder?

art of


what belongs in this folder?

-Flash animation


what belongs in here?

lightly edited photos belongs for now one in our photography folder
(like change of the photographs' hues

-almost  Photography categories included.
except cosplay (that belongs in the Artisan craft and cosplay folder)

- Abstract & Surreal
-Animals, Plants & Nature
- Commercial Photography
-People and Portraits
-Still life
- Urban & Rural

10.Fantasy Magic Sci-Fi and Unnatural

what belongs in this folder?

-steam punk
-sci fi
-Outer space
-Mythical and Fantasy Creatures

11.Photo manipulations

what belongs in this folder?

-Any photograph that has been edited in an editing program

12.3-3-Dimensional ART and Fractals

what belongs in this folder?

- 3-Dimensional Art

13.realistic People and Portraits Artwork

what belongs in this folder?

-Artwork of portraits / celebrities
bands/movie actors
and real people
(this folder is only for realistic people!)

14.Urban,Nature and still life

what belongs in this folder?

drawings of
and Still life

15. Misc

what belongs in this folder?

-Designs & Interfaces
-Ref sheets
-Community Projects
- Typography
- Graffiti & street art
-tattoo design
-Resources & Stock Images
-Design Challenges
-Community Projects
-uncategorized works
(like eyes,mouths,etc


what belongs in this folder?

-Cell Phone Art
-Desktop Screenshots
-Digital Dolls(bases)
-Skins & Themes
-Icons(Avatars and Stamps)
-Vexel Art
-Vector Art

we also not accepting screenshots,any personal blogs and journals,

attention we Don't accept simple sketches,line arts and WI.IP anymore!
we have a sister group were you can submit those deviations


so when does a deviation belong in our sisiter group?
- when it's a sketch like this ---> Paige and Adrien by rayvin734
- when it's a WIP------> .:: flutter WIP 2 :: by renjin-chan
When it's a line art-----> -: Free Dog Lineart :- by Wolvesmaycry

does that means sketches like this
la rochelle2 by nicolasjolly
also go to our sisiter group ?
since this is shaded we accept it at CI
however you also can submit them to doodlecreation if you want ^^

if you still are unsure just note the group
and we will help you further :aww:

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Edit 2: the fanfiction sub-folder is closed; should I simply submit my fanfics to the Fanart folder?

Edit: don't mind my question about fan-comics/doujinshi; I noticed just now that another member asked that already.  ;)

I noticed that you listed "Community Projects" two times under "Misc".

Other than that, congrats for the group rules; they're among the most complete and clear ones I read (and I read many).
However, I don't understand where fan-comics and doujinshi should go (I guess to the Fanart folder?), and if the latter has priority to some of the other folders (for example, where should we submit fan pixel art?)