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Greetings everybody! :happybounce:

I know a  lot of members thinking
why didn't this event started already?
the event was planned to be held in the winter
but we were dealing with  some problems
first problem we had them
some of the members that participated with this event
didn't response in the note the crew and me send too them.

but there was also a other problem
which was that the :iconartintheworld: was not active
SO We're searching for a new group
that can team up with us to hold this event
if you are a founder or co founder  of a group and are interested send the group a :note:

Q: What is the secret sunshine event?
A: Because we want to respect all cultures here, we changed Secret Santa to secret sunshine event

Q: Ohh, I get it, but then what is secret santa? :confused:
A: A secret santa is like this...
* You make a wishlist of a few things you would like made for you..
* We match people together however we feel fit.
* Your wish list goes out to someone else, and you get someone's wishlist as well!
* Then you make your new secret snowflake a drawing (or whatever medium you prefer!) but without him/her knowing!
* Then when you are done, take a picture of it! We will have a folder open for all the entries in due time..
* And so someone else also will make something for you. It's like a secret art exchange. :)

Q: I have heard Ci teamed up to organize this event, but what's the name of the other group? :groups:
currently Ci is in search of a new group that we can team up with.
if you are a founder or co founder of a group and are interested Note the group.

Q: I want to join but... how can I join?!
A: Everyone that already participate will receive a note from Tsuki-SoraRuki
Please read and answer it ^^
if you don't response within two week you will removed from the list

for all the others that still want to join
please send a note to one of the followings crew members
:iconrainboww-horror: or :icontsuki-soraruki:
and answer these questions

Name of the deviant:
What do you wish to get in the event:
What art mediums you want: (Example: no literature, etc)
What art mediums you work with: (your talents, drawing, literature, photography,etc)(Please stick to what you are best at!)

rule: after you send one of us the wish list
you get a not back from us please answer it in 2 weeks if you don't response we will remove you from the list
(we don't want that the same happens again)

Q: So when does this end?

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ok... I just had to say this but OMG THE PENCIL ACTUALLY MOVES!!! Aaah so cool... (kind of random but....)