Birthday List [January - June]

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CI Birthday List [January - June]

The new birthday lists is up, and here we gather all of our member's birthdays! :la:

Just send us a note with the subject "Birthday list" and tell us your birthday, or write a comment below. (We recommend you to send us a note to get on the list as fast as possible.) We'll put up links starting from today (2012-05-27). That means that every comment and note posted before this date are no longer valid, so you have to tell us once again.

Our birthday kids will be featured on the front page with one of their deviation! :dance:

Remember that this is the list for January - June, so if your birthday is later in the year, please comment on this:
CI Birthday List [July - December]


Written by: Aimyee

JANUARY :party:

1st of January
:iconsaino::iconvadervarade: :iconpink-starlet: :iconmahou1: :iconvishw:

2nd of January
:iconjellolas: :iconxxsikarixx:

3rd of January

4th of January


5th of January

:iconwolfthebear: :iconclariondenell:

6th of January

7th of January

8th of January
:iconlone-lywolf: :iconcapricornsun83:

9th of January

10th of January


11th of January


12th of January
:iconshaneyakuza: :iconflamosa:  :iconkylee-dc::iconkylee-dc:

13th of January
:iconyamishizen: :iconmisscarmela:

14th of January

15th of January

16th of January

17th of January

:iconmisshayleyquinn::iconblackdog393: :iconprincessmikimiki: :iconagentrose:

18th of January

:iconperitag: :iconenchantedsecrets:

19th of January
:iconmikonii: :iconnoehn19: :iconven-drace: :iconalyautumn: :icondreamer-in-shadows:

20th of January

21st of January

22nd of January

23rd of January  

24th of January

25th of January

26th of January

27th of January

28th of January
:iconlisegulli: :iconsnowienight: :iconmanouilidis:

29th of January
:iconthegeekyballerina: :iconhelmikuu03: :icontashaj4de: :iconchiku-chan1521:

30th of January

31st of January:

:icondahvievanitylover: :iconwesterz:

FEBRUARY :party:

1st  of February

2nd  of February
:iconkimisuu: :iconpanna-poziomka: :iconladycarnal:

3rd  of February

:iconfloopurple201: :iconkaye-chieel:

4th  of February
:iconmuddly661: :icondeactiva: :iconarantzazum::iconto-ka-ro:

5th  of February
:iconheliocathus: :iconwinnoy:

6th of February

7th of February

8th of February

9th of February
:iconkunii-chan:  :iconsitruunainen:

10th of February
:iconookiwi-berrieoo: :iconkatfr78da::iconjester-comics:

11th of February

12th of February
:iconinfinitized: :iconmarlyce::icondonewithlove:

13th of February
:iconyenjii: :iconclaremanson::iconbillynikoll:

14th of February
:iconthecrazyandinsane::iconhyakumi::icondarkkangelll: :icondonewithlove:

15th of February

16th of February

17th of February
:iconkiarapoke::iconrocketypo:  :iconmagicalmerlingirl:

18th of February

19th of February

20th of February


21st of February
:iconangel-of-ice: :iconlautte:

22nd of February
:iconpanddoodle: :iconkimisuu: 

23rd of February

:iconlolitheleopard::iconscentedglitter: :icondonguriart:

24th of February

25th of February

26th of February


27th of February

:iconmillennium-star: :iconidhotkuncorot::icongaylordie:
:iconjuhessica: :iconsweetcandyteardrop:

28th of February

MARCH :party:

1st of March

2th of March

3rd of March


4th of March

5th of March

6th of March

7th of March

8th of March

9th of March


10th of March


11th of March

:iconevalunaofficial: :iconakif-magic:

12th of March

:iconmuttd0g: :iconambergriselement:

13th of March


14th of March

15th of March

16th of March

17th of March

18th of March


19th of March

20th of March

21st of March
:iconkawaii-kura-blossom::iconskyzera: :iconpallasmercury::iconpallasmercury:

22nd of March

23rd of March

24th of March

25th of March

26th of March

:iconidk-kun::iconcilgray: :iconggsartcorner:

27th of March

28th of March

29th of March

30th of March

31st of March

APRIL :party:

1st of April

2nd of April

3rd of April

4th of April

5th of April

6th of April

7th of April

8th of April


9th of April


10th of April


11th of April

12th of April

13th of April

14th of April

15th of April

16th of April

17th of April


18th of April

19th Of April

20th of April


21st of April  
:iconama-natto: :icontsubasa-sakura93: :iconaliciadelbosque:

22nd of April

23rd of April

24th of April

25th of April

26th of April

27th of April
:iconshannonl99: :iconjogagirl: :iconmadame-lemon:

28th of April

29th of April

30th of April

MAY :party:

1st of May
:iconlivholland: :iconkalteeinsamkeit:

2nd of May

:iconpantherasculptures::iconpeachros3: :iconbat-symphony:

3rd of May


4th of May

5th of May

:icongemastarlight: :iconoomoonieoo: :iconpattianndesigns:

6th of May

7th of May

8th of May

9th of May


10th of May

11th of May

12th of May

13th of May

14th of May
:iconbevyart: ::iconsinfullycute:

15th of May
:iconyuulyn::iconnanami96: :icontishtasha14:

16th of May

:iconaurora-bloodshard: :iconjaycejvr1992:

17th of May

:iconaurora-bloodshard: :iconzarakioo:

18th of May

19th of May

:iconklanos::iconmeadowcloud: :iconstabrina:

20th of May
:icondicegirl14395: :iconemy-ai:

21st of May

22nd of May

23rd of May


24th of may
:iconodettery: :iconranay-l:

25th of may


26th of May

27th of May

28th of may

29th of May


30th of May

31st of May

JUNE :party:

1st of June


2nd of June

:iconhachitatsu: :icontenshi-koneko500:

3rd of June

4th of June


5th of June

6th of June

7th of June
:iconshizuka-yoru: :iconshire7:

8th of June


9th of June
:iconvexcel: :iconnenraeka:

10th of June

11th of June
:iconcuzzycutegirl: :iconkurunagirl:

12th of June
:iconjmurilloz::iconwidowrouge: :iconorbes::iconreniya::iconfuzzyscribbles:

13th of June

14th of June  
:iconspkabuki: :iconeleatory::iconeleatory:

15th of June
:iconfuugis: :iconmintsteak: :iconyonetee:

16th of June
:iconiilai: :icondiskfire:


17th of June


18th of June


19th of June

20th of June

21st of June

22nd of June

23rd of June
:iconscruffyfluffy: :iconwassermoth: :iconmurderartist: :iconmelodious-dissonance:

24th of June

:iconpangelika: :iconcurulin:

25th of June

26th of June

27th of June


28th of June

29th of June

30th of June

Happy Birthday wishes :iconcreation-inspiration: !

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