Journal Entry: Fri Jan 28, 2011, 11:27 AM

Thank you so much for joining Creation-Inspiration!
Below you find our rules. They are important for you:

Rules of Creation Inspiration

  • To submit art you must be a member, if you submit art and then leave the group, your art is subject to removal. Any members caught joining to submit pieces and then leaving right away will be blocked from the group and have all their art removed from our galleries"
  • Be kind. Give respect to fellow members and the administrators. Constructive criticism is nice if the member wants it, but rudeness will not be tolerated - it will lead you to be banned from the group.

  • You are allowed only to submit your own work.  Otherwise we'll report you and your stolen work.

  • Do not post links to websites other than Deviant Art on our page. If you have something you want 'advertised,' note the group about it.

KEEP IN MIND: When you submit something, it may take some time before it shows up in our gallery. We’re sorry for the delay, but we think this is the most fair way to deal with it.

We hope you all have a good time at Creation-Inspiration,
and let the creations unite and be inspired by each other.

Kind Regards, the whole CI Crew!

If you have any questions about how to submit, please read the Welcome Blog, FAQ and Gallery Guide below:

: F.A.Q. about CIFrequently Asked Questions
I want to watch the group, but I can't find the button, so how can I watch the group?
Watch the group
How do I submit a deviation in a group's gallery?
This is a tutorial "How to Submit deviations to Creation-inspiration"
1. Find the "Submit to group" button
2. Type the group name "Creation-inspirationl"
3. Press the "Check" button
4. Select the folder for your picture
5. Press the "Submit" button
6. Your picture is submitted!
The tutorials are below both with two different ways to submit deviations in the group.
sorry is there a way I can unwatch the group I'm getting to many messages.
Sure no problem we understand that on a day members will get lots of messages this group is growing everyday
we see lots of our members leaving because of the many messages
but no need to leave at all you can unwa
Gallery Guide : Help with the Gallery foldersBumped as of 28/08/2014 for New Members or Members who haven't read this!
Update: 26/2/2014
Regarding our submissions limit please read the journal below

since some of our members having problems,where to submit their deviations
I made this little guide to help and guide you.

1.Featured - (currently this folder is closed!)
what belongs in this folder?
feature(the works we vote for and think deserve special feature,
to make it clear to everyone of the crew this is �NOT a place for the crew �to put their works in

2 Mature folder
what belongs in this folder?
deviations that  involves nudity contains involves nudity  nipples, vagina, needs to have a mature content filter or else they will declined!
Mature contents like
-Sexual Themes
-Strong Language
-Ideologically Sensitive

3.Artisan Crafts and Cosplay
what belongs in

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