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Pink Cherry Hearts by deizuneiRULES Pink Cherry Hearts by deizunei

F.A.Q. about CIFrequently Asked Questions
I want to watch the group, but I can't find the button, so how can I watch the group?
Watch the group
How do I submit a deviation in a group's gallery?
This is a tutorial "How to Submit deviations to Creation-inspiration"
1. Find the "Submit to group" button
2. Type the group name "Creation-inspirationl"
3. Press the "Check" button
4. Select the folder for your picture
5. Press the "Submit" button
6. Your picture is submitted!
The tutorials are below both with two different ways to submit deviations in the group.
sorry is there a way I can unwatch the group I'm getting to many messages.
Sure no problem we understand that on a day members will get lots of messages this group is growing everyday
we see lots of our members leaving because of the many messages
but no need to leave at all you can unwa

We DO NOT accept screenshots, personal blogs and journals.

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Featured (currently this folder is closed!)
The works we vote for and think deserve special feature.
To make it clear to everyone this is NOT a place for the crew to put their works in.

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Original Pieces
- Pieces of your own creation, not based off of any existing works (OC, Chibi's and Comics & Cover Comics)
Sonic, MLP's, so-said "new" OCs are NOT original pieces as it's inspired from a famous Licence. All fan-OCs go into fan art.

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Fan art
- Something that was inspired by a book/film/anime/manga/cartoon or comic.
- Fan fiction: fan stories of characters you don't own (the folder for fan fiction is located in this folder)
If your character or another person's character is based off of an already existing world (MLP, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Homestuck) it is FAN ART. All licensed characters you do not own belong to fan art. Inclusive of Genderbent ones.

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Realistic People and Portraits
- Artwork of portraits/celebrities/bands/movie actors and real people (this folder is only for realistic people!)

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Fantasy, Magic, Sci-Fi, Unnatural, and More
- Steam Punk
- Sci-fi
- Outer Space
- Anthros
- Furries
- Mythical and Fantasy Creatures
- Creatures
- Fantasy
- Magic
- Surrealism
- Unnatural
- Made up characters that are not your OCs or anyone else's (random character you just decided to add there)

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Dark, Horror and Macabre
- Dark
- Horror
- Macabre
- Gore
- Exposure of body organs
- Torture

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM 3D Art/ Fractal Art

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Flash and Animations
- Flash animation
- Games
- Humor
- Interactive
- Interfaces
- Intro
- Movies
- Utilities
- Gif
- Blinking icons/dolls

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Customization
- Cell Phone Art
- Desktop Screenshots
- Digital Dolls (bases)
- Emoticons
- Handhelds
- Skins & Themes
- Wallpapers
- Icons (Avatars and Stamps)
- Pixel Art
- Vexel Art
- Vector Art

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Mature Content
Mature contents like:
- Nudity
- Sexual Themes
- Strong Language
- Ideologically Sensitive
Deviations that involve nudity, nipples, vagina, etc. needs to have a mature content filter or else they will declined!

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Artisan Crafts and Cosplay
- Cosplay
- Sculptures
- Basketry & Weavings
- Ceramics, Pottery & Clay
- Costumery
- Culinary Arts
- Dolls, Plushies & Custom Toys
- Folding & Papercraft
- Glass
- Jewelry
- Leatherwork
- Metalwork
- Miniatures
- Needlework
- Textiles
- Woodworking

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Photography
Any picture taken that can be replicated again in real life.
( Cosplay belongs in the Artisan Craft and Cosplay folder)
- Abstract & Surreal
- Animals, Plants & Nature
- Architecture
- Commercial Photography
- Conceptual
- Darkroom
- Fireworks
- Humour
- Macro
- People and Portraits
- Photojournalism
- Still life
- Street
- Transportation
- Urban & Rural
- Stock pics

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Photomanipulations
- Any photograph that has been edited and changed to create a different scenario than it originally was.

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Urban, Nature, and Still Life
Drawings of:
- Architecture
- Urban
- Rural
- Animals
- Plants
- Scenery
- Landscape and Still life

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Literature
- Poetry
- Prose
- Scripts & Screenplays

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Miscellaneous
- Designs & Interfaces
- Meme's
- Ref sheets
- Community Projects
- Pagedolls
- Adoptables
- Typography
- Graffiti & street art
- Tattoo design
- Stamps
- Resources



Hello :iconcreation-inspiration: membersHi!


(In no particular order)
This month's Features are:

Earthly Angel by tamaraR  Jude Law portrait study by VishKeks by Artrest-X
Underworld by Pigliamosche  Azuryan Hole Reef by Unialien
vogue by queencastilla  Arm ring. by jessy25522
Snow White (Disney Warriors Project) by Amana-HB  Danse macabre by NocturnaHX
Answers Falling by KimberlyJolanda  Coffee Reverie by LualaDy
Lilith (collab) by LualaDy  a twist to the Cheshire Cat by Crishzi
My Precious by kathe-cat  Start With Love by SwedenLena
Onion knight by Pigliamosche  One afternoon by gatothecrazycat
Charles Bridge in Prague by Kot-Filemon  The Lock by guessforfree
Zooey by Maxa-art  [CM] Corrosion by efaru
Sunshine after rain by solar-sea  Masks by Kaikkei
#141 Miko Raphtalia by GigaMessy  Reflection II by luciekout
I am at your side by Olgola  Claw Machine by Yahone  Shiny Flygon by AshesDrawn
Orion (Spirit) by Jo-Vee-Al  Dimi by kyonniee
Fall of Persephone by Rina-Li  YCH Commision: 2 by iononion
Last farewell by gatothecrazycat  Murphy Education: Emi, The Slit-Mouth Shadow Woman by MajorM117
Star Guardian Zoe by AshleyLun  overconfidence by Wafferscotch
Sunny morning by WelcomeTheStorm  Misato - Chronos Art by FoXPrimeRose
Pink Clouds by LilPinkDemon  Nouras V2 by Yannomi
Shadow of the Colossus by Pigliamosche  Selene by clayscence
Rainbow by CHADinskee  [FREE] Felina and Damian (Noiramoss' OC) by AbstractMore
Phobia by AkubakaArts  Harley Quinn by Envy4hearts
Kronos by MarquisAmon  
Ariel The Little Mermaid by DidiEsmeralda  Curiosity by Nigreda  elven queen by TamikaProud
Alice The Queen by silviya  Dreaming of Winter! by Secretadmires
Astral Ocean by JKRoots

Final Art Feature but GALLERY NOT CLOSED

On behalf of the group admins @
We would like to thank you for submitting your wonderful artworks to our gallery:nod:

Unfortunately due to the new changes made to DA's interface, the journal formats have changed as well making the art features difficult to create as before, so until a new format can be figured out, the art features will be discontinued until further notice. Our sincerest apologies for this.
NOTE, the group gallery IS NOT CLOSED, so please do continue to submit your awesome works, and never stop inspiring others!:wave:
More Journal Entries

Sketch group

We don't accept simple sketches ,line arts and WIP anymore!
We have a sister group where you can submit those deviations


If you are still unsure just note the group and we will help you further :aww:


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me ayudancon una comision para pagar mi psicologo by Tiamilix8   comission open nsfw and sfw by Tiamilix8  
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