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MLP Make Your Mark - Chapter 6 Quick ThoughtsDisclaimer: Before you read my review, I’m kindly requesting you to respect my opinion the same way I respect yours. Also, this review is not to be considered a personal attack against the writers; they just do their jobs and have my full support, no matter what they do. If my review feels disrespectful towards the creators of the show, that’s completely unintentional and I apologize in advance. Well... this is it. Just two months after Make Your Mark's 5th chapter, the Thanksgiving of 2023 gave us Chapter 6. At the time of writing, it's still unclear if Hasbro wishes to continue MYM in any form or if this was the last time we saw Sunny and Co. in their 3D forms on the small screen. It's a shame because the previous two chapters showed us that there's a huge potential in MYM - as proven by the heartwarming story of Misty who is undoubtedly the breakout character of this series. So, the question stands; was Chapter 6 able the keep the momentum going and provide a proper closure for the Opaline arc? Like last time, I have mixed feelings. If we focus only on the two-part "season finale," then Chapter 6 shows its best side. But for everything else... well, we have a lot to talk about. Oh, and we also had one last special that was just as meh as last year's Winter Wishday - more on that later.As in the previous case, I divided this review into chapters (LOL):My quick thoughts about each episode,How did the characters fair,Anything noteworthy about the animation and music,The G4 callbacks and connections,My conclusion about this chapter - and saying goodbye to MYM.With that said, let's find out how MYM's (theoretically) last chapter performed this time.The EpisodesEpisode 1, The Isle of Scaly: Our protagonists accidentally leave the pony realm and wander through the intro of classic Doctor Who episodes to enter the demo version of an unreleased Spyro game and learn why Twilight's plan is even more horrific than we could've imagined. All the while, Opaline does a complete 180 and goes from a wuss to a powerful monster to finally pose a genuine threat to not just Sunny and the gang but to Equestria as well. Basically, what we have here is the introduction of the dragons - already happened in Tell Your Tale's episode 62 - combined with filling up some Grand Canyon-wide holes between G4 and 5, with little success as usual, and, at the same time, fast-tracking the story before the epic conclusion to the Opaline arc. In other words, MYM suddenly decided to floor it after so many fillers. That's what you get when you leave everything for the last minute. On one hand, that's pretty bad; the dragons' return would've deserved a bigger fanfare - especially considering that this is the episode that reintroduced Spike from FiM to MYM's world. On the other hand, Opaline not only seemed like a true villain but acted as one too. And she had a kick-ass song. 3.5/5 C+ Episode 2, Roots of All Evil Part 1: You know how I felt when I watched this episode? Like in the good ol' FiM days when we reached the then-current season finale. We had everything: ponies being terrorized by a powerful villain who managed to take control of the dragons; Sunny actually doing something instead of just preaching about it; Misty feeling terrified to face Opaline after switching sides; Hitch acting like the heroic sheriff of Maritime Bay, holding off Opaline just enough to buy some time for the others with his "when the f*ck did he learn to do that?" powers; and a story that reached its obligatory emotional low point before the catharsis in the next episode. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty entertained. I mean, we even had a sort of reference to Dungeons and Dragons; even if it was unintentional, it was funny. The only thing that stands out like a sore thumb is the implication that Opaline knew from the start that Misty would eventually wander outside, make friends and unintentionally siphon off some friendship magic to fuel Opaline's power. With all due respect, Opaline; you may have proven that you're indeed a badass but you're most definitely not on Thanos' level in terms of cleverness - whether or not you have a necklace that's an obvious ripoff of the Infinity Gauntlet. 4/5 B Episode 3, Roots of All Evil Part 2: A solid continuation of the previous episode with actions that actually made perfect sense - in most cases. I adored how Sunny didn't push Misty to face Opaline, so when Misty decided to act on her own, it felt genuine. Izzy replacing her cutie mark with a fake one was simply ingenuous, even if it lasted for a minute. Pipp's plan to slow Opaline down did involve some singing, but even I have to admit that this form of dangling the carrot in front of the big bad and then trapping her showed that Pipp can have great moments when she doesn't feel like the annoying influencer she's mostly depicted as. As for the final showdown: f*ck yeah! I worried for Sunny - the first time that happened since the G5 movie; I liked the song that gave Equestria the power to deplete Opaline's energy; I was glad to see that Sparky wasn't used as a McGuffin for once; and I was shocked how brutal Opaline's punishment was, reminding me of how Kurama sentenced the elder Toguro to eternal suffering in Yu Yu Hakusho. In other words, MYM finally learned the FiM formula - and I'm happy about it. Anything that didn't click with me? Maybe the last minute that was an unapologetic prologue to MYM's last special. I would've removed that without a heartbeat; let season finales be season finales, especially if you aren't continuing the series... 4/5 B Episode 4, Secrets of Starlight (Special): Let me tell you how grateful I am that, despite being hinted by the title, MYM's last special didn't bring back FiM's most controversial main character. Now that's out of the way, let's talk about why doing cocaine is a bad thing. So, we have a town - the main square of which eerily resembled that of the Crystal Empire - that's always covered in a substance that I can describe as either pure cocaine that causes euphoria or uranium-235 from Chernobyl due to its "healing" powers. I mean, what the actual f*ck? Jokes aside, if this is indeed the last thing coming out of MYM, it was meh at best. Admittedly, Allura is already a more original and interesting villain than Opaline - more on her later - and seeing a new place instead of the same three settings over and over again felt like a breath of fresh air. Still, you wouldn't lose a thing if you skipped this episode or just watched it to witness ponies grinning like maniacs due to cocaine overdose. 3/5 CCharactersSunny: Finally, we got the true, optimistic and likeable Sunny Starscout from the G5 movie back! After being wasted as a plank for the majority of MYM, I was able to root for her again. The reason for that is she acts as a true leader. Firstly, she heavily relied on the help of her friends and the residents of Equestria in the battle against Opaline. She was supportive of Misty when she displayed general concern for facing her former tormentor. Sunny was also pretty brave when she went up against Opaline who, by the time of their last confrontation, was almost at god level. And, much to my surprise, she wasn't made into the unbearable OP I had expected her to become when it came to sending Opaline to pony hell. Which is why it's such a shame that all of this is too little too late. Had Sunny been this way all throughout MYM's run, she could've easily been my favorite pony of the new bunch instead of Misty or Izzy. But with MYM (most likely) concluding, she'll now forever be a, let's hear it, folks: plank.Hitch: Yet another character who suddenly returned to prominence. After six chapters, I can safely say that Hitch basically disappeared as a character - until now. This time, he was brave, stood up to Opaline as long as he could - his plant-based powers were, quite frankly, pretty awesome - and was also ready to let Sparky go with the dragons to give him a chance at a normal, happy life among his kind. My main issue is the same as with Sunny: Hitch being "reactivated" after being sentenced to a semi-background character status arrived too late in the series. Shame, considering that his relationship with Sparky had a huge potential with the return of the dragons to MLP's world. But that story arc went down the drain, reducing Hitch back to his quirky dragon dad status.Misty: I'm not gonna lie, I felt that Misty was kinda lost in this last chapter. On one hand, I understand why: her story arc had already been completed in the previous chapter, elevating her to being the most fleshed-out character in the entire series. On the other hand, I expected more from her, given that she had to inevitably face Opaline and reveal that she "betrayed" her de facto abuser. Still, seeing Misty being afraid of facing Opaline and Sunny not pushing her to do so gave Misty one of the most genuine story elements in this chapter. So when Misty decided on her own to confront Opaline like a champ, I couldn't help but smile a bit. Granted, the confrontation wasn't as satisfactory, but at least it closed off an important chapter in Misty's life.Izzy: One movie and six chapters later it's safe to say that Izzy is undoubtedly the saving grace of G5 - at least if we only consider the movie and MYM as canon. Even though she didn't do that much, the moment she tricked Opaline with a fake cutie mark made my jaw drop. Izzy is a fantastic example of making a character that acts like an oddball but, deep inside, is pretty inventive. The fact that she is basically a toned-down version of FiM's Pinkie Pie also helps a bit. Izzy, I love you, please, never change.Pipp: Funnily, during the first episode of this chapter, I honestly thought that Pipp was the reason why the BuythisshitatWalmart9000 lost all of its energy and the gang had to return to Maritime Bay riding the dragons. Much to my surprise, it turned out that Opaline was the reason behind the energy loss, giving Pipp, arguably the most annoying pony of the bunch, a pass. Also, when she used her singing to distract Opaline without actually lying, the intelligent and caring Pipp who showed her face back in Chapter 2, finally reappeared. Shame that we rarely saw this side of Pipp in MYM; it would've made her appreciate more.Zipp: Unfortunately, Zipp kinda disappeared as a character in the last chapter. Aside from a sudden "Eureka!" moment she had, her contribution to Opaline's defeat was reduced to being the wing mare to Pipp when they had to stop the big bad from marching towards the total domination of Equestria. Even with that, I still think that Zipp is the character who was utilized the best throughout MYM, proving once again that you should never judge a book by its cover. In other words, even Rainbow Dash lookalike princesses can be smart and attentive.Sparky: OK, I have a heart too; Sparky was the most tolerable in this chapter - which is saying a lot, considering that the last time I said this was back in Chapter 3, Winter Wishday. His powers were finally given an explanation, his separation from Hitch was sad, he acted like a proper child - being scared of and hiding from Opaline - and he delivered the final blow to Princess Whinesalot was pretty nice. If Sparky is kept this way from now on, I think we'll be good.Spike: I expected Spike to look and sound different from his FiM counterpart, but his debut in the G5 universe felt... well, underwhelming. I'm glad that he resembled a proper dragon the most, but hearing a booming, manly voice instead of Cathy Weseluck's familiar tone was pretty weird. However, even I have to admit that bringing Spike back to act as the bridge between the two generations was the most logical step to connect G4 and G5. Hell, the creators even respected a crucial rule established in G4, namely that older and larger dragons become quadrupedal. This is why it's so sad that Spike was basically... there. Aside from filling in the Gran Canyon-sized plot hole between the two generations with some crucial details, his contribution to the last chapter was, unfortunately, minimal. Oh, and due to the copyright dispute between Hasbro and Discovery Family, he couldn't mention the names of his true friends aside from Twilight. If that's the case, why wasn't he made a full amnesiac, requiring some time to kickstart his memories, giving him a better purpose to be in G5? Bottom line, it was nice to see him again, but I feel that his presence overshadowed Blaize, the red dragoness, who's obviously the dragon that will be featured more in later G5 materials. (See TYT's episode 62 for example.)Opaline: I have mixed feelings towards Opaline as a character. Don't get me wrong, it was so good to see her finally act like a true villain instead of whining about her constant failures as a baddie. In fact, if this is how Opaline had been depicted from the start, I would've considered her a villain on the levels of the best of the worst from FiM. But since she was portrayed as a loser in at least four and a half chapters, her sudden - and I do mean sudden - shift to a monstrous, powerful foe to G5's protagonists felt anachronistic. Not to mention, I find it hard to believe that she planned so far ahead when she took in Misty and predicted that she would eventually wander out and make friends with her contemporaries. If I had to point out why MYM shouldn't have relied too much on fillers, leading to a rushed conclusion, Opaline would be a perfect example of that: a pathetic villain that suddenly turns into Voldemort. Makes no sense. But I gotta give credit where it's due: her song was kick-ass and her defeat was horrifying. (Although TYT had to piss into the punch bowl again in episode 67, where Opaline is clearly alive after the whole ordeal. Thanks for robbing us of one of the most brutal villain deaths in the 40-year history of MLP... -_-)Allura: This is a villain I'm genuinely interested in. Aside from her less-than-stellar design - a flying snow leopard with a ridiculous mane - I really like where this is going. Firstly, her name, Allura, is perfect, telling us a lot about her powers. Secondly, her power of hypnotizing ponies with her magical purrs is quite clever. If you think about it, cat lovers cannot resist when their pet cats purr. Allura does the same, making her victims overly and irrationally happy. Chef's kiss. And to top it off, Allura's voice actress did a great job; for some reason, I dig when a character speaks in this kind of tone. Any issues with her? Oh, yes; she's so obviously a TYT villain - already crossing into that series in episode 68, which aired mere hours after MYM's Chapter 6 had been released - that she'll most likely never appear in MYM or its continuation ever again. Violet Frost: Chubby pony with a crystal horn and one hell of a talent when it comes to playing the flute. Aside from that, nothing much.Technical DetailsAnimation: Continuing the theme of 'mixed bag,' the animation also left me with a conflicted feeling. On one hand, due to the use of more grey - a symbol of evil consuming everything - there were little to no instances of oversaturation - a feat that's been poisoning MYM since the beginning. Yeah, this chapter was one of the few times where it was good to look at the screen. On the other hand, we cannot avoid the elephant in the room, namely the look of the dragons. I'm sorry, dear animators, but they look like shit. As I said, Spike is the closest to being considered okay when it comes to design. But the other dragons? They look like rejected drafts from the Spyro games. Giving them ears, pony-like proportions, eerily similar designs and, for some reason, paw pads is one thing. Their front teeth, however, give me nightmares. Without the front teeth, they would look so much better. You know you f*cked up when the TYT versions are superior in design and Sparky looks like a masterpiece in both MYM and TYT. As for the auroricorns - the unicorns with crystal horns: I have no comments, aside from proving once again that the creators have zero imagination, are heavily limited with the 3D models or, worse, both.Music: I was surprised this time because this chapter featured probably the best songs in the entire run of MYM. Opaline's villain song was a kick-ass rap, the ponies united against Opaline number was pretty neat and even the auroricorns' song was ok thanks to an intro resembling "We Will Rock You" by Queen and then adding that hell of a flute to the mix. The bottom line is if G5 wants to be good, it can be good - just give it some time.G4 ConnectionsThere are two major things we can emphasize here. Firstly, the dragons. Like I said before, their designs are crap - especially considering the wild and imaginative appearance of G4 dragons - but reintroducing them to MLP was the only and most logical way to somehow bridge the two generations together. Indeed, there's no better character to tell what led to the split between pony races and dragons than the great Spike himself. (Who's referred to as Spikeness for some reason, which is ridiculous.)And this is where the problems start. Admittedly, revealing why Twilight made the decision to siphon magic out of Equestria makes more sense now. Opaline is a racist and power-hungry alicorn who's been exiled from her home world and seeks power by acting like a leech and sucking out all magic from common ponies. However, if we think about it, Twilight's decision was still too extreme. Firstly, it's hard to believe that Twilight didn't consult Celestia and Luna - who, according to G5's canon, knew Opaline from the get-go and could've devised a plan that didn't involve the complete removal of magic from Equestria. Secondly, Twilight's decision seems even dumber if we take into consideration what Spike said, namely that it forced him and his kind away from this family and made them hibernate for thousands of moons. This is more cruel than Opaline's behavior towards Misty. Combine that with the pon races turning against each other and Twilight seems more like a Mao Zedong than a competent leader.Believe it or not, this half-assed effort to explain the unexplainable is still the smaller issue when it comes to the G4 tie-in. The bigger problem is that, throughout this chapter, I had a terrible feeling of déja vu. Think about it: a villain that can suck out the magic from ponies and even steal their cutie marks? Lord Motherf*cking Tirek. The only difference is that when Tirek attacked Equestria, the G4 Mane 6 was able to defeat him with Rainbow Power - as in MAGIC. Please don't tell me that Twilight didn't think of this when Opaline first attacked Equestria way before the events of the G5 movie. If nopony thought of removing magic to keep ponies safe during Tirek's terror - which, mind you, happened already before the events of FiM's season 4 finale and was also solved via magical ways - then why the f*ck Twilight had to resort to such extremes? Especially seeing how devastating the consequences turned out to be for all three pony races and the dragons.I'm so glad the Opaline arc is over, G5 introduced a new villain in the form of Allure - who has zero ties to G4 or anything before - and the dragons will most likely be represented by Blaize instead of Spike. Because, frankly, the G4 connections are making me have a severe headache when it comes to trying to connect the dots between point A (G4's ending) and point B (the G5 movie). Hopefully, the creators think likewise and we can leave G4 behind once and for all, allowing G5 to breathe some fresh air and prove its own worth without relying on the highly-appraised predecessor. ConclusionIf I want to be honest, Chapter 6 has a few problems, making it less stellar than Chapters 4 and 5. However, if we take out the most glaring issues - a rushed conclusion, the dragons' designs, the nonsensical explanation of Twilight's past actions, Opaline's unbelievable sudden turn into a proper baddy, and the last special shamelessly flashing the 'to be continued' sign - then it's a pretty solid closure of the story arc that started two years ago. Given the incredible improvement in quality in the past couple of months, it's so sad that Hasbro decided not to continue MYM in its current form. At the time of writing, it's now obvious that the Allura story arc is picked up by TYT. And we still have no official confirmation about the fate of MYM or anything similar that, eventually, replaces it. So, unless you're also into TYT - I'm most obviously not - I recommend giving episodes 1-3 a watch and either watching the last special as a curiosity or skipping it entirely. This way, when Hasbro will most likely announce the cancellation of MYM and shift its focus entirely on TYT, saying goodbye to the cast of the superior show of G5 won't hurt that much.As for me? Well, if MYM is gone for good and it won't continue or evolve into something else, then this review is indeed the last I wrote about fresh G5 content. I won't resume reading the comics and I most definitely won't return to TYT. I'm glad I was part of MYM's two-year run and I stuck with the show until the end. In my opinion, MYM never reached the heights of FiM, but with its last three chapters, it's safe to say that it was close enough. And for that, MYM has my gratitude and appreciation.
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