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Kuishi's Adventure (One Piece OC - Part 2)Sounds of lively partying, drunken fights, and hearty singing could be heard from the tavern in Vin Island. With Kuishi's outgoing presence, she managed to stir up great joy inside the hearts of the depressed town and finally give them a reason to smile. From drinking contests to light wrestling competitions, the extroverted Tiger-Shark fish woman made waves in this once emotionally desolate town hub."Wow, look over there! That fish-woman there can sure pack away a meal!" One of the many peasants shouted as the rest of the patrons gathered around the main attraction."And her drinking record is off the charts! She's already drunken at least ten guys under the table in only a few minutes as well! This girl is absolutely incredible!" Another one shouted in agreement.Although the rest of the town had no food to provide for even themselves, it seemed like this tavern is the perfect spot to stuff your face. When Bartender Darjee offered Kuishi a full meal's worth of meat, rice, and alcohol, the Tiger-Shark fish man nearly crushed the wide man with her strong yet jovial bear hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much, Darjee! I'm gonna eat until I burst!" Kuishi exclaimed with a cheerful smile.Feeling his bones pop due to Kuishi's tight hug, he simply smiled through the pain and winced, "Y-You're absolutely welcome, Miss Kuishi! Now, you can sit down at the table and we'll bring your food right over to you~"Once her entree arrived in front of her, Kui proceeded to devour each morsel as if she were a starving wolf. With her shark teeth, she is able to rip through even the toughest of meats that were given to her. Combined with the alcohol, Kui's infamous food belly came back to life, pushing against the already small (for her) table that she was currently stationed at.With a mouthful of meat, she happily exclaimed with a wide smile, "Wow, this meat is so delicious! Even the skin is super yummy! The drinks are fantastic too! This place is so nice! Thank you Darjee!"The humongous man smiled with pride and said, "No problem! It's the least we could do for a guest of our island!"At the same time, the patrons surrounded the fish woman, amazed by her capacity to consume so much food. They began cheering her on and on."Go, go, go, Kuishi! You got this!" One of the patrons exclaimed."Kui, you're so cool!" A nerdy lady shouted in joy."I wanna grow up and be as strong as you, Kui!" A little boy cheered.Kuishi just laughed heartedly and replied, "You humans are so nice! I'm a shark fishman, so no matter what, I just gotta have something in my belly! Bartender Darjee walked up to Kuishi with solemn eyes. "No matter what race they may be, everyone is welcome here! It's always been a custom for our island to treat guests with the upmost care and hospitality, no matter who they are, where they're from, or what kind of past they have! Unfortunately, not everyone in this town is as jovial as we'd like to be, but we still manage just fine around here!"With chunks of meat still in her mouth, Kui responded, "Oh yeah, I get it. This town does look like a dump from the outside, so I guess some people aren't as willing to be hospitable as you guys are! It's okay, I understand!""My, you really are blunt! B-But, there's another reason for that... See, we have this other side of town that everyone, no matter big or small, lives in fear of....""The other side of town? What's so bad about them?"That single question dropped the atmosphere of the bar to one of sadness and reflection. Shivers ran through the adults' spine as painful memories flooded back into their heads. Meanwhile, the unknowing child began to look down at the floor, tears of confusion bubbling in their ducts. Still chewing on her food nonchalantly, Kui waited for an answer."The other side of town.... The monarchy.... They're the reason so many people here end up starving to death.... All of the heavy taxes they bestow upon us.... They eat away at our pockets, forcing all of us into either debt or poverty...." Darjee explained."Taxes? Why do you guys gotta pay taxes that cost you to go hungry?" Kui asked."We have no choice in the matter.... About a decade ago, a noble family came to our island and took control over us... They had ties to the Celestial Dragons in Marie Jois, so no matter what they did to us, everyone was in fear of harming them, so we do as they obliged. For our lives, we give them heavy amounts of money, food, and drinks each month. There have been some who have tried to defy their power, but have only been met with tragic demise. They have elite Navy Captains and even a Vice Admiral guarding them at all times. I've even lost family of my own.... Ten years ago, my poor and old father was put to death in front of the center of town because he couldn't pay his tribute to the monarchy... Just a few years ago, my older brother tried to challenge the very same system at the front lines of a rebellion but they were ultimately put down... After his passing, I took up the mantle of this bar that he purchased after our father died.... Ever since then, I've tried to fight the good fight and use my skills to bring joy and peace to our side of town, no matter how fleeting it is..."Tears began to fall from Darjee's eyes as well as the rest of the patrons in the bar, who had lost loved ones to the tyranny of the Celestial Dragon family. Every single person in this poor side of town had in some way been affected by the cruel conditions placed on them. Without any will to fight back, all of them continued to suffer as long as no one else was taken away from them.Kuishi's eyes opened wide, extremely shocked to hear that these humans were being treated like dirt, even by other humans. All of a sudden, she heard a huge growling sound that surprisingly wasn't coming from her own stomach. The famished Darjee held out a small bento box, made especially for guests."It may not be much at all, but it's the least we can do for great guests like you...." He said weakly with a faint smile on his face.A small shadow cast over the eyes of the Tiger Shark fishwoman as she began to realize the true horror of this situation. "Darjee.... How long has it been since you ate?"Please don't worry about us, Madam Kuishi..... As long as we can keep everyone satisfied, it doesn't matter what happens to us....""Us? You mean none of you have eaten? How long has it been? Days?! Weeks?! Months?!!""Kui, please take this bento.... It would mean so much to us...." Darjee said weakily, clearly famished and exhausted as his voice began to stagger.Clenching her fists tightly with anger and frustration, Kuishi replied, "Just stop it... I-I won't accept your food..." "Madam Kuishi, you must-!""I SAID STOP!!!" Kui shouted angrily, causing all of the customers to tremble at the rage and frustration of a Tiger-Shark fishwoman."I just can't accept that! I know what it's like to be hungry, so I can't imagine what it must be like for you all who have had to suffer like this for ten years now! Your kindness, your hospitality, it's killing you all! I don't wanna see good people like you die because of some stupid law and taxes!!" Kuishi exclaimed, her eyes of red and her sharp teeth flashing brightly for the people to see. "Darjee.... Tell me where I can find these nobles! I'm gonna have a little chat with them!" Kuishi demanded, cracking her knuckles in anticipation."Ma'am, you can't! If you sacrifice yourself for us, your life will be in danger!" Dorjee exclaimed."That's right! We can't ask you to risk your life for our sake!" One customer added."Please don't do this, Fishwoman!" Another one interjected.With one big flex, Kuishi sped up her digestion process and returned her food-bloated stomach into her usual six-pack, muscular physique to prepare for the upcoming battle. One of the quirks of her being a shark fish woman is the extremely high metabolism."My name is Kuishi! On my honor as a fishman, I'm gonna beat the crap outta those nobles and get you guys as much food as you can possibly eat! We'll all have a big feast together, understand?!" Stunned by her proclamation, Darjee fell to his knees with tears still falling from his eyes, "Miss Kuishi.... God bless your soul....."With a big, toothy smile, Kuishi replied, "Hey, it's only right that I pay back people as kind as you are! Now please, tell me where I can find these guys!"Darjee looked up at the tall fish woman and told her, "Take a right from here and go straight up the hilly road, once the streets start turning pristine white, then you have made it to the rich side of town. From there, you can see a huge castle at the end of the town, where the royals live.... Kuishi.... please don't die!"Kui cracked her knuckles again and said, "Don't worry, I'm not gonna die! Some bottom feeders like them will never be able to kill me!"After that, she took off running from the front door and used her powerful legs to sprint towards the castle of the nobles.Meanwhile, inside of the white castle, Hasho sat right in front of the nobility, eyes widened by the information he had just received."I-I'm.... I-I'm your son....?! T-There's no way.... A-Am I really your child?!" Hasho exclaimed in desperation, wanting to know the absolute truth.The middle aged man with a long beard with patches of grey in it, covered in ornate white and gold clothing, and sitting on the main throne replied in a straightforward son, "Yes, you are my son."The woman next to him, a more younger, fair-skinned madam, with expensive jewelry covering her body from head to toe, also added, "And I am your mother. Dear Hasho, it's been far too long since we last saw each other~"Hasho sat there in absolute shock, trying to process all of the information given to him. All this time, he had always questioned the true whereabouts of his parents. The people from his homeland always told him that his parents died in an accident and that the only thing they did was leave behind a devilish brat, but deep down, he just couldn’t believe that. The search for his long lost relatives, no matter how trivial it may seemed at the time, was the main reason that Hasho set out to sea in the first place. Still in disbelief, Hasho had a few questions to ask towards his so called family of nobility. “What’s wrong, son? If you have any questions for me, I’ll answer them honestly. No bars held back. By all means, fire away.” The lord requested of him, sitting calmly in his throne with his hands balled up together on his lap and his right leg on top of the left one. Hearing these words from his father’s mouth, Hasho finally spoke up about what he currently had on his mind. “S-So, w-wait, if you guys are really my parents… t-then why did you two leave me on that island to fend for myself all of those years? The villagers treated me like I was lower than trash and I’ve always had to fend myself just to survive! My life would’ve been so much better if I had been able to live with you guys! Did you guys leave me behind because taking me aboard would’ve put me at risk or something? Come on, I deserve the right to know!"After listening to his little tirade, the father of Hasho began chuckling before bursting out into a full out laughter. This sudden display of emotions startled even the Devil Fruit boy, who had seen and heard far, far worse growing up in the rough outskirts of his hometown. Wiping his tears of laughter from his eyes, the noble man responded, “It’s actually quite simple really, Hasho…. As the former King Morsworth of that wretched island you were born on, the truth of the matter is that I never wanted you in the first place… In fact, I believed it to be better if you had died on the day that we left you on that barbarous Island!” “Y-You never… wanted me… C-Come on, quit messing around… I’m your son, right… How could you not want me?” The wife of Morsworth chuckled with a pompous attitude and added on, “Do you seriously not get what we’re trying to say to you? How dumb can you be? Leaving on that island with those ignorant villagers must’ve really rotted your brain… You’re not even a noble at all, just some damned street urchin~’” “My love is right, are you that dense? You were a mistake, an accident! A mishap that I had with this lovely woman beside me during the heat of the moment… I detest children and I never wanted to have one in the first place, so imagine my surprise when I found out that my lover was pregnant… It would’ve been wrong of me to abort it but I definitely didn’t even want to look at you, so I left you in the care of an unpaid nurse… However, things didn’t go the way we intend… The citizens of our former island took to arms about trivial things such as food, money, family etc and attempted to kill us all one by one…. Luckily, as we managed to escape, the Marines showed up to quell the rebellion! And of course, I left you there to hopefully rot and die! Why, I never wanted you in the first place, so it was only natural for me to do what I did! Does that answer your question, you worthless child?” “Your father got too horny one night and out came a stupid abomination like you! We hoped that you died off years ago, but reports of a child fitting the exact description of our child quickly surfaced on our island… Once we discovered that you were alive, we knew what had to be done….” Hasho Morsworth stood there in absolute disbelief. Every amount of suffering he had to endure his entire life, both physically and mentally, from every villager that he grew up with as well as every heist he committed in order to stay alive was at the hands of his selfish parents. He quickly realized that the villagers must’ve tormented him because he had the blood of these devils inside of him. They didn’t care one bit about life, not even their own son. The thought of not being wanted by anyone in the world, even by his own flesh and blood, and destined to be forever alone was what finally brought the poverty-stricken and hardened child to tears. A waterfall began pouring from his beady eyes, much to his parents’ laughter. “HAHAHAHAAA! Are you finally realizing just how utterly worthless you really are? I don’t want to have anything to do with you! In fact, the reason I brought you here was to kill you and finally be rid of my pure blood floating around in such a tainted child!” The devastated child continued to let the water works flow from his red eyes, gripping his left arm in pain as he contemplated the thought of his impeding doom. "W-What's the point of it all anyways... I-I'm truly alone in this world... All the crimes I've committed, all the things I've had to endure... they were all for nothing.... What good is anything I've acquired if I'm just gonna spend the rest of my life completely isolated from everyone, even my own blood..."All of a sudden, a guard dressed in all white armor burst through the front doors of the royal palace, looking extremely exhausted and covered in bruises."Y-Your Majesty! I have a report!" The terrified voice cried out loud.Lord Wordsworth scoffed at the interruption and replied, "Hurry up and spit it out already, don't you see I have much more important matters to attend to than wasting time speaking to some lowly guard?!""B-But, your Highness, there's a very dangerous intruder approaching the castle! T-This creature! It's on a rampage! It's been tearing through the guards left and right and it's heading straight this way!""What do I even have you idiots around for? We've put down multiple rebellions in the past, do something about it, you weakling!" The King shouted aggressively, causing the small knight to shiver in fright."T-That's the thing, sir! This creature isn't your average human being! In fact, we think this thing might be a--!""OUTTA MY WAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!"From behind the door, Tiger-Shark Kuishi came crashing through the steel doors using her superhuman strength, tackling the soldier in front of her as well as dragging enemies that she had knocked out previously with her heavy fists. Knights flew across the room, scattering in all four corners in an unconscious daze."W-What the hell?! Who dares break into my palace?! Show yourself!" Marsworth demanded furiously as the other guests in the palace took to hiding, as well as his wife.Hasho immediately turned around, staring at the person behind him with a whimpering face as he felt a rush of gratitude and relief wash over him."Hey, royal guys! I'm here to talk to you! Show yourself!" Kuishi exclaimed loudly with a determined look on her face, preparing herself to lay a beatdown on these folks.Like a child rushing to his parent, Hasho immediately jumped out and ran over to Kuishi, hugging her leg with tears still running down his face and snot leaking out of his nose."K-Kui!!!! I-I'm so glad you're here! I-I want to get out of this place!" With a caring smile on her face, Kuishi used the palm of her webbed right hand and placed it on the back of Hasho's head. "Ay, come on, don't cry! I thought you were tougher than that! Don't worry, Hashy, once I've wrapped up things here, we're both gonna leave this place together!"As Kui wiped the boy's flowing tears, Hasho replied with a simple "Mhmmm!" to confirm his faith and trust in Kui."BWAHAHAHAHA! Unbelievable! There's no way you'd want to take a child as worthless and grotesque as him! Hell, I'm his own father and I don't even want him fifty feet near me! But now that I look at you more closely, you're one of those dirty half fish people, aren't you? I can't believe a bottom feeder like you has the sheer audacity to walk into my palace and make demands to see someone like me! It's pretty fitting that you, a walking abomination, want to console that miserable waste! Trash belongs with trash, after all! BWAHHAHAHA!!" Lord Morsworth declared arrogantly, flaunting his overwhelming entitlement and privilege for all to seeFeeling Kui's hand tense up with anger, Hasho watched as the Tiger-Shark fish woman slowly moved away from the boy and towards the insolent man sitting on the throne."Oh, so now the unsightly fish beast dares to walk over to me without my special permission? Don't think you're going to do anything to me now, I'm a member of a higher standard of human! No, I'm from a race of gods! Laying even a pinky finger on me will result in your absolute demise! Do you really think you can get away with-?!"Picking up the pace, Kui turned her small walk into a huge sprint, dashing towards the king until she came face to face with him. Clenching her right fist and pulling her arm back, she slammed the powerful attack into the king's face, sending him flying backwards through the stone throne and through the walls of the palace due to the sheer power, impact, and emotion behind the devastating punch.With a loud, booming voice, Kuishi shouted, "You know what pisses me off even more than being called a dirty half fish, you pompous prick? You know what makes my blood boil even more than you purposefully starving your own citizens and having them live on the streets like penniless dogs?!"The nearly-unconscious king lifted his head from underneath the pile of rubble, trying to remain awake with a broken nose, busted jaw, and a swollen cheek. To the best of his abilities, the Celestial Dragon replied, "W-Why shouwld I caw abowt wha a cretur like you thwinks?! T-Those pweople ar beneate me anyways!""No, what pisses me off the most.... is how a piece of shit like you will stop so low as to disregard even your own family! Hasho is your son, why in the hell would you say something like that to him?! Your family is supposed to be the most important aspect of your life!! Are you that stupid and full of yourself that you can't even realize that, you arrogant piece of trash?!!!" Kuishi exclaimed loudly, her voice shaking the halls as well as her fiery red hot eyes sending chills down the lord's spine."D-Don't tell me what to do! I am kwing! Fifum! Get out here now!" A humongous, ground-shaking foostep sounded through the halls of the white palace. These noises were caused by an approaching Marine Captain Giant known as Fifum! Despite his ogre-like appearance, this man has jurisdiction across the surrounding islands and is the main force that protects the Celestial Dragons as well as the entirety of these islands. He's the one who has crushed the rebellions one by one ever since he appeared nine years ago."Who do I kill? Oh, these tiny people on the floor! They should go splat, right, Mr. Worsworth? Right!"Using his larger than life battle axe, Fifum sent the weapon crashing down in Kui's direction, and the sheer force of the swing sent the rubble scattering across the halls and created an intense shockwave.In actuality, the shockwave was caused by the colliding force of none other than Kuishi herself, who used her own two hands covered in Armament Haki to stop the attack. "W-Wha? Haki? I've never had to deal with someone who knew that!" With a cocky smirk, Kui replied, "Well, it looks like there's a first time for everything! Now, it's time for your first date with the floor!"With her powerful legs, Kuishi shot herself high into the air, reaching the height of the giant's forehead. Grabbing his locks of orange hair with her bare hands, she used her insanely powerful grip to send the giant's head crashing down into the ground, delivering a insane pile driver that shook the ground Barely able to stand on his own two feet, Hasho watched as Kui delivered her punishment in absolute bewilderment. "Amazing! Kui's just so amazing!" He thought to himself. As he watched the giant come down to the ground, Lord Worsworth's jaw dropped all the way to the ground in absolute shock. His best force had been defeated by none other than a creature that he deemed inferior to him."T-This is bad... I-I better get out of here before-" Before he could continue his train of thought, Kui picked the king up by his collar and dangled him from her hands, staring angrily into his eyes with a looming dark shadow over her own. "Now then, tell me where you keep all your food and supplies... I'm making a royal withdrawal, your assholeness....""Hehehe.... S-Sowwy...."BONK! CRASH! WAMP! SHATTER! CONK! OOF!After gathering two humongous duffle bags filled with supplies, Kuishi carried it over past the extremely bruised and lumped up king and headed towards the entrance."Alright, I think that's everything! Come on, Hashy, let's go stop by the village and deliver this...."Once again, Hasho delivered a great, big hug, still tearing up, but this time, tears of joy fled from the sides of his face."K-Kui! I-I'm so glad I met you! Y-You're the first person who's ever shown me any sort of appreciation, care, and love! Y-You treated me like I was a person instead of just human waste!"Dropping the bags by her side, Kui bent down to the height of the crying child and smiled at him. "Of course I did, Hashy! No matter who we are, what species we are, or what family we belong to, at the end of the day, we're all people! I don't see you any differently from how I see other people! You definitely exist!"Tearing up even more with snot running down his nose, the boy buried his face deep into the fish woman's face and cried out, "K-Kui, I-I wanna continue travelling with you! I-I don't wanna go anywhere else unless it's with you! I don't care if I'm too weak, I'll get stronger! I don't wanna be a burden to you! Just please let me stay with you!"For the first time in her life, Kui felt a tender warmth in her heart and this feeling reflected on her face with a soft and endearing smile on her face, similar to a look that a mother displays when lovingly looking at her child. Ever so gently, Kui wrapped her arms around the boy and brought him in closer for a heartfelt hug between them. Kui never knew what it was like to have these feelings of maternal instincts or wanting to protect someone truly dear to her (besides her fellow fishman), especially not a human being at that, but with this crying boy at her side, she felt these emotional feelings blossom inside her and a strong need to protect Hasho was at the side.Stroking the soft hairs of the child, Kui gently whispered into the boy's ear, "You don't have to worry about a thing, Hashy... From now on, I'll be here to protect you from anything that comes to harm you. I won't let anyone lay so much as a finger on you. On my honor as a fishman, I'll always be there to protect you~"The cries of Hasho continued to rang out through the palace as the walls slowly fell apart from the seems due to the damage caused by Kui and Fifum's brief fight....Later on, the duo returned to the villagers with the huge bags of food in tow, causing everyone in town to cry out in joy at both the fulfillment of their appetites and the long awaited fall of the oppressive monarch. Darjee and the others dedicated this very day to the powerful fish woman who came to their aid and saved them from their tyranny by throwing a party that lasted from the afternoon until late at night when nearly everyone in the village had drunk themselves into a stupor. With that, Kuishi and Hasho secretly set off from Vin Island on their boat, in search of their next adventure.Something brand new that came from this whole event: Hasho could be found snuggling up against the right side of Kui's arm, hugging it for warmth, on the deck of the shipas the ship slowly sailed through the ocean in the middle of the night sky. Kui herself instinctively wrapped her arm around him during her deep slumber and held him tight, as to make sure that she wouldn't lose him to anyone. THE END.
CD: Chapter 1,≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺ The connection has been established. That is the first step in the direction forward. Normally one would say that it was the first step in the 'right direction,' but I am not entirely sure what is right or wrong anymore. So I must reiterate that the direction we must go is forward. I am the other part of you. Where you remember nothing at all, I remember everything. What was years of toiling, months of discussion, weeks of preparation and days of epiphanies to me, was only a mere flash before your eyes. It was, and still is, a lot to take in. Because of what I know, because of what I have done - I'm weary of making decisions, in fear I will only repeat the mistakes I have made before, or make things worse. Despite these odds, I find no comfort in relying on your blank slate. I wonder if that was on purpose? Were you spared the knowledge I know now so that the path ahead of you would come naturally? If so, that is either a great stroke of luck or a great misfortune. Or one hell of a coincidence. Regardless, you and I must strengthen this connection we have. This connection that has been established the moment you began to hear my words. If we cannot work together until the end, then there is no point in even starting. It should have ended before it even began. Just like before. Wake up and get your bearings. In time, I will tell you what you need to know. For now, I will wait to see what you do. The connection has been established. That is the first step in the direction forward.≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺ There is a gentle rumble under you. Movement of some sort. A steady rock that stirs you to wake. When the heavy veil of your eyelids lifted, your vision was only able to catch blurry colors of browns and tans. Your ears prove to be more awake than your eyes as you overhear someone usher to fetch someone else. 'Who' and 'whom' you have no clue. You were more concerned with figuring out the 'where.' A few blinks focuses your view and you instinctively raise a hand to rub the remaining sleeper's sand from your eyes. Directly above you was a canvas roofing that, as you turned your head, connected to wooden walls. With the sound of turning iron wheels, the muffled clacking of horseshoes upon a hard dirt path outside; You were able to surmise that you were riding within a stage wagon or a carriage of some sort. When you sat up, a curtain of tarp flapped open behind you, allowing the moonlight to shine onto your face. Even though it was less harsh than sunlight, your eyes were still adjusting, so you were unable to distinguish the small figure who hopped inside the wagon with you. "Thank goodness," their voice was light, as if a weight of burden had been lifted from their windpipe. Shutting the curtain behind them, they sat in front of you and continued with, "I'm glad you're alive!" "Alive?" You repeat with grogginess, shuddering a bit after hearing your voice for what felt like the first time in a long time. Craggy and cracking. Your hand brought itself up to your throat as if your voice was a dusty vase to grasp and examine. As you struggled to find it, the figure fumbled with their rucksack and pulled out a small flask and handed it to you. "Drink," they insisted, tilting the container to and fro to evoke the sloshing of liquid within, "It's water." When your hand reached out to grab the flask, the figure's pale white hand was so easily made out, like the moon was still shining on them. Tracing your gaze up from their hand, up their arm and eventually to their face, you're met with a sudden sense of deja vu. Yes, you know this boy. But of course you can't remember from where. It was his eyes. A shade of red that tinged his white face with permanent blush, even when his cheeks drew no heat at the moment. Framing his face was even paler wisps of hair, with a stubborn cow licked bang that propped itself up on the side of his head a bit, ruining any sense of symmetry he had. You refused to call it white though. A memory lurking inside of your head refrained from using the word 'white' to describe his hair - almost as if you heard him correct you otherwise once before. "White-sand blonde," you conclude, mumbling under your breath after you take a generous swig from the container. You felt the cool water slowly chill everything down on the way to the pit of your stomach - which now made itself apparent was empty and glaringly upset at you for being so. The boy squinted his rosy eyes at you and furrowed his brow while he processed your words, which albeit came rather randomly in his defense. "What?" "Your hair," You clarified, handing him his flask back, "It's not just white. It's like... Sand white." "Oh, yeah," his brow unknitted itself, but his eyes remained skeptical, "Yeah, I remember telling you I was blonde. What a weird thing to recount-" "It's not that weird! After you made such a big deal of it when we first met!" a laugh bubbled from your quenched throat, "You were so adamant about being a blonde because I made fun of you for looking like a little white rabbit!" The memory was vague but it was a small victory. After all, you were beginning to come to terms that there were gaps missing in your mind. The boy, on the other hand, didn't seem as pleased with this recollection as you. His cheeks finally matched his eyes as embarrassment caused his hand to lurch forward and grip the collar of your shirt tightly in his fist. "I can't believe you!" he cried out as you continued to bellow, "I should've left you on the side of the road if I had known you were gonna bully me!" Oh, right. You were able to cut off your laughter quickly at the mention of your circumstances. You trace back to the word 'Alive' and you wonder why wouldn't you be? Why would you be dead otherwise? Seeing as he got you to quiet down, the boy withdrew his hand and began to pout. What a baby. "I'm sorry, let me start that over," you apologize, before letting your eyes explore the rest of the wagon, "Thank you for what you've done for me. Between saving me, the water and the laugh." "You should be thanking me more," he huffed between pursed lips, "This caravan was in a huge rush. If I didn't vouch for you, they would've never stopped to grab you, Wyatt." Wyatt. He finally said your name. Hearing it from someone else felt alien. As if to further affirm his statement and engrave it into your head, you glanced around your surroundings again. During your conversation, the continued sounds of grinding wheels on a spoke and hushed snorts from horses wafted outside. You guess wherever this caravan was going, they weren't planning on stopping during the night. There were crates and sacks tied off with rope littering the wagon. In fact, now that you were paying closer attention, it seems you were using one of the sacks as a pillow and a blanket was draped over your torso. Next to your makeshift pillow was a bundled cloth. When you reached a finger through the small opening of the cloth, a small leather bound journal peeked back at you. Seeing the journal felt nostalgic, so you supposed it was safe to assume these were your belongings. Ah, but that begs the question. If you were indeed Wyatt, then... "Yeah, thanks again, uhmm..." you hesitate, fishing for the boy's name. He didn't seem to be biting. If anything, the moment he realized you didn't reciprocate his name in tandem with yours, his eyes narrowed. "You remember teasing me-" "Hold on!" "-About my hair-" "It's on the tip of my tongue, I swear!" You protest in vain. "-But you don't even remember-" he continued, laying on the guilt with each and every exhale of a word. Despite building up slowly to give you many a chance to give him his name, the boy's face twisted into deeper and deeper grimaces. "If it's not white, not white, not white-" you dig deeper into the confines of your clouded mind. Then, something suddenly hit you, "-Then it's Black!" "It's Blake," He corrected, his tone of voice darkening with regret. "Oh," you hang your head in defeat. "Sorry." Suddenly, an abrupt impact upon the wagon wall from outside made the two of you flinch. The tarp Blake emerged from earlier fluttered open again and this time it revealed a silhouette of a man. "If you're well enough to be making such a racket, you two can help set up camp!" "Yes sir," was your sheepish yet united replies.≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺ When you finally stepped out from within the wagon, the moon and the stars no longer offered their glow. The sky was a lackluster blue-gray usually saved for rainy days with only a dim light teasing the corners of the vista. You thought it was strange to be awake at such an hour. Too early for the morning sun and yet still awake long after the moon had gone to bed. It made you feel a bit uneasy, like disobeying a curfew. The Caravaneer wasted no time hitching the horses to a low hanging branch off a nearby tree before setting up an area to lay. In fact, other than you and Blake, there seemed to be a fair amount of other travellers in the caravan who were doing the same. A quick count tallied about 17 people, not including the two of you. How long were they travelling for? And just how long were you asleep? Questions you'd have to ask Blake eventually. For now, you offered a hand to anyone who needed help setting up their tents, while your friend went to work building a central campfire. While some of the travellers already had lanterns lit, the added warmth was welcomed. Still, it was strange to light a campfire so close to the supposed dawn of daylight. Once everyone was settled and slumbering, you and Blake made your way around the campfire, joined by two other men. 'Keeping watch,' you heard them casually fill in the blank you didn't really question. You just assumed everyone knew what they were doing and where they should be. Unlike yourself. Your companion nodded and simply met their inquiry with 'Not sleepy.' Yeah, there was no way you could even attempt to go back to sleep after being conscious for only an hour or so. With your shoddy clothed belongings in your lap, you stared idly at the fire until Blake turned his attention back upon you. "So you don't remember how you even ended up there on the road, where I found you?" You shrug and curtly sigh out a "Nope." "You do realize where you are though, right?" Blake prodded, unsatisfied with your nonchalant response. That was such an odd turn of phrase that you felt the need to look him in the eyes when you said "Nope," again. Just so he got the point across that you were pretty dead serious in your cluelessness. He had the hardest time breaking eye contact with you - As if he were trying to find any hints of a joke or lie hidden in the blue flecks of your irises. When he could find none, Blake looked like something turned in his abdomen. Which didn't set your mind in any more ease. "We're in Laedony!" "Is that far from home?" You quickly asked, indifferent to the implications. Blake choked on his breath for a moment, as if the act of asking said question physically punched him in the gut. The only fact you could go off of was that you knew Blake for a while now. You met him when you were much younger, as staring at his face now in the shine of the fire exposed more detailed features. His face wasn't as small or round as the vague memory you had of him. If you had the opportunity to meet him as a child, you two must have been acquaintances who lived relatively close to each other. Right? So why did he seem so flabbergasted? "Considering home is across the ocean from here - Ah, yes?!" There it was. The twist you clearly saw knotting in Blake's stomach was happening to your empty one. You were an ocean away from home. "No, wait-" Something didn't add up, "How is it that you are here then? We both come from the same place, don't we?" "You know what? I'm not going to be surprised by these things anymore." Blake readjusted himself, wrapping his arms around his knees and stared into the flames. That wasn't fair, you thought. If anything YOU were the amnesiac stuck far from home. Least he could do was try to make some sort of sense of things. But before you could draw the breath to tell him so, Blake interrupted you to say, "Sorry, give me a moment. I'm still wrapping my head around you losing your memory during the worst possible time imaginable." That much you could allot, so you nodded and joined him in admiring the crackle of the logs against the heat. After a moment of silent contemplation, Blake composed himself and began to explain. "We aren't from the same place, per se. If I remember correctly, you're actually from-" he paused for a second to make sure the two adults weren't listening too intently in before continuing, "-You're actually from one of the cities in Imoruk. But you used to visit and help your mum who conducted business in the 'ROP.'" "The 'ROP'?" You interjected briefly. "The 'Republic of Pleyes'," he obliged before getting back to topic, "That's where my mum, dad and I lived. It's a big ole trading port town. The Marketplace of the world. Anyway, we met as kids a few times at your mum's shop while I was getting fitted and attuned to these healing jewels she crafts." At the mention of jewels, Blake pulls one of his long sweater sleeves up, just a little, to reveal a thin metallic bracelet that held a gemstone. The shimmer of the gem bathed in fire struck a chord in you and you recalled two feminine faces. Two sets of long blonde hair. The glimpse was so quick, a single blink brought you back to staring at Blake's gemstone - which he eagerly buried under his sleeve once more after noticing the discrepancy in your expression. "Are you ok?" You couldn't answer him immediately. Instead, your first instinct was to pull out the journal from the bundled cloth in your lap. Blake carefully watched you thumb to a blank page that had a pencil awaiting you. Taking the tool into your hand, a grip that felt sentimental, you quickly sketched out the faces that emerged as quickly as they left your mind. Hovering over your shoulder, Blake gapped his mouth and tapped his finger to the page. "So you DO remember?" His voice sounded light again, like fresh air filling his lungs, "This one, the woman with the long curly ringlets is my mum. And her, with the flower ornaments and braids, that's your mum." You had no recollection until now. But it is still just a drawing to a name, unfortunately. Even though they were identified as your mothers, the space in your heart didn't feel any fuller. Regardless, Blake seemed pleased, "I didn't know you could draw. You made them so pretty!" "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cut you off. I just had a sudden surge. I kinda followed it." "No, it's ok," his eyes struggled to move again. Stuck fast on the image of his mother you drew. You saw the longing in those blushing eyes and you opened the book wider and leaned it closer to him so he could have a better look. Curiously, you observed him take his pale index finger and twirl it over the abrasion where his mother's hair was on the sheet. Yeah. The pang in your companion's chest you could feel just staring at his face. That was the feeling you had hoped to feel too when seeing your mother's picture. You supposed Blake had enough heartache for the both of you. "I actually ran away from home because of my mum." "W-Wait, really?" you winced at the very idea. He smiled somberly, "She and my dad got into a war of words. We had run out of money because of these gemstones my mum got me. Without them I was probably going to die." Ah. So Blake's features weren't just more detailed and older. They were healthier. Fuller. Somehow you knew he had a different air about him. Still a crybaby about being teased, but he was much more lifelike than you remembered. So that was the work of your mother's gemstones? Well worth the money, if you had the two cents to give on the matter. "Ok, so why was your old man so mad then? Don't tell me he'd rather you die?" He shook his head and said, "No. He just didn't like what my mum suggested. She wanted to go back home. She came from a rich family and hoped that maybe they would help us out. But dad was infuriated by the idea." "Stubborn arse!" You declared, before quickly biting your tongue. Blake didn't seem to mind the remark too much as he waved your concerns away. "It's a little more complicated, but..." he hummed, approaching the climax of his situation, "I decided to take matters into my own hands and seek out my mom's family myself." "Pretty bold! Way to go, kiddo," You jabbed his shoulder rather proudly. With a yelp, he rubbed his arm and gave you another disappointed glare. "Come on, I'm eleven. I'm practically an adult!" He puffed his chest. The two men who were nearby standing guard happened to overhear Blake and chuckled to themselves. You joined in with them a little, to your companion's dismay. You remember not being that much older than Blake. So did that make you twelve then? "You've got four more years to go, ya wee guppy," the stockier of the two watchmen chortled, stoking the fire with a stick. "If we'll even live to see tomorrow, I say," the thinner, bearded man commented, folding his arms and leaning back against a tree. The stocky man spat and cussed, obviously disappointed that the lad ruined the atmosphere with such a depressing statement. "Why's that?" You said, your snicker still lingering on the tail of your question. The men stiffened and gave you wide eyed stares, similar to when Blake had tried to discern if you were messing with him or not. He lowered his eyes and tethered them back to the fire. As it took longer and longer for any of them to answer you, the more and more your smile began to dwindle. That sense of dread returned. The matter of being alive or being dead. The stocky man chugged the remainder of his drink and told it to you straight with similarly no chaser. "Coz the end is nigh, lad. We're in the middle of the end of the world."
Though Shadows Fall"SMODUR!" I snarled, rounding on him."Commander," he responded, meeting my gaze coolly."ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODS-DAMNED MIND!?" I bellowed, feeling my fur on end. I marched to him, tail lashing. The charr was quite a bit taller than me - as most were - but I locked into his eyes regardless, baring my teeth."Watch yourself, cub," he responded evenly. "You may be the Commander, but I'm still the imperator.""NOT MINE!!" I spat. "AND NOT BLOOD'S! WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!""We don't need traitors. We don't need Ryland or his gang of mangy skritt.""THAT WASN'T YOUR DECISION TO MAKE!" I shrieked. "Calm yourself, cub.""DON'T YOU TELL ME--!" I spluttered, my arm shooting out to swing. But a paw grasped my wrist and stopped me.I whirled around to face Gavril, and only just caught myself before swiping with my other. My nostrils were flaring and I could feel myself about to go wild. Wordlessly, he began tugging me away from the group, and it was all I could do to control myself from wrenching away."THIS ISN'T OVER, SMODUR!" I called out. He folded his arms and shook his head. Somehow, his calmness made me angrier.Once we were out of sight and somewhere private, I suddenly leapt on Gavril. "YOU FUCK! YOU CENTAUR'S ASS! DON'T TOUCH ME! SKRITT'S BALLS!" I screamed, as we tumbled around in the brush, raking my claws through his fur and bunny-kicking. "FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!!"He kicked me off and rolled away, then held me at bay with his staff. After several attempts trying to get past, I started tearing and clawing at the ground, shrieking, screaming, and roaring. I would attempt to charge at him, but he'd catch me every time. My tail was lashing so hard that I whipped the ground several times.Finally, I stopped, panting, spittle and foam dripping from my jaws. He snorted in satisfaction and dropped his staff. "Well? You done?"I didn't answer, but turned my back to him instead, tail still lashing.After a moment, I heard and felt him come to me. I growled and hissed when he attempted to put a paw on my shoulder. I heard him sigh in exasperation."What did YOU think you were doing, trying to test an imperator like that? Do you really think that was what anyone would need to see right now?""DON'T FUCKING TALK TO ME!" I spat. He grumbled, but went quiet. I could practically hear the eyeroll, but... for a while, we were quiet.After what felt like ages, I finally stopped shaking, and flopped to the ground gloomily. I felt him settle against my back, and I turned, nosing underneath his neck."Foolish ass.""Who? Me, or Smodur?"I gave a small "heh" in amusement, and then we were quiet again."He really thought anyone would make him Khan-Ur, you know," I said after a while. "Oh, I know. But all imperators think that.""I guess... Do you really think any of them could, though?""Why? Don't believe in Malice?""I trust her more than the others, but we're Ash, and we know patience and timing.""Are you sure about that?" he chuckled, and I huffed in irritation."Anyway... no. I don't think she could either. She's not trusted by anyone who isn't Ash, to start with. She doesn't make an effort to connect to people either, but I guess that's with the territory... But that all said, I don't think any of them really should. I never really believed any one legion should be above others. I mean, we saw how well that worked with Flame, you know?""Uh-huh. But you've always been that type. You're the more diplomatic side of Ash. Always been trying to make people play nice. But you invest too much, I think.""Yeah well, I didn't ask," I growled, then continued, "On that note... I used to think, maybe we could just work together. No single Khan-Ur. Does a parent value their cubs over one another? It never seemed to me that Khan-Ur was meant to rule alone above everyone. I never understood it, the answer seemed so easy."I sighed heavily. "But now, seeing how they bicker, how they can't even do a peace negotiation without someone dying, it's... it's impossible, isn't it? Are we cursed to hate each other, forever?""You know I hate philosophy.""Take me seriously, Gavril. We have no hope, do we? The soldiers are talking about how things will never be the same after this. Smodur rules without forgiveness, who else will die as punishment? I hate this. I hate every part of this. I hate these people, I hate Bangar. Ever since I met him, I hated him, and now...""All right, you're working yourself up. Don't think. Put on your Commander helmet now. Just do what needs done now."My only response was to shovel myself underneath him in a plea for weight. With a sigh he allowed me, and we laid quiet for a moment."But the first chance I get, I might kill Smodur."He chuckled.---------------------------------------------I stared down at Smodur's corpse. "Well, that's inconvenient."Is that all anyone had to say?I shook my head, hearing them talk about who to lead Iron now. I didn't think Iron would listen to Efram, if I had to be honest. Smodur ruled Iron a lot harsher than I had realized, and I was truly pissed at him when we stood around the table, but I put on my Commander helmet to deal with it. After all, to my shock, he did think Braham's plan wasn't bad, which showed he could be reasonable. Sometimes."I'll meet you there, Commander," said Braham. I nodded. Somehow, I'd gone through a conversation without really meaning to. I mean, I knew what was going on, but it seemed like background noise at the same time.It was a quick trip on Sand Jackal, though Braham of course beat me there, since I took a second to get a drink and wash my face. As he spoke to me of his plan, and what he would need me to do, I still felt only half present. He didn't seem really sure of his presence either, which was still something I wasn't used to.But if I'm going to be tested (again), I needed to get my tail from between my legs. I sat down outside, a distance aways from the cavern, and put my head in my claws.What were we doing? I couldn't help but think of my earlier conversation with Gavril. Future of the charr? What future? Dominion was seemingly willingly giving themselves to Frost Legion. I overheard the beach patrols. The "Legion to end all Legions". But how could I be surprised? Being the legion on top was always the goal when I grew up. Who should be the Khan-Ur, and everyone viewing us as "Ash trash" who couldn't be trusted, even though we were all charr together. And even the charr I was raised with had turned on me.What was the point, of any of this? A teardrop fell from my nose. It tickled enough for me to open my eyes. Beneath my feet, I saw the small blooms of a purple flower.The early spring orchis.Tears welled up in my eyes. "Oh, Trahearne..." I said to the flower, overcome with sorrow. But when I wiped my eyes, sniffling, I caught sight instead of Caladbolg next to me.I stared for a moment, then grasped the hilt. I suddenly felt energy coursing through me, closing my eyes, smelling the flowers on the breeze instead. I touched my forehead to the hilt. Wrong. I'm wrong. I was so damned caught up in missing you, Trahearne, wishing for the past again, I missed what I was supposed to see. A flower crawling through the corruption, breaking the rock and defying the frost. Valorous, resilient, vigilant. And it will grow.It will grow."And you can always be strong..." I whispered, standing and wielding Caladbolg.We'll finish this.
[OC] Ship meme by Juniiie
Your Idea My Style MEME by ommeeggaa
Six Fanarts Challenge by JeuneArtisteInquiet
#sailormoonredraw - Wicked Lady by undeadfriend

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Blood by Alita-Berserker
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Roleplays Open!So if you haven’t seen my page on where I introduce myself, I’ve stated that roleplays would be open, but I guess I haven’t seem to receive anything yet so I suppose I haven’t gotten one yet. Suppose now’s a good time than ever.But yes, I am open to do roleplays if I’m not too busy with art, and if you’re interested in doing one with me, I’m gladly open to it. But I must clarify a few things real quick. In order to RP with me, either suggest an idea in the comments below here, or send me a chat message or a note with the idea. Make sure I understand it, and whether it can be pulled off.Here are some styles of RP I’m willing to do: Adventure, Slice of Life, Crossover, Horror, Romance (either SFW or Not (must be over 17 or so to be verified)). You must also make sure I know which character you want (me) to play as.I also have characters of my own to RP as well, so if you have any ideas you’d wish for my characters to do.There are many limits that I have if done a mature theme, so keep in mind, that I don’t do any uncomfortable fetishes, such as vore, toliet-related matters, or anything else that might gross me out, but if you have an interesting idea that has nothing weird, I’ll go for it.If I don‘t respond in time or I stop, don’t get mad with me, I have my own life outside this website. But if you end up enjoying the roleplay we select, then I have no trouble with that.Have fun! :)I’ll have my other characters posted soon, so keep an eye out for them, and hope you guys enjoy!
-Stamp: Loba by galaxystamps
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Shannon Kang by NeoNimbus526
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