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Toothless Mask Tutorial

By creanima
edit: after a long time of being too lazy I corrected some details and I also changed the top picture.

hope this can help people making a cute toothless mask!

Many people ask about the acrylic bowls. They are also called acrylic medallion or disc! You can find them here, for example:…

if you make this mask, I would looove to see the result!!

Check out my costume, its in my gallery^//^

i bought the hoodie from this deviant:…
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    I have a question, if you don't mindBear Emoji-37 (Wondering Question) [V2] . I was wondering what you used for the scales? Like what medium and if it's washer safe. I wanted to make a goblin doll hoodie that had the same scaled look as toothless (specific places where the spots go). Thank you Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1]   
    I love your mask tutorial, I think when I get better at shaving down foam I'll definitely try this :3
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I used a black pearl pen (transparent pearl pen might also work for the shine effect with the fabric color shimmering through). They are actually used on fabric to make small spots that look like pearls. As war as I know it's washer safe. 
Thank you ^-^ When I made the mask I didn't have a clue what I' doing with the foam xD It just happened somehow ^^
where did you get the acrylic bowl halves?
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i put a link in the artist comment
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"15 inch long elastic" elastic what?
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a black elastic band, or rubber strab
So did you cut out a pattern from the jacket then attach it to the foam or attach the jacket to the foam that cut it out?
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I cut the black jacket into big pieces (the biggest I could get from it, by cutting along the ugly seams) and then attached it to the foam as it fit best. I then glued/sewed on the overhanging pieces of fabric in the inside of the mask. Ya this is really amateurish but this is what I was / still am ^^°

hope it helps you :3
Oh how I wish there was a video on this! It looks amazing I want to try to make this mask but worried I'll mess it up. Videos are easier for me to follow. Lol
Your awesome for making this! ^0^
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aww thank you so much ^^ go ahead, you can do this!
make sure to buy not acrylic bowls, but acrylic lenses, in the right size ^^
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*winks* Ich habe versucht, die Maske nachzubauen, scheiterte aber kläglich an der Tatsache, dass ich deine Materialien nicht übersetzen konnte (Und Google konnte mir auch nicht helfen). Jetzt - drei Jahre später - sehe ich, dass du Deutsch sprichst und ich dich einfach hätte fragen können. ... Ähm... ja.
Nja, ich hab mir dann mit Worbla, Flüssigseife, Filz und FreiSchnauze beholfen - aber ich finde dein Tutorial schon ziemlich gut :D
How did you make the pupils?
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The pupils are actually the holes I look through ;) it is a pain sometimes because when people take photos.with flash you can see my eye/part of my face insode the mask. maybe I'll glue in some fine black fabrik or something onto the pupils. But right now they are really.. "nothing"^^
thanks a lot! this is too cute!
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I'm totally trying this when I get a chance! Thank you for the tutorial!
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Where did you find a block that large? I've been to every craft store in town and they barely have anything half that size.
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I glued two pieces together to a block :D
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OOOHHH. That makes more sense. Thanks!
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Hello, thank you so much for this tutorial, this has really helped me solidify how I'm going to make my toothless cosplay.
I just had a question on how you are setting the eyes into the head.  Are they glued to the cloth that you stretch over the face, or do you cover the entire face then shove the eyes into the foam afterwards? If they are added afterward and set into the foam, do you glue it there or does it hold in place on its own? 
Thank you so much for your help. ^~^"
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Haiii, I'm happy the tutorial helps you :D
I covered the entire face with the black fabric, then carefully cut holes where the eye holes were  (some slits were enough because the fabric was taut). The eyes are added afterwards without glue. They stay in place, because I made a circular slit into the foam-wall of the eye hole.... This is sooo difficuld to explain x.x
I hope it can help you!
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Thank you so much for replying!! That helps a lot, thank you :) one last question. Did you paint the irises (the eyes) yourself? They look fantastic! Very detailed and life like. 
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thaaank you ^//^ yes I painted them myself. But I didn't paint the acryl bowls, I drew the irises on foam rubber, cut it out and just put it inside the bowls. I could have glued it on as well, but it stays in place without glue somehow xD
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Thank you so much for your help ^~^
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Hey, do you mind if I just ask a question? Where did you find the foam block to make the head? I live in Canada, so I'm not sure if it was some american store you went to to find it, or...
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