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Citrus Girl by creampuffchan Citrus Girl :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 2 0 Acid Tears by creampuffchan Acid Tears :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 7 0 Asobi Asobase! by creampuffchan Asobi Asobase! :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 8 1 Hwasa- Twit by creampuffchan Hwasa- Twit :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 5 0 Tohru Honda by creampuffchan Tohru Honda :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 19 2 Bowserette by creampuffchan Bowserette :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 29 2 Commission-malkiaoptima by creampuffchan Commission-malkiaoptima :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 11 0 The artist by creampuffchan The artist :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 8 0 Improvement- Panty by creampuffchan Improvement- Panty :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 6 4 Chibiusa by creampuffchan Chibiusa :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 34 3 Goth GF by creampuffchan Goth GF :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 5 0 Zelda by creampuffchan Zelda :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 63 4 Deer girl part 2 by creampuffchan Deer girl part 2 :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 12 2 Deer Girl 2014-2018 Progress by creampuffchan Deer Girl 2014-2018 Progress :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 10 2 Menhera girl by creampuffchan Menhera girl :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 29 7 Commission- Kimbo Reid by creampuffchan Commission- Kimbo Reid :iconcreampuffchan:creampuffchan 8 1


Citrus Girl
I wanted to use some bright orange, yellow, and green! I got inspo from a real photo I saw of a girl's hair dyed like this!
Acid Tears
I have done a lot of neon color palettes lately because they are so eye catching! I hope you like this one, I experimented by putting glitch filters on it and even making it into a gif but I wanted to upload the cleanest version of it here!
Asobi Asobase!
I haven't been too into anime lately but this one was such a refresher! So funny, you will laugh. It reminds me a lot of lucky star but for adults.
Hwasa- Twit
I have gotten really into Mamamoo lately, I would definitely say they are my favorite girl group, with Hwasa being my bias! I love her unique look and attitude. I love her solo song Twit so much and her looks in it, especially this pop of yellow look! I wanted to draw it in a semi anime style, with bold colors like you would use in a poster. I hope you like it!
Tohru Honda
It's been a long time since I have drawn. I have been doing a lot of working lately and planning my wedding!
When I saw Fruits Basket was being remade it made my heart skip a beat. I first saw fruits basket when my mom brought home the first 2 volumes (in one book) when I was 10. I remember reading it start to finish the whole night and instantly falling in love. From there on I would go to the local library and check out all the volumes they had and binge read them. I started drawing fanart for myself and even made a fruits basket themed birthday cake for my 11th birthday. My first email had "furuba" in it.
I was so obsessed I actually had my hair cut like Kisa Sohma's since my natural color was red and I was 11 like her! I admired Tohru so much. Many people call her a mary sue but I always admired her kindness and willingness to forgive and give others chances. I never cared for the anime like I did the manga.
The manga taught me so much and opened my eyes to the fact that everyone has their own issues and trials in life and nobody's life is perfect, and how important human relationships really are. I would say Fruits basket was one of my biggest anime influences after Sailor Moon. 
I really hope if you have not already you will read the manga, or at least watch the anime as it releases. The old one did not cover even close to all the bases of the manga and the deepness it truly holds.
Have a lovely night!

Hello everyone! I'm here to say I am opening commissions!

Portrait: $15-20 Depending on level of Detail Deer girl part 2 by creampuffchan  Commission- Kara by creampuffchan  Bubblegum Girl by creampuffchan  The OA by creampuffchan  Commission- Kimbo Reid by creampuffchan

Thighs up: $25 Sailor Ashley and Natasha by creampuffchan  Tower Girl- Lycan by creampuffchan  Have a cup of coffee by creampuffchan

Full Body: $35  Halloween Moon by creampuffchan  Alice is back! by creampuffchan  Starry Girl by creampuffchan  Menhera girl by creampuffchan

Each additional person added is 10 dollars extra as it will take much longer!

Will not draw:

Hardcore Porn
Porn/ Nude depicting someone who is underage or looks underage
Very masculine men

Will draw:

Nude art
Some pets, ask what you're interested in
Men as long as they aren't incredibly masculine (I'm just awful at muscles and stuff haha)
Couples pics

Send me a note if you are interested!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hello, I'm Ashley. I am 21 years old and art is my dream. Even though I am not great yet, I aspire to one day be!
So much thanks for all my support!

I am engaged <3

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Hi ! just stepped by because of your Rap Mon fanart, but all your art is really awesome, I will look forward to more of your art, good luck with improving !!BTS Rap Mon Pikachu 
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Thank you so much! <3 I love Rap Mon~! 
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thank you for watching back hope you pass by once ! Good luck BTS Yoonseok Hug (Suga and JHope) BTS Jungkook Fire BTS Jungkook clap 
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tysm for watching!!
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