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Ropecaged Boobs

that looks very unpleasant! But Grace still hasn't figure out that she complaining about the lewdness provokes Kadee to do her more and more lewd stuff.
Also, pig tails ♪

So the next few images are going to be practice and experiments I'm making for studying and learning, from how to shade to how to ink and body shapes, like this one was a different way of shading that is more like painting, it is quite faster I just need to be more careful with the flat selections.
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Pig tails is a nice touch, could be a hairstyle wardrobe :3

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Well I do like trying different hairstyles on Grace ♥ even if they are kind of improvised

I wonder how that even feels?

Perhaps it wouldn't even be that bad? What's wrong with a some classic boob support?

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I imagine that she doesn't like the part where the ropes dig into her boobs X ) too bad her opinion doesn't count on this occasion

I don't have boobs so I can only imagine how that must feel.

Looks like the ropes are evenly distributed and they're packing her up pretty symmetrically. Could be much worse for her, I guess!

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I think Kadee's been binge-watching shibari-videos lately XP
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Loves some good shibari! but when you work on that line you need to know your ropes ♥

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