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I'm contemplating cosplaying at the next MCM Comic Con in October, one of my friends is already searching out the stuff needed to cosplay as a character (can't remember which exactly) & I would like to do it for the first time.

Whenever I've ever desired to cosplay at a con though, I run into a few problems:

1. Most of my favourite anime characters are female... that significantly limits my choices. Plus I believe I won't have the self-confidence, ability or appearance to pull crossplaying off; it's all too much against me really (unless SOMEONE could convince me it's worth doing otherwise).
2. My physique isn't necessarily befitting most anime characters, a person with a pot belly & wide thighs won't make the realism pay off when trying to be a character who is thin as a stick.
3. Due to my lack of knowledge of many other anime's in general, it limits my choice.

That's why I'm offering you guys to help me, who should I go for? I was recommended in the line at the MCM Expo this past weekend to go as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist due to my height, my anger when my height is referenced as well as my hair (which would still require a wig anyway). If no other options come up, it'll be most likely my only choice.

Here's some info to give you guys an idea of me without the need of a picture:

Height: Between 5ft 4in - 5ft 6in, can't remember what exactly
Weight: In all fairness it's probably 12 stone (around 170-75lbs), haven't checked in awhile. I've ballooned in weight since last year, which doesn't help things
Natural Hair: Dirty Blonde, down to shoulders. However my male pattern baldness at the front, top & back of my head will require a wig for ANY character I choose to cosplay as.
Face Shape: Mostly round
Eye Colour: Dark Blue

If you need to see a pic to get a better idea, just say so.

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Submitted on
May 29, 2013