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I just favourited someone's work. Seems like nothing, but it's the 34,321st piece of art I've faved in the 5 years since I've been here. After seeing that I counted up the rest of the numbers, I have now got 1,472 pages of favourites along with having over 18,000 views, watching 808 deviants & have posted over 2,000 comments. Not just that, but I have hundreds of deviants profiles who are full of massive catalogues of work that I still need to give time to go through & fav/watch who are saved through my Browser Reading List. Even with these staggering stats I'm still very absent & silent in this vibrant community. That's what is bugging me.

I've been here for 5 years & enjoyed seeing other artists work brighten up my day almost every day since but apart from my banners & those numbers above I have very little to show for my time here. I'm wondering, is being here on this site everyday looking at art really all worth my time? Could I be more than the 'Art Appreciator' tag I have labelled myself? Could I actively be more social than I am? Could I upload my own banner work more frequently?

Maybe it's my shyness, maybe its the fact that I'm on a site that doesn't fully match with me. I feel like I'm in a world where all I can do is sit back & applaud others for their work while I languish doing nothing. All in all, I wonder what I can do to make my time here worth something. However I just don't know what to do.
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Submitted on
June 3, 2013