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Masculinity Or Femininity? That Is The Question. by CreamCrazy Masculinity Or Femininity? That Is The Question. by CreamCrazy
SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT… it describes everything you see.

This is nothing serious, an image collage for my Digital Sketchbook as part of my Theory/Writing module at University. It’s very basic but puts home a point.

We had to explore the idea of the ‘self’ using theories that we have learnt in our lectures. This picture sums up a notion of hegemony & the dilemma of ‘ultra masculinity’. I was fascinated when we were discussing the hegemonic masculinity & how even though masculinity is extremely strong; it still needs to reaffirm itself. This made me question… even as a man why can’t I let out my feminine side just because my gender states through patriarchy that it is wrong to do so? This collage of images represents things that I associate with interests & symbols of the sides of my personality. I end up asking myself the ultimate question in the form of a book of pictures: WHICH TO CHOOSE? Do I choose to be ultra masculine to keep face in the world or embrace the other side to go against the grain in an everchanging world? THAT my friend is what this collage of images is making me decide.

Cream (c) SEGA

Family Guy (c) FOX & Seth McFarlane

Wrestling Image (c) WWE

Anime Pic (c) whichever anime it’s from… I have no clue.

Emotion Face made by :iconthenaruterox100pre: @ [link]

MLP (c) :iconfyre-flye:, vector made by :iconlandboom: @ [link]
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December 6, 2012
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