Who would like to see Customization as a Category in Eclipse? Comments Welcome!
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you mean the ide!!! FRICK YEAH

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I wouldn't just like to see a DC section, I think it's imperative.

And I think DA should support this with everything they got, otherwise they are doomed to an ill-fated future of doodles, kiddie stuff, porn and people showing off their deformities or pecularities. Is this the dream of the original creators of deviantART? Is this what this once glorious site is coming to?

absolutely YES!

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I would love to try Eclipse :D

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My feedback submitted to Eclipse...

I became a member of DeviantArt 15 years ago when I was seeking superior graphical items since I had just began Customizing my Windows pc. I found the items I was looking for plus so much more...I found a community and a subculture dedicated to Customizing the various devices they loved and sharing their creations with the others here to use and appreciate, and to also learn from. There are many forms of ART...and each individual discovers what kind of ART sings to them. To Customizers like myself the various tools, graphical items, knowledge, & talented artists in our community is our music that sings to us. And it exposes us to other forms of ART on this site. Customization is ART!!!

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You said it all.

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Thanks dude! I really appreciate that!

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DeviantArt started due that category. I can't figure why they are leaving/forgetting it.

For sure, the actual formatting of eclipse doesn't fit right as our needs. Imo, a simple big preview is too simple for a skin sharing with all *helps, tricks and other info*. AND all our big previews
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It's a vicious circle. Great artists/themers/skinners of the past left protesting, DA were afraid of losing revenue so they pushed the section aside, more creators left and DA cut down on DC altogether.

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Da is a enterprise, not just a community. We know that their focus is profiting (and nothing bad here). 
But, aside, we use their structure as a community and would be part of it. 

When we're forget, we must move. 
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You have a point. Many points, in fact :)

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Customization is a crucial part, it's also what got this all started!!

hopefully they reinstall this to its rightful home

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I didn't even know DA removed the category, it was the whole reason I joined years ago, its an absolute shame they haven't re-instated the customization section, if not outright infuriating.

although i am new to customization and i don't know much but this is sick.


It's only reason why im on DA, without cusomization i leave this site

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+1 have been here for 18 years and I feel robbed and heartbroken.

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We need that. Customization is not dead

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