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AMANA 2021 - Polybar by angelessey
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Icons and Cursors
Tabler Color Bold Icons by KeithStoodley
Mousecape Big Sur icon by allannyholm
VS cursor (version 5 beta) by vladsukhetskyi
7TSP Windows Icon Theme by mki77
CIRRUS for curtains + xoblite by angelessey
AMANA 2021 - Themes for Chromium Based Browsers by sublime9-design
AMANA 2021 - Extras by angelessey
AMANA 2021 - Extras by niivu
Wallpapers-Photomanipulation Contest: DreamscapeWelcome to the Wallpaper & Photomanipulation Contest!The rules are simple and entering the contest is easy... Keep reading!The Theme is... Dreamscape! Contest hosted by @Ellysiumn and  @communityrelations & @WallpapersCommunity!,What is a dreamscape?A compound word made up of the stems dream and landscape meaning a fantasy world or an abstract/oneiric land. (Wikipedia source)A dreamlike usually surrealistic scene (night, day, starscapes, nature...etc)The main theme is "Dreamscape" and it does not have many conditions, except for the theme itself.I want you to enjoy doing an impressive work, as decorative as you want, freeing your mind to transport us to an imagined world, where everything is valid as long as it makes us dream!,The rulesDeviants may submit only one entry.Visual mediums accepted: Wallpapers (using stocks or not), Photomanipulations (using stocks). You must create your own work FOR this contest, so works that are made before the launch date won't be accepted.We will accept deviations tagged as #wallpaper, #photomanipulation (Very important, please read Before you submit your entry, make sure you tagged your work or your entry it will be declined.Download button, always in ON.Watermarks are not accepted but may contain a signature by the artist.Format accepted: 4k standard ~ 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) or 4096 × 2160 (DCI 4K) cinematic scene (Concept art).Rules for photomanipulation: Stock must be credited with a direct link to the stock provider or the stock image.Google images are not stocks.Premium content is not allowed.Your work must be creative, answer to the theme, show good skills, with a balanced composition. No topaz filters.I, as CV, reserve the right to decline any work with too poor quality, or if it doesn't meet the rules of the contest and doesn't fit its theme.Please include the contest journal link/thumb in your image description and the contest tag  #Dreamscape2021contestTermsFrom March 29th, 2021 to May 31st, 2021Where to enterFirst step: Join @wallpaperscommunity GroupSecond step: Submit your work Dreamscape2021contest folder.Important Your entry must be submitted before Monday, May 31st at 23:59 pm PTWhat can you WIN?The first place winner will receive:6.000  points from @communityrelations100 points from submicron ( I have them in deposit)The second place winner will receive:3.000 points from @communityrelations100 points from submicron (I have them in deposit)The third place winner (If we receive more than 10 entries) will receive:1200 points from @communityrelations100 points from submicron ( I have them in deposit)Judges@Ellysiumn @cosmicbound @submicron @Moonbeam13 @DasGnomo @Thiefoworld @Acerbical @phoenixleo @lauraypablo Judging CriteriaEntries will be judged based on the creativity, originality, and conveyance of theme.Good luck everyone!!
THE BEST AND MOST LOVED WINDOWS THEMES MAKER! Hello folks :),Right, this journal is going to be a kinda "super special feature" for an artist that you surely know.......This guy has managed to rise his followers from 11.4k to 94.1k in just a little more than one year!!! Yes you've heard me!,But that's not really why I'm giving this brilliant guy a super feature ;)Keegan aka niivu has managed to rise to stardom simply because of his vivid imagination, passion for his work, skills in programming and digital softwares and simply a style too unique to go unnoticed.Now, if you're new to this then feel free to check out Keegan's tutorial on how to install Windows Themes without pain.,,,Every skinner knows him and every customizer somehow participate in his projects by bringing new stuff related to his works.Every week, you'll find a new visually stunning Windows Theme together with icon packs, docks and anything related to Windows.,Keegan's Themes are always fresh and different in style which make this artist a top notch for many obvious reasons.,Alright, now it's time to check out what Keegan is capable of!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Now, here are some awesome screenshots made by Keegan himself that you can take a look at so to get an idea of what these gorgeous themes actually look like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Alright folks, I hope you enjoyed this feature and remember to give Keegan what he deserves!!Loved Keegan's works?Then consider following this incredible artist for future artworks, journals, news and updates., Join my group!, Take care and have a good one Chris...
INTERVIEW WITH DPCDPC11: AMAZING SKINNER!Hello folks, I hope you're all well!Here is another interview of a skinner who deserves to be noticed.First, let's take a look at Cristian's works just to get a taste of what he's capable of......,,,,,Alright folks, now it's time for the interview so let's see what Cristian has got to say about himself!1) Hey, how are you? Please tell us something about yourself which'll make us understand who you really are. Feel free to be very forth coming yet polite since the audience includes kids.Hey there, thank you for the opportunity of having this interview. Considering the present context of a full blown pandemic, I think I'm pretty good. I still have my health, my job and my girlfriend still hasn't left me so I can't really complain here. What can I tell you about me… I was born in the '80s and had the pleasure to live a few years under a communistic dictatorship so that was fun. We had running water and electricity just a few hours a day, hot water a few days a week and one TV station where our supreme leader was always the main character so as kids we had to find other ways of entertaining ourselves and most of them involved some dangerous outside activity. But most of us survived so that's good. Fast forward to the late '90s, I've had my first encounter with a "calculator" (that's Romanian for "computer") and I've been hooked ever since by this amazing thingy that can do so many things. My computer era increased my curiosity level to a maximum high so I've began experimenting everything I could on this magical box. Of course, most of the experimenting was done on gaming, lots of gaming, but at some point I came across an interesting little software called WindowBlinds and the portal to the Customization Land just opened. It quickly turned into an addiction making my friends always asking "how the heck are you using this computer?" A few years later I've jumped from using WindowBlinds to Custom Windows Themes and decided to start making my own since I couldn't find one that met all my obsessions. Now, as a full grown child with a job, I try to do my best of sparing some free time to this hobby that stayed with me ever since. In case you're asking, I'm a graphic designer or what the cool kids today call a UI/UX designer so working on customization certainly played an important part in my career.2) What do you do in your spare time?This is a definitely tricky one since I always try to squeeze as many activities as I can in a limited period of time and it's not an easy thing to balance things like: relationships, cooking, working out, reading, watching Netflix, sleeping and of course creating cool stuff to publish on DeviantArt. They say it's all about balance but I never seem to grasp this concept very well. Honestly, I'm not sure how people with kids do it.3) How did you find out about DeviantArt and what do you like about it?Remember my customization obsession in the '90s? Well, always finding a cool new Winamp skin was one of my guilty pleasures and it wasn't easy since I didn't have internet access. I had to take my stack of floppy disks and go to an internet café and start navigating the internet until I find all the skins I could fit on my floppy disks. And while Yahooing online at some point a new website came up in search and there it was:, bringing some awesome new Winamp skins which I've never seen before. And this was the begging of beautiful journey of exploration which continues to this day of course. 4) How would you describe/define the style(s) of art you make?I wouldn't really label my stuff as art, but more like design since unlike art, design has the purpose to solve a problem and in my case it's all about user experience. So through my work I try to improve the experience of using a PC by providing a clean and minimalist user interface to the Windows environment.5) Who or what are your inspirations?Since most of my Windows Themes are oriented towards productivity without using flashy distractions, I usually study other operating system UIs which have the same goal. Of course the obvious ones here are mac OS, Ubuntu and Linux Mint which are all very well crafted to get out of your way but still be able to enjoy your OS, unlike the recent direction of the Windows UI which looks boring and sometimes gets in your way.6) If you're an hobbyist who makes/creates art for passion, are you hoping/planning to become a professional artist and make a living out of it?I have my moments at work when I just want to quit everything and just focus on my hobby but right now is not sustainable enough financially but it would be a nice scenario and a possible future.7) What do you think the future holds for you?Hard to tell. This year with everything what happened made me think less of the future and more on the present and near future. But of course, I try to hope for a better future, like everyone else, a normal future where you wouldn't have to be afraid of dying every day.8) Who or what made you decide to become an artist?I was always told as a kid that I have drawing and painting skills but I think those were more like good eye to hand coordination than anything else. I don't really believe in the talent myth so in order to get good at anything, you have to work hard and practice like crazy. My problem is that I quickly get bored of doing one thing so I've never excelled that much at anything so when my love for computers and art crossed into customization, I found the perfect way of expressing myself and solving the user experience problem while using my so called talent and also while always trying something new. 9) Which software do you use to make you art?I mainly use Affinity Designer to create the graphics of my Windows Themes and vector style wallpapers and also use PaintTool SAI to create my digital painted wallpapers. I also use Artstudio Pro to sketch on the iPad.10) Who are your favorite artists?They are quite a few so hopefully I didn’t leave too many out. So in no particular order: K-Johnson, Aaron-A-Arts, kAtz93, krissirk, AlexandrePh, minhtrimatrix, zainadeel, givesnofuck, SolMiler, nardoxic, burnsplayguitar, emey87, imrik, and last but not least our friend which is no longer among us, neiio (aka Jamie Green). But luckily someone, who’s becoming fast one of my favorite themers has taken Jamie’s legacy moving it forward. Thanks niivu!11) What kind of message do you want to send to people with your artworks?Less can be more.12) How long have you been doing art?Ever since I could hold a pencil.13) Is there anything you'd change about DeviantArt?Honestly, I'm not a big fan the new Eclipse thingy but the one thing I would really change is to bring back the categories system. I was way easier to find anything this way and made more sense.14) What advice would you give to someone who wants to become an artist?Before starting making something, I would suggest grabbing a book on the fundamentals, then study the masters and their stories. Then after you have a grasp of the fundamentals go ahead and try to deconstruct your favorite masterpieces. Ask yourself why they work? Why are they beautiful? What about them makes your eyes pop? Then try and reproduce them so you can better understand the artist’s intention and purpose. Of course you can experiment with your own stuff in the meantime which will give you even more experience and understanding. And of course never be afraid to try new things even if they sound crazy at first. You can only fail so much and with every failure you’ll learn what doesn’t work and you’ll be closer to success.15) Anything else you'd like to add?Final words are always the hardest as they are… you know… so final. I would just like to thank all my fans that supported and used my work over the years. Hopefully I was able to inspire some while others have inspired me. Keep watching me and you won’t be disappointed!, Alright folks, so now you know a little more about Cristian! Let's continue check it out his beautiful themes Windows Themes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wallpapers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cursors,,,,,,,Alright folks, now give Cristian what he deserves and if you liked what you saw then consider following/watching this artist for future works, journals, new and updates., Join my group!, Take care and have a good one Chris...
Screenshot Contest 2020
Dracula by DrSanket
Tablomania | SSC2020 by AloneThing123
[SSC 2020] Senja by akun144
Neons | #SCC2020 by niemandhort


Blossom August 2019 by haipham
GameHUB launcher 2 for Rainmeter by not-Finch
Lampo  by ApexXx-SenSei
[USERSTYLE] Green Eclipse by Valognir
Screenshot Contest 2018
Soon? by Xilajix3
[SSC18] Sin titulo by lauriset
[SSC18] - Untitled by Kaze95
[SSC18] fruita by undefinist











AMANA21 | Journal
Hey everyone, welcome to AMANA 2021 EDITION Suite.
This was a revival of a classic by @imrik that has been brought back to life by means of a full suite of Themes, skins, wallpapers and more.
The main players for the original AMANA08 release were @imrik @nuuvo and @j3concepts also know as FOURIMPRESSIONS. Well with this suite it was @niivu @angelessey and @sublime9-design working together on the project. We truly hope you enjoy the effort that was put into the remaking of this beauty.
First came the teasers! One by @niivu the other by @angelessey
AMANA 2021 | BlackTeaser
Amana 2021 | White Teaser
Let's see what there is. A windows 10 suite with the original themes remade in a way that made sense for todays users. With White, Classic, PMD, BRETA and Black. As well as a substyle called dark for dark mode office users. Each style comes in either regular or NA (no address bar) as well as offering StarDock Curtains themes.
AMANA 2021 - Windows 10 Themes
Also we have the PolyBar Rainmeter skin by @angelessey looking sleek and stylish. Giving the suite a modern touch.
AMANA 2021 - Polybar
EXTRAS | As well as some extras by both @niivu and @angelessey that include GRJ2.0 skins, Firefox, xoblite, Spicetify, PotPlayer, foobar2000, RocketDock or NeXuS. Get them here.
AMANA 2021 - Extras
AMANA 2021 - Extras
CHROME | From @sublime9-design comes a great set of Chromium based themes!
AMANA 2021 - Themes for Chromium Based Browsers
WALLPAPERS | As well as a great selection of Wallpapers curated from UNSPLASH & Pexels as well as originals. 2 Packs to add to your collection.
AMANA 2021 - Wallpapers
AMANA 2021 - Wallpapers
I'd like to thanks the original members as well as all who have kept the spirit AMANA going alive all this time. From @niivu @angelessey and @sublime9-design we thank you and hope you enjoy this release.
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