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you stay, and I go... and we will meet again

A continuation of the first army!Nagron picture I did a couple months ago. This tells of how they deal with how far apart they are; Nasir wondering about Agron's safety overseas and feeling lonely and despondent most of the time, and Agron missing the other half of his heart, fighting to survive the war. And this shows how fate intervenes, how a dog and a cat that come into their lives and remind them of each other. How these companions become the embodiment of faith and hope to keep on fighting and waiting until they can finally see each other again.
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This hurts in the best way ❤

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It's really sweet and such quality! Your art is amazing.
Have a fav'!
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Wait... these are Agron and Nasir???? XD im fucking homophobic but i love their romance :v
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As an Army wife this is very touching :) and shows more than some would think of what it is like to really be apart from our partners. 
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i love this art:D its really cute~~
LoveroftheEnemy's avatar
omg this is perfection
Omg! So sweet! <3
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I REALLY need to see this show... :heart:
Ejestrand's avatar
So wonderful :'D
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Dwahaha....Cuteness....overload....eminent...AAAAAHHHHHH!!! CUTEST THING EVER!!!! Blush Waaaah! Run Away La la la la I think I've fainted. 
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ohmigod it's so adorable! they are so close and desperate to each other. fantastic!
Pleasejustcallmeshan's avatar
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This too epic. <3
SallyMcBride's avatar
I just love your work!
Lauri-Valo's avatar
Oh my, this is the best thing, i swear!
Your art is so beautiful, and i'm so happy you keep on drawing Nagron !!! :)
You just made my day so much better ♥♥♥
Gahika-Yuu's avatar
I love this so much <3
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So sad, beautiful and still hurts. Beautiful.
Your Nagron art is wonderful. I follow you on tumblr too. Thanks.
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This is soo cuteeee *o* Everything is so realistic. You're genius!!! :D You have right. Animal can be very helpful when we are alone. Marvelous picture.
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My feels... I have tears.. Realy, genuine tears.
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