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The Tale of One City, chp. 4
Ryan Returns
A few years passed, and memory of Dr. Decem quickly diminished. Then one day he was spotted in the capitol city of Westen by some police men who recognized him as wanted and immediately arrested him. Ryan went willingly, and while waiting in prison convinced the officers to allow him to call the Westen government. He made a proposition to them, saying he had found a way to not only pay them back for the damages he had caused, but also give them an edge against the country of Rites. They became intrigued, and had the police bring him to a hearing in front of the president and his cabinet.
Ryan explained that he had found a way to not only meld man and machine, but make them one, a human-mechanical entity. A being with the intellect and learning abilities of a human, and the mechanical precisions of a machine. As Ryan spoke, he could see the greedy, violent gears in the cabinet member’s heads turning, thinking of all the possibilities such a thing would allow them. They
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The Tale of One City, ch. 3
The “Mad” Scientist
His name is Ryan Decem. He was an orphan until the age of three when he was adopted by a couple who could be defined as “classic hippies”, and they lived on the outskirts of the capital city of Westen. They taught him to see everyone as equal, to not judge people based on their class or where they were born but based on who they were. And never, ever trust anyone who holds power over others, because they’re “The Man”, and “The Man” is selfish and evil.
Ryan took these truths to heart, and practiced them throughout his life. When he went to school, he always stood up for those who were picked on and shunned, which caused him to be shunned as well. But since he saw bullies and popular kids as “The Man”, he really didn’t mind. He instead focused on schooling, and discovered early on a natural ease he had for the sciences. It was also during this time that he began exhibiting very strange behavioral traits. He
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The Tale of One City, ch. 2
Centralis, The Slum and The Mob
The city of Centralis is massive, almost big enough to be considered its own country. It is responsible for a large amount of both countries income and general well-being. Citizens from both sides live and intermingle here, so it was determined early on that the city’s government would have to be made up of both sides. There are two governors, and both sides have the same amount of seats in the government. There is even an entirely separate election year just for this cities government. It is the only place where citizens from both countries can come together peacefully, at least on the surface.
There is a section of the city of Centralis built into the mountain to the north of the heart of the city referred to as The Slum. It was originally the Industrial Zone of Centralis where many factories were located and used to be a very important sector. However, technology eventually developed beyond the old factories, and they were slowly closed dow
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The Tale of One City, ch. 1
The Creation of Mydin and Centralis
In the beginning, as God was making the universe and everything in it, he decided to create a test world far across the universe from us. This world was created similar to ours; almost a duplicate to be truthful, except it’s a little smaller and only has one continent. This land mass was kind of an oval shape, being long on the equator, so the climate was mostly warm. The continent was separated perfectly down the middle by a long, impassible mountain range which stretched from the North Pole to the South Pole. In this mountain range, a little to the north of the equator, God took his thumb and pushed down a large part of the mountain, making it the only point of connection between both sides of the continent. God created animals and plants and various terrains, and then he created the humans, which were exactly like the ones he was going to create on Earth. And after he created all this, he decided it was all very good, and he came back to our
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The Mad Hatter fan art by crazyredwood The Mad Hatter fan art :iconcrazyredwood:crazyredwood 1 12 Me and My Three Identities by crazyredwood Me and My Three Identities :iconcrazyredwood:crazyredwood 0 21
Adam is betrayed
  Through the gloomy alleys and side-streets of the Slum Quarter walked a man holding a bouquet. He walked the same way home as he did every day, but today he seemed a little more eager than usual. As he moved past the other residents of this darkest part of the city, his thoughts were focused only on getting home to his wife.
  “She has been acting strange lately,” he thought to himself, “but that’s probably because of the pregnancy. I guess the sixth time isn’t any easier than the first.” He looked down at the bouquet, five full roses and one still budding. He smiled to himself, thinking of the newest girl, so close to being born. He still had this smile as he hopped up the steps to their door and went in.
  A heavy blow to the back of his head sent him to the ground. He rolled over just in time to see a Westin assassin bring a concussion club down on his head, knocking him into nothingness.
  A regiment of soldier
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Me and a bat by crazyredwood Me and a bat :iconcrazyredwood:crazyredwood 0 7
Tearjerker, pt. 3
  He dreamed again. But these dreams were different. The white sketchy figures were slightly clearer, though he still couldn’t figure out how he knew them. And they didn’t seem as sad now, but more urgent. He thought he even heard a voice once, a female voice, but his subconscious couldn’t grasp it. He was tired of this dream state. He was tired of not knowing these figures who he felt such a connection to, or why they were there. He wanted it to be over. He was done, why couldn’t he just… leave?
  He felt his body floating again. “I guess I got moved after all,” he thought. He felt that familiar floating sensation, felt his mind taking control of his body again, and heard the sound of water splashing and echoing. “This bathwater’s cold,” he said to himself, “and this life’s getting old…”
  His eyes shot wide open. Bathwater?!? He propped himself up and looked around at the tiled white w
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Tearjerker, pt. 2
  He saw things in his sleep. Mostly he saw white sketches of people who seemed familiar to him. Even though he couldn’t make out any distinct features, he had the feeling that he knew them. Some were female, some were male, some girls, some boys, all of them sad. He couldn’t understand why, but he felt like he already knew and simply couldn’t remember. Other things he saw were dreams of people he didn’t know dying, in war and peacetime, always violently. And every once in a while, a horrible monster would appear, raging and charging him. This last vision always scared him almost into waking up, but then he would feel the heaviness descend upon him, and the visions would stop for a while. It was an extremely lonely existence.
  One day, he woke with a start. Something had shocked him into consciousness, though he couldn’t tell what. His first realization was his body was more responsive, easier to move, his eyelids weren’t so heavy. He
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Tearjerker, pt. 1
  His brain slowly lifted out of it's coma-like state. His eyelids were heavy, and it took a great amount of effort just to get them open half way. The world was green, and slightly glowing. As the senses returned to the rest of his body he felt himself floating, immersed in this green goo with a face mask on to help him breathe. He was in some sort of glass tank, in some sort of room. It was hard to focus on anything for long, his eyes were having difficulty adjusting to his environment, but he could see figures on the other side of the glass moving around.
  He looked down, an action that was more difficult than he ever remembered it being, and saw wires and tubes connected to his withered limbs and chest. He tried to move a little, tried to get closer to the glass to see what was on the other side, but the goo was incredibly thick, and his body was in no condition to do anything but float, since that was all he had done for quite some time now. Then, he saw one o
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Marked Joker by crazyredwood Marked Joker :iconcrazyredwood:crazyredwood 0 8 Whats in there? by crazyredwood Whats in there? :iconcrazyredwood:crazyredwood 0 6 Re-boot by crazyredwood Re-boot :iconcrazyredwood:crazyredwood 0 6 Good morning by crazyredwood Good morning :iconcrazyredwood:crazyredwood 0 0 Staircase by crazyredwood Staircase :iconcrazyredwood:crazyredwood 0 2


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Chloe 2012-03-23 by jollyjack
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What's that? I've already done this?? Well, I did get tagged, and this one isn't exactly the same, and times have a-changed, so...

001. Name → Steven
002. Nickname → Crazy Redwood, Steve, You
003. Status → Still operational.
004. Zodiac sign → An old guy pouring water out of a jar. Yeah, hardcore...
005. Male or female → Gent.
006. Elementary → Valley Cathedral (dear Watson...)
007. Middle School → sweat pants and an oversized Steelers snow jacket, all year long
008. Vocational school(High School) → The last year was the best.
009. Smart → ...does not compute...

010. Hair color → Brown
011. Long or short → Middle
012. Loud or Quiet → The better you know me, the louder I'll be.
013. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans
014. Phone or Camera → I can't call people with my camera.
015. Health freak → Oh yeah, I always freak out when someone starts talking healthy to me.
016. Drink or Smoke? → Drink, whenever I feel like it.
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Too screwed up to know
018. Eat or Drink → Both. At the same time
019. Piercings → Not on me
020. Tattoos → Still trying to think of a good one

023. First piercing → Read the 019th line.
024. First best friend → Joshua, a fellow preacher's kid.
025. First award → Probably for bible verse memorization.
026. First crush → Alexus, I guess?
027. First pet → Sticks, the goat.
028. First big vacation → Either Pittsburgh or Sturgis, when I was too young to remember.
030. First big birthday → When I turned 5. Dad gave a speech.

049. Eating → More like digesting.
050. Drinking → I should be drinking something right now...
052. I'm about to → Get a drink, I suppose.
053. Listening to → Nothing But Sunshine, by Atmosphere
054. Plans for today → Sleep...

058. Want kids? → Not right now.
059. Want to get married? → I'm wondering if anyone could really deal with my crap for forever.
060. Careers in mind → Whatever I want to be, as long as I still have my imagination.

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes
070. Shorter or taller? → Shorter than me, but above my waist.
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Continually, spontaneously romantic.
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → No man-arms, please!
074. Sensitive or loud → sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship → Together
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → Hesitant

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Yup
081. Ran away from home → I guess you could see it that way, if you squinted really hard.
084. Broken someones heart → I'm afraid I might have.
085. Been arrested → Naw, I'm too sneaky for them Fashion Police.
087. Cried when someone died → Not really. Maybe a sniffle or two.

089. Yourself → Hard to when you don't fully understand yourself.
090. Miracles → Oh yeah.
091. Love at first sight → Maaaaaaybe....
092. Heaven → Yup.
093. Santa Claus → Sorry big guy, but no. (But I'd welcome some presents to prove me wrong.)
094. Sex on the first date → Not a good idea
095. Kiss on the first date → Very hard to say, so it might be better not to.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → It'd be nice
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Not really, I'd rather be in bed.
099. Do you believe in God → Yes
100. Post as 100 truths and tag → Sure, just as soon as I figure out how to reach through my computer...
  • Listening to: Trying to Find a Balance by Atmosphere
  • Playing: Halo: Reach Beta


United States
Current Residence: The Imagi Nation
Favourite genre of music: How can I pick just one!?
MP3 player of choice: IPOD Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Far Side
Personal Quote: I like me.


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