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CrazymMC has started a donation pool!
2,930 / 10,000
I'm just thinking of doing Adoptables since I have already some creatures in my art book I will not use =)

For the adoptables, give the :points: here ;)

You're free to give some if you want as well, a donation is always very welcome <3

:star: Commissions :star:
Commissions are closed from now

:bulletblue::bulletorange: What I do :bulletorange::bulletblue:

- Digimon (custom or not, OC or Canon)

:below: Prices :above:

:bulletred: +100 :points: for coloring :bulletred:

:rose: Custom Digimon Commissions.

- 010 :points: Fresh and In Training.
- 050 :points: Fresh, In Training and Rookie.
- 100 :points: Fresh, In Training, Rookie and Champion.
- 200 :points: Fresh, In Training, Rookie, Champion and Armored.

- 1000 :points: Fresh, IT, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega. [LINEART]
- 1500 :points: Fresh, IT, Rookie, Champion Ultimate, Mega. [COLORED]
- 2000 :points: Fresh, IT, Rookie, Champion, Armored, Ultimate, Mega [LINEART]
- 2500 :points: Fresh, IT, Rookie, Champion, Armored, Ultimate, Mega [COLORED]

- 020 :points: In Training and Rookie.
- 080 :points: Rookie and Champion.
- 600 :points: Champion, Ultimate an Mega.
- 500 :points: Ultimate and Maga only.

- 020 :points: Rookie only.
- 060 :points: Champion only.
- 080 :points: Armored only.
- 150 :points: Ultimate only.
- 200 :points: Mega only.

:rose: Your Digimon.

- 010 :points: Only Fresh/In Training or Rookie.
- 030 :points: Fresh to Rookie.
- 100 :points: Fresh to Champion.
- 1000 :points: Fresh to Mega.
:bulletred: + 50 :points: for coloring

- 010 :points: Rookie only.
- 050 :points: Champion only.
- 060 :points: Armored only.
- 100 :points: Ultimate only.
- 150 :points: Mega only.

Actual Commissions

:bulletpurple: WaywardPlatypus Champion to Mega of her Digimon… (See note - Custom payed)


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Here are some news from me guys! About my Commissions ! =)

I am very almost done with them! the last ones are coming soon and I am planning to make some changes from then. Since I have a boyfriend now, I know I'll have not the time I'll have these last years. But I'm not telling I wont have the time for drawing any more !!!

But, I also want some time for me as well. You know, for drawing my own Digimon for exemple xD But I'll not stop drawing for people around me, because I love that^^ I'm just thinking about reducing the number of commissions I'll accept each time my new waves of comms will open.
But I will decide depending of what will happen from September, depending of the future 0.0
But the priority will be for the ones who sent me a message about it or a note during the last months !!

Then, I wanted to know (I need to remember to) who wanted a commission or wanted to make a trade with me ? I need to see how many you are guys to think about my new drawing organization^^

So, that's up to you guys. I am not telling I'll accept all the new comm right here! Just want to know how many people want them lol
  • Listening to: The Living Tombstone (FNAF)
  • Reading: Many Mangas
  • Watching: Horror movies xD
  • Playing: Resident Evil HD
  • Eating: Strawberries
  • Drinking: Orange Juice


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I'm Mariki =D

I love drawing^^ It's my passion with video games :heart: And I would like to share it with you =)

With this account, I will share with you my pics from Animes/Mangas/Shows that I so love too much!
But it will be especially for Transformers universes :love: I want to improve my skills on their various designs, and find my own too^^

Anyway, hope you'll like what I do, enjoy your visit :hug:


My two other Account :icon666mariki-maru: :iconmarikatsuki:


:star: To do list :star:

- edejm11 Champion, Ultimate and Mega Level of the Crab Digimon Rapumon (Sketches in the course!).


:below: My gallery :above:

will contain :

:bulletblack: Transformers pics
:bulletblack: Digimons pics


Trades (closed for now)

I love doing trades with people^^ If you're interested, send me a note =)

:bulletblack: Trades


<< My FaVoRiTe ShOw/MaNgA/aNiMeS' sErIeS >>

(Shows; In Alphabetical Orders)
Batman - Beast Wars - Digimon (First Season) - Spider Man - Sponge Bob - TMNT Ninja Turtles - Transformers Animated - Transformers Armada - Transformers Cybertron - Transformers Energon - Transformers G1 - Transformers Prime

===> Fav Characters <===

:bulletblack: Batman = The Joker / :bulletblack: Beast Wars = Terrorsaur - Blackarachnia / :bulletblack: Digimon = Devimon - Beelzemon - Tentomon / :bulletblack: Spider Man = The Scorpion / :bulletblack: TMNT = Shredder / :bulletblack: Transformers = Starscream

Mangas-Animes; In Alphabetical Order
Black Bullet - Blue Seed - Death Note - Devil May Cry - Dragon Ball - Dragon Ball Z - Enfer et Paradis - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis - Fruit Basket - Gunmm - Guren Five - Hunter X Hunter - Naruto - One Piece - Pokemon(manga) - Ragnarok - Rave/Rave Master - Saiyuki - Saint Seiya - Slayers - Trigun - Trinity Blood - Wolf's Rain - Yu Yu Hakusho - Zombie Loan

===> Fav Characters <===

:bulletblack: Death Note = L / :bulletblack: Dragon Ball Z = Cell / C18 :bulletblack: HunterxHunter = Hisoka / :bulletblack: Naruto = Kakashi Hatake - Zabuza Momochi - Hidan - Kakuzu - Konan / :bulletblack: One Piece = Zorro Roronoa / :bulletblack: Ragnarok = Iruga - Judia / :bulletblack: Rave = Hamelio Musica - Shuda / :bulletblack: Saiyuki = Genjo Sanzo / :bulletblack: Saint Seiya = Dragon Shiryu - Misar Syd - Scorpio Milo - Siren Sorento / :bulletblack: Slayers = Zelgadis Graywords - Lina Inverse / :bulletblack: Trigun = Vash the Stempede / :bulletblack: Trinity Blood = Abel Nightroad - Ester Blanchett / :bulletblack: Wolf's Rain = Tsume - Blue / :bulletblack: Yu Yu Hakusho = Sensui /



==> My Original Characters (many OCs xD) <==

:bulletblack: Transformers
- Roadwire, Decepticon (TF War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron) female
- FlashRacer, Autobot (TF Prime) male
- Razormind, Decepticon (TF Prime) female
- Skyfall, Decepticon (TF Prime) female
- Lexi, Human (TF Prime) female
- Amy Ryde, Human (TF Prime) female
- Reagan Ryde, Human (TF Prime) female





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