Heartburn, graffiti, and oatmeal.

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The other day, I realized that the burning in my chest wasn't christmas spirit(Ba-humbug.), and as much as I wished it wasn't cancer, or leukemia, it turned out it was just heartburn brought on by my almost strict-caffeine diet.  So now, I'm cutting out most caffeine, and so far, I feel healthy.  It's been two days, and I feel less worn out(or in that hyper reality dimension shared by caffeine and meth junkies.) than I have in AGES.  I've even started focusing more on stuff instead of going "PUTITANYWHERENOONEWILLEVERNOTICETHATIT'SGONEI'MONFIREPOTATO".  

I've started planning some sharpie graffiti designs, so... Expect that.  Or whatever.  >.>

  Oatmeal is awesome.
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Oatmeal is okay...I'm not a huge fan of liquid-y breakfast foods.
I'm glad that all you had is heartburn, although that is pretty painful in itself.
You're not totally cutting out caffeine are you? Just most? D=
I look forward to seeing these designs. ^-^