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R U L E S:
» credits optional, but as you imagine really appreciated.
» strictly forbidden hosting them on other sites or claiming as proper!

~44 patterns for Photoshop CS or further. different colors.
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Gorgeous <3333333
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thank you for uploading! 
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They are so pretty! :heart:

May I ask you if you can explain me how to install/use them? :/ I've tried without success!
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very pretty,i think i´m in love,thank you for sharing!!!
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Thanks for share!!
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very! nice! *-*
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Lovely work. Thank you!
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beautiful patterns. I used one (of course giving credit!) in one of my Deviations :) [link]
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-I made some styles with your patterns, check it : [link] & give you credits, love your resources :heart:
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i really would thank you if u could tell me how ican use this on a image (:
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you use them as any other photoshop pattern...
look for some tutorial if you never used patterns :)
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im looking for a tutorial like 2 months by now and i cant find one, or one that i understand (i talk Spanish no English) so its really hard for em thanks anyways
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sorry but I cannot help you then, I don't speak spanish >__<
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Awesome! Taking and shall credit! :)
Ah, nice work as always.
Thanks a lot!
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they are so pretty! i'm sure i'll use them someday :3
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I'm becoming a fan of your lol! Really nice, thank you.
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