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Patterns .27

R U L E S:
» credits optional, but as you imagine really appreciated.
» strictly forbidden hosting them on other sites or claiming as proper!

~50 patterns for Photoshop CS or further. different colors.
You can use them as wallpaper in layouts, as they repeat well

I made plenty of patterns, something about 150 and more, and i decided to divide them in 3 different sets as it's really annoying waiting for photoshop to load a set that huge.
I'll post soon the other two sets.
These patterns are very various, in colors and shapes, as you'll see. Hope you'll like them :love:
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Thank you ♪
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beautiful work
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Nice pattern , great job , felicidades !!
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thanks for the cute patterns
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Muchas gracias!
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Hi there, these patterns are really intricate and beautiful. I may use one or two for a website that I'm putting up for a friend on Wordpress. Mind if I use them?
muy lindo gracias !!!
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They are in .rar format. How do we change them to .pat format for Photoshop CS5???
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Thank you so much for share your work!
It's amazing!
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I like this very much !!
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I love this one!!!

thx for sharing><~~~
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