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Large Textures .47

R U L E S:
» credits optional, but as you imagine really appreciated.
» strictly forbidden hosting them on other sites or making other resources from this
» I'd be glad to see what you've done, so don't hesitate to let me know :heart:

~6 large textures 1000x669px.
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Hi, I used the second texture here: [link]
Thank you for these! :icongrin--plz:
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Greeting, thank you for your incredible work (one more), I used in this creation: [link]
have a amazing weekend :D
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I will send you the link if I use it <3 thanks for sharing
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Beautiful, Thanks allot
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THANKS these are really good :) used here:[link]
crazykira, these are really really good. Thanks a lot!!
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dowloanding ^^ thank so much
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I'll download this.
Deng, you're a mind reader. You know exactly, what I need. :D
Thank you.^^
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how did you discovered my secret?

and I was so so desperatly tring to hide my powers :giggle:
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Thankss for the texture :D here is what i made
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Using this in my newest wallpaper :D i will link it when i am done making it. :D
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I Use Many Of Your Textures In My PS Designs LOL!
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