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Gradients 04

*Credits not strictly requested but very appreciated
*Don't host them anywhere, or claim as your own

~the set is composed by 56 gradients in .grd file
very soft colors

~for using them you should do the following:
layer--->layer style--->gradient overlay
then click as on the image (first the high one which will show you the gradient you're using, and then the second thing i circled) [link]
then click on: "load gradient..." and load them from wherever you saved them

if you have any question, just ask ^__^
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thank you <3
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How do I download
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Thank you so much!  Gorgeous colours!
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Thank you. <3
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Awesome! Thank you for sharing :)
Saved as well!
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Thank you very much for sharing your gradients.

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I promise to credit you! :3
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Nice mix, thank you very much !
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Nice color combo's
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I'll be using these.

Thanks so much :)
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