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A Halloween Smash (NOT MY ART) by PoisonSkunkKing
Mature content
A Halloween Smash (NOT MY ART) :iconpoisonskunkking:PoisonSkunkKing 42 0
Tanya Facesitting by Smexy-Nation
Mature content
Tanya Facesitting :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 313 36
judy Hopps by zigrock001 judy Hopps :iconzigrock001:zigrock001 134 8 Skunkgirl 3 [Fart Fetish] by Raki991
Mature content
Skunkgirl 3 [Fart Fetish] :iconraki991:Raki991 183 7
REQUEST: Haru Dutch Ovening Futaba by Lazei
Mature content
REQUEST: Haru Dutch Ovening Futaba :iconlazei:Lazei 603 15
REQUEST: Chloe facefarting Marinette (Sketch) by Lazei
Mature content
REQUEST: Chloe facefarting Marinette (Sketch) :iconlazei:Lazei 425 9
REQUEST: Rias and Akeno Bath Farts by Lazei
Mature content
REQUEST: Rias and Akeno Bath Farts :iconlazei:Lazei 460 31
REQUEST: Selkie farting on Velouria by Lazei
Mature content
REQUEST: Selkie farting on Velouria :iconlazei:Lazei 478 12
Sister slave
OK so this happened quite a while ago, back when I was around 12 years old and my sister was 14.
Me and my sister fought a lot. We've always been really close though, it was more just typical sibling rough housing. One day it got a bit more intense than usual when she came home from school in her P.E gear consisting of a vest top and those lycra gym pants (link at bottom of page to almost exactly what they looked like) and I commented on her "scent." She wasn't really too smelly from a distance, but I soon learned it was a much different story up close!
Typical fighting ensued with her slapping at my face as I batted her hands away, but it was different. She was more, for lack of a better word, relentless this time around. She quickly grabbed me and tripped me up, knocking me to the ground. She dropped down and sat on my stomach while holding my arms down. She brought her face close to mine, before letting out a large belch right in my face, which stunk to high hell.
"How do I smell no
:iconlegoboost:Legoboost 43 5
Mom facefart story
It was a normal weekend at your house and you were home alone with your mother. "Son come over here" your mother called. You started to walk to your mother's room and started to smell something weird. You walked in to your mom's room and there is no one there. Then out of nowhere you mom hits you in the head with a baseball bat and you were knock out. You woke up tied down to you bed with something heavy on your face. Whatever it was it smelt horrible. Then you heard your mother. " Good morning sweety hope you don't mind the smell. Your going to be my cushion for a while." At first you didn't under stand what this ment but so caught on. Your mother was sitting on your face. You struggle to get your mom off but she said " if you keep struggling I'm going to make this worse." You didn't listen and didn't stop struggling "okay I wanted you" she said in a smile. The you felt her butt clench and felt something come out. PPPPPFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT
You started to feel dizzy and your mom farted on y
:iconlegoboost:Legoboost 39 1
Good Boys by shrunkenlover
Mature content
Good Boys :iconshrunkenlover:shrunkenlover 37 1
Sniffing Harley Quinn [Request] by penguinluver1431
Mature content
Sniffing Harley Quinn [Request] :iconpenguinluver1431:penguinluver1431 15 1
Catwoman and Dick - weeladXL by DanielTheUnknown
Mature content
Catwoman and Dick - weeladXL :icondanieltheunknown:DanielTheUnknown 45 7
Mature content
A Night To Remember Pt. 3 :iconthespangledguy:TheSpangledGuy 14 0
Can I get a little bunny by JCShepard Can I get a little bunny :iconjcshepard:JCShepard 55 3 Flo-and-KingCrazy - Proper Doggy Greeting (Clean) by OverFlo207
Mature content
Flo-and-KingCrazy - Proper Doggy Greeting (Clean) :iconoverflo207:OverFlo207 58 11



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