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SerinusCanaria Secret Santa Gift by CrazyKatProductions SerinusCanaria Secret Santa Gift :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 4 5 LOKI'D by CrazyKatProductions LOKI'D :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 1 0 King Julian by CrazyKatProductions King Julian :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 1 4 Drabbles at 1 AM by CrazyKatProductions
Mature content
Drabbles at 1 AM :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 0 2
Sherlock by CrazyKatProductions Sherlock :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 4 4 Sherlock and Co. by CrazyKatProductions Sherlock and Co. :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 7 0 Warcraft Rage by CrazyKatProductions Warcraft Rage :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 0 1
Breathe Again
It's very cold where I am.
My skin isn't connected with me anymore
Because it's warm
And my soul is cold.
Am I normal?
Am I right?
What am I doing wrong?
Who am I?
A moment
Now it's gone
Did you see it?
Because you can't go back.
We breathe to die
We walk to fall
We live to end
And we end to live forever
Circles Circles Circles Circles Circles Circles Circles Circles Circles Circles Circles Circles
:iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 0 4
High School Is A Dream
High school is a dream
It is the romantic murmurs
That reverberate through media
And teach us
The Dream.
Perhaps the American Dream
Perhaps a teenagers late night thoughts
But a dream of a place
That does not exist
We dream of perfection and fun
Of parties and freedom
Of happiness and girlfriends
Boyfriends and sex
We dream of love and independence
We dream of fields to lie in
Homework that is easily finished
Tests that don't exist
People that care.
We have the crazy, romantic idea
That high school
Is like this.
We believe in the high school dream.
But once you enter the dream
Reality becomes insubstantial
And we chase dreams of our future
Of tomorrow
Of things yet to be
And then
The future is a dream
High school is a dream
Life is a dream
Happiness is a dream.
:iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 0 2
Cosette by CrazyKatProductions Cosette :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 12 5 Eponine by CrazyKatProductions Eponine :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 14 2 My Friends by CrazyKatProductions My Friends :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 0 7
Mature content
Black Ribbon Ch. 9 :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 1 2
Mature content
Black Ribbon Ch. 8 :iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 2 1
Black Ribbon Ch. 7
To my horror, the Phantom retracted from the kiss and stared at me oddly.
"I taste like music?" He queried, caught between amusement and confusion.
I turned beet red, not realizing I had said my strange thought out loud. Rather than simply shrug it off and laugh at my comment, I just became more embarrassed.
Tastes like music? He would probably think that I meant his lips were as scratchy as score paper and tasted of resin. That they were as cold as the ivory of a piano. I felt like a complete idiot. It didn't even make sense! It still doesn't make sense! Well, it sort of did… music is beautiful. He tasted beautiful, perfect, wonderful- I could go on.
"S-sorry." I stammered, fidgeting when he didn't respond. Eventually I heard him cluck his tongue a little and begin to get up.
"Huh?" I mentally chastised myself for being so incoherent. He most likely thought I was a complete idiot by now. But maybe that was for the better- why kill and idiot who kissed you? They couldn't help it,
:iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 1 3
Black Ribbon Ch. 6
Later, I sat on the floor in my room. I put the knife away in the vanity drawer. I would bind my wrists with cloth in a moment. I didn't want anyone to see, after all. Especially since these were fresh.
I collapsed on the floor next to my bed and curled into a fetal position, rocking back and forth slowly. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as tears began to flow, stinging my wrists which covered my face. The tears soon turned to sobs.
I was a monster. There was something wrong with me, there had to be. Since I was a mistake, they raped me. So therefore I am flawed. There is something wrong. I am a monster. Why didn't anyone tell me sooner?
There was a sudden rush of cold air and black material floated around me- a cape? Two bony hands gently touched my shoulders, and I gasped at the contact before returning to my childish sobbing. I barely recognized who the dark man was in my hysteria.
It seemed like hours later when I stopped crying abruptly. The tears ran out. The sadness wa
:iconcrazykatproductions:CrazyKatProductions 1 3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Well, my name's Ariana, but most people call me Ariana, Ari, Kat, or Aria. :)
anyways, im an artist (no DUH, i mean RLLY..) and found DA and it was love at first sight. we now live happily ever after together. :3
I'm a 15 year old gurlie dat lives somewhere in the US. not sure yet. maybe i'll go to mars.. i hear Pigfarts is accepting registration forms!
I'm a sophomore in high school :)

I LIKE.. Musicals! Wicked, RENT, Rocky Horror, Moulin Rouge, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, avenue Q, Addams Family, Le Miz, Hairspray, Little Shop of Horrors, BKLYN, Next to Normal, Love Never Dies, Mamma Mia, Legally Blonde... and of course, AVPM and AVPS.

top faves are Love Never Dies, Phantom, Wicked and Rent. VIVA LA VIE BOHEME and CHANGE PEOPLE FOR THE BETTER since there is NO DAY BUT TODAY and LOVE NEVER DIES mk im gunna stop now.
I also like Sherlock and Doctor Who, and of course the Avengers. (I AMM ZEE BAD GUY!) yurp.

im on le fanfiction. Crazy Kat Productions on there, too. CAUTION- i write M rated stuff. be afraid, little babies.

BTW.. if you randomly talk to me or like profess love no worries. i love everyone, and i aint gunna think you a stalker. :D

I'm openly pansexual/omnisexual! OMFG A PANSMEXUAL GIRL yes we exist. xD
DISCRIMINATION IS CRAY... so yeah. enjoy life! For those of you that don't know, this means that not only do i like both females and males, i am also physically/sexually/mentally attracted to transgender people too. Basically, it doesn't matter to me what you've got in your pants as long as we love each other and all that mushy stuff! :) i'm always here for support so lemme know if any of y'all are confused or just want to talk. and for anyone who is wondering, I identify as female and use she,her,hers,herself are the gender pronouns i prefer. but i love you all! You are to me as Galinda is to Elphaba and Joanne is to Maureen, or Sherlock to John, Rose to Ten, Christine to Erik/Raoul (I ship ALL the ships), ect, ect.

tumblr: doctorwholockinasingingsouffle…

Current Residence: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters/Shiz University
Favourite genre of music: Goth/Pop/Techno/Dubstep/Musicals
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: Abstract... and .. ME
MP3 player of choice: uh.. iPhone. XD
Wallpaper of choice: at the moment? Idina Menzel.
Favourite cartoon character: VELMA!
Personal Quote: "No Day But Today"
Mood: constantly awesome.
just wanted to try out facades.
LOLS lez see which ones work.


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