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Hey!! It's been awhile since I wrote a journal or really posted anything here, and for that I'm sorry. I've been pretty busy and distracted. So here are a few things I should tell you guys.

COMMISSIONS are still OPEN. but I haven't been checking DA as often as I used to, so if you want to contact me about a possible commission please shoot me a email at: 

I'm going to try and work on updating my DA, posting some of the stuff I've been doodling/working on~

well that's it really! Keeping this short as usual. If there are any questions leave a comment below and thank you! You guys rock! Sorry I've been quiet~

my own personal  art stuff BLOG
  >> theclassyamphibian.tumblr

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Finally, the best time of the year! Long warm days, lots of bugs, beach??? and maybe even a little relaxing! Summer~!

So I graduated from College yesterday, meaning it's time for me to head into the working world! woo! being an adult! So my top priority will of course be the job hunt, but that doesn't mean i won't be able to find some time to keep up with the comics and the group, so no worries friends(who needs sleep anyways? ha!).  I'm also opening up commissions  again because, well, no job yet....And because they're a pleasure to do~

Let's see, is there anything else i need to, I don't think so. So thanks for reading and have a great day!  >(^ u ^)<

 my own personal  art stuff BLOG
  >> theclassyamphibian.tumblr

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Yup, it's that time of year again. Where kids pack their bags and return to the treacherous classrooms! I too am returning to my home away from home~ Excited to start another Big year at college! And Boy, is this a big one!! Anyways, With returning to my studies- it means i'll have less time for my comics here. So expect a slow in activity.  I'll be trying my best to keep up with the group (pmdunity) and my team's comics and such, But as always, School will come first.
On another note, Commissions will be closed while I'm at school. (special occasions might occur, but in general~closed!)

Thanks for reading~ Have a fantastic day~ >( ^  u ^ )<


School doodles/work/ and my own personal stuff BLOG
which i hope to really fill up this year~ >> theclassyamphibian.tumblr

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Well, with classes on break for the Summer  I finally have more time , allowing me to once again open my commissions! That's right, COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN . click to see prices and such. As a little note, I will also start taking animation commissions! See Description below sheet for more information~

Thanks ahead for those who commission me! Profits will be going to helping me buy food and supplies at college! >(//^  u ^//)<  Much thanks~


Well summer. Yup. Plans? Not many~ hopefully catching up on all the sleep I didn't get at school~ haha. Will be continuing the same old online here really. PMDu comics, along with hopefully finally finishing team sandspirits comic. Looking forward to the honnen remakes and the hopeful return of secret bases! hm...not much else to be said i suppose. Have a nice summer! : D


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Classes again~

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 7, 2014, 4:34 PM
Well with the new month comes the new Journal Update~

First off, back at school, classes going again! and it's gonna be a busy quarter! So I'd expect a drop in activity, but I've said that before and it never really changed haha. I'll be trying my best to keep up with everything. That's all I have to say about that.  While school's going, my main focus will be class work, so Commissions will be closed!    

that's it for news, stay tuned for rant below:
I maganed to beat X much to my own surprise! It was a fun game and I often found myself out of potions money due to my unnatural need to buy new hats and skinny pants. My break was sad, i'm thrilled to be back at school~ um...That's it i guess! Have a great month! And Happy New Year!!

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Winter break-(commissions Temp Closed)

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 12:27 PM
Yup, title says it all doesn't it~ I'm finally on break from school and will be trying to fully utilize this time between playing X, Working on comic's, and doing commissions!  <click to see   (closed due to computer/tablet troubles; hopefully will reopen soon )

Hoping to even get a new tablet while on break, it'd be nice to have a solid one that doesn't cramp my hand as much and doesn't glitch as much~


yuck it's winter. As much as I enjoy breaks, I don't enjoy cold weather! I always prefer wearing less clothes, not more! All these layers upon layers of sweaters yet my toes and fingers are still cold! NOPE nope nope! Give me a popcicle and a warm summer  any day~

So I finally got X version! and there's just so much to do! I've slowly inching through the game struggling the most on trying to decide what to train! I can't tell you how many pokemon i've loved and super trained to the max only to raise them up a few levels then decide not to train them. At the rate i'm moving through the game I'm really worried that I won't be able to beat it before I go back to school, haha

And there's my rant for the month, haha~
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Art and CSS by xlolfishx
Well Class has finally started back up, so it's back into study mode! I can't say how much i'll be around, but I'd say expect a drop in activity (specially on weekdays).  But no worries, come winter break i'll have the time again~ (so no getting mad if i don't respond to a message for a few days! )
While at school, commissions will also be closed. Sorry, but school comes first~ haha

 Thanks~! Have an awesome day everyone~ >(^___^)<


Team Sandspirits/Symbiosis/*StarMap* ask tumblr:

SirWoop's tumblr  (more for random non-pmd related stuff) :
That's right! I've finally got it up!

LINK to Prices (commission info sheet; the where and how and so on) >…

Feel free to drop me a note if interested~ >(^__^)<


Team Sandspirits and Symbiosis ask tumblr:

SirWoop's tumblr  (more for random non-pmd related stuff) :
As of now I am unable to take commissions as I am not properly set up! But BUT in two weeks when I return home from school ,  I will be able to set up and will be ready for commissions! So in June I Will be taking commissions!

But right now, I'd like to get an Idea of how much everyone would be willing to pay for my art~ For example, Sketches, Colored work, Animated Icons,  Comic's, and so forth!
So leave a comment before indicating such ~  

If there are any questions concerning this please feel free to leave a comment below as well~ Thank you~

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SirWoop(a more personal tumblr for non-pmd related stuff) >>
I'm now back in school! meaning I won't have as much time as before! So expect slower responses and unfortunately less updates for awhile! Just thought one should know so they don't think I hate them if they don't get a response right away~ haha

Tumblrs :

PMD-E Team SandSpirits(come, ask Robin and Lyre questions!)>>

SirWoop(a more personal tumblr for non-pmd related stuff) >>

This song is how i feel right now haha~…  ~~
Hosting a request stream to the max! Tuesday ( 2/26/2013)~ Come in and watch and request, or leave request here with proper references~ Let's keep it pokemon(mostly)~And let's keep it clean~! I will be trying to do AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!

Starting Morning session  (COMPLETE)

Night session around (complete)

Thank you everyone that came~

Results of these streams can be found here(way too much to post on DA one at a timelol)



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10,000 page views wow!

And as promised, Generation II with tophats will be done! Expect it soon!

Team Sandspirit's Tumblr >>

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SirWoop's Tumblr *new* >>

Other than that, not much to report I suppose. Just doing my usual thing~

thanks for reading
Woop woop!

Back to it then~

Now less than 40 pageviews to 10,000 and the next gen! Looks like I better get to work tonight!

PMD sandspirits tumblr>>

CatGod Tumblr>>
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Just got home(and woke up) from hospital. Had Appendicitis, and had to have it removed friday.All I can really say is It sucked majorly, haha >(lllo^__^o)< so much intense pain . So i'll try to start drawing again soon, but as of today, it hurts a bit too much to really move. Sorry folks!
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That's right Folks, it's that time of year again when classes start up and things slow down a bit. It's rather busy one for me, so expect less frequent updates and deviations. I'lll still be around, and working on waaaaay too many things as usual~ Just less time to do it all~ sorry folks!  Here's currently what I'm attempting to work on all at once:

>PMD comic
>MER Comic
> Other random practices
>Random Gif making because its too much fun
>CatGod Tumblr-->

I believe that's all the main things I do really~ Any questions or concerns leave  in that box in that corner over there i guess~ and I'll burn and bury them later~ Woop woop~

~~ >(^___^)<


Computer is all broken again. So till I can get I get that all sorted out expect deviations much like a paralyed pokemon. On and off~lol

Got new computer. Can do most things again, though still missing a few programs. Biggest fight still, is time but isn't it always~ :3

"No kind deed goes unpunished."
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Back from my week away~ refreshed and ready for action! which is great because my computer is also up and running at full speeds(kinda) again! So back to my usual wooper shenanigans!

-->Mystery egg comic still on temporary hold

-->PMD comic still in work

-->doing other arts in between!

-->CatGod Tumblr -->

Not much time before class starts again, so I'm hoping to get as much of the PMD comic done as possible! Once class starts Mystery Egg will too resume most likely.  If I have to, I might just end up doing both at once alternating every week. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to sleep so I'd have more time to do all this...but then I'd miss dreaming, just the other night I dream- i'm rambling again~ sry~~
                          THAT'S ALL TO THIS MESSAGE!
Be back in a week~
Computer looks like it may be at it's end. I Am currently desperately trying to back up all my stuff. Might be shut down for awhile. :(  Sorry everyone...

Seems to be temporary working. But I hold no guarantees till I get it fixed or get a new
Yup its summer, meaning going out and working lots~ And Taking a small break from my usual to do some on-the-go comics~(cuz I won't be at my computer enough to do any other way~haha) Will mostly be around at nights~ If anyone needs anything, just shoot me up a message or leave a comment, I'm good about checking them and getting back to them~ In brief:

--> MER 2comic will be  on a temporary hold  

--> Summer comic PMD "Team Pytheas and the seeker of the seven treasures" has begun -->…

--> CatGod tumblr -->

And I believe that is all the main news~ thank you for reading and have a nice day! >(^___^)<
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WOAH! just noticed I've gotten over 5,000 views! Thank you everyone!

*So i'll do a special amazing picture for the event--> ENJOY IT! I DARE YOU! -->…

Might do the next gen when i reach 10,000 hee heh ;>

OTher Details:

-Still working on my Egg Comic

CatGod tumblr--->
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