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The hands of Faith by CrazyIguana The hands of Faith by CrazyIguana
It had been silent for way too long. The mushroom rolled over to her belly and stretched her tiny feet. "for some reason I thought after we stole that stupid book, things would pick up straight into action," Mussy grumbled to herself, "but instead I get three days of Poli reading and taking notes on that stupid thing."

With a swift stomp she got on her feet. "I'm going out to get some fresh air" , she shouts as she walks towards the door.

"Not now Mussy, I'm working..." Poli replied mechanically.

The mushroom rolls her eyes and makes her way outside. She decides that she'll head towards the forest just on the other side of town, the air there is very clean and healthy for a young grass type like herself. The air around her house just wasn't fresh anymore, not with that darn heatmor smoking up the place! Ever since they got back from Gambite that heatmor has been just laying outside their house drinking liquor and releasing smoke out his tail. No matter how much she shouted at him to leave he'd just stare and continue to drink. Poli told her that was rude, and tried to 'convince the chap to move along', but got the same response. So there they were, stuck with the drunk fire-bellied-smoker living in their backyard.

As she enters the main square of town she begins to notice the commotion. Pokemon everywhere running up and down, carrying things, and arguing. She also noticed that the number of pokemon around had doubled since her last visit to town a few days ago. "where did all these pokemon come from? " she thought to herself. It was almost as if they had appeared from thin air, and like air, had just merged back in so smoothly. She watched a small group talking, they seemed so happy, they had just been reunited after a time ap-CRASH

"argg...WATCH WHERE YOU GOING YOU IDOIT" Mussy shouted at the pokemon who crashed into her, knocking them both down. she looks over to see who the dolt was that ran into her and spots a tiny blue wooper rubbing his head. he looked like a sorry pokemon too, missing one of his head thingys. imminently she feels bad for yelling at the little fellow. but before she can even start her apology, the wooper springs to its feet, and with the big smile wooper's have, began to pick up the objects that had also crashed into the ground with their bump.

"sorry! Sorry for running into you like that!" the wooper starts, " I was just trying to get this stuff to the visitors yes!"
Mussy looks down, all the objects are either red or blue. Trinkets like banners, orbs, and pennants, all with weird marking on them. She decides she won't apologize anymore, but will pick up the stuff instead. The wooper hadn't stopped talking, " They were asking for help decorating this room, and of course a real top notch explorer, like I am, will help any problem big or small! So I went down to the shop and found some really neat colored stuff that matched their colors and blah blah..." Mussy couldn't believe he was still talking.
Unable to get a word in to excuse herself away, she ended up carrying the box all the way to the visitors with the wooper. At the first chance she got, Mussy snuck out and back on her way to the forest.

"geez, what a weird kid." She thought to herself as she wondered along the forest path. It was a perfect day, one of those perfect days with a light breeze and warm sun rays which broke to the ground from between the leaves. She took in a big breath of fresh air and let out a heavy sigh. The peace didn't last long, as she heard rustling from a near by bush.

Mussy heart races and she approaches the bush. "Could it be..." she readies her mega drain....

"COOOOOOO" A pidgey burst from the bush and flutters off. Mussy breaths again. "It's just a stupid bird. " she grumbles to herself. She peers over the bush that the bird had emerged from and notices a green figure standing just beyond it in a opening of the forest. It's a young larvitar, only a hatchling, and he seems distracted. Mussy doesn't really care about what this pokemon might be doing and is about to be on her way, when she notices a purple shape swooping down towards the hatchling. "WATCH OUT"
She flings herself with a mighty headbutt intercepting the purple attacker midair, landing right next to the larvitar, " Hey! Get out of here! You're gonna ge-" The crobat swoops again, this time aimed at Mussy.
Mussy prepares to headbutt again, but the bat is pelted with a rock. She watches as the crobat flops down to the ground, struck down from the air. "heh. I didn't need YOUR help" the larvitar said with a nasty smile on his face, another rock already in his hands. His red eyes were on her now. And she understood then that the rock in his hand now might not be for that crobat.
A Mighty bellow of wind suddenly burst threw, flinging the larvitar into a tree behind. Mussy turned to see that even though it was grounded, the crobat wasn't done it's assault. With a hiss the bat revealed its poison soaked fangs from with in its mouth, and began to move towards her as fast as it could waddling on downed wings. Mussy took a deep breath and leaned the top of her head towards the oncoming enemy. And with a swift Puff, she released her spores onto the attacker. Less than a foot away the bat stopped in it's tracks and flopped onto the ground, snoring.
"I had this fight in the bag you stupid plant. " the Larvitar growled at her, rubbing the back of his head sorely.

"Yeah whatever. I think you might have an extra hole, right in your head! " she snapped back. "Sand for brains!"

"say that again you soggy old mushroom, I dare you" He squints his eyes and gets in her face.

"AWESOME! Awesome job you both!" clapped a little yellow lizard from behind a bush.
Both their attention turned towards this creature. She had never seen a pokemon like this one before, with a tiny yellow body and long black ears.
"I was able to get all the berries I needed while you two held off that mean mean bat! thank you! thank you again both of you for all your help! Now the Path of the Shine will finally be able to start its mass! "

"what." Mussy started blankly.

"yeah yeah, great! Now where's my prize like you promised? er i mean...I can join now right? " The larvitar asked the lizard.

"Oh! Of course Pit! You really proved your faith! so here you go," He handed him a red sash with markings on it, markings that matched the stuff the wooper had been carrying earlier. Then that means this guy here must be the visitor.
"...and one for you too! " He says handing a sash to Mussy as well.


"I've seen that you've been helping with the order all day too! so you wanted to join as well huh~? " the yellow lizard said with a warm sunny smile.

Well she really had no clue what he was talking about, 'Path of the Shine'? What was that? Some kind of cult? But who's gonna pass up free goods, she guessed. The guy seemed nice enough, so taking it couldn't cause too much trouble right? And she too accepted the sash. "great! I'll see both of you at mass!" And quick as a flash he scurried off carrying his basket of berries.

As soon as the lizard was out of site, she turned to Pit and asked, "What exactly is the Path of the Shine? "

"Some religious thing, I don't really know. I only did this to get this sash!", " Pit gleamed holding up the bright red material. "Heeelllllllo bone carrier! "

Mussy stared at the larvitar for a long moment. Then abruptly stated "I Hate this town."

And with that , she grumpily made her way back home with her new sash.

tl:dr - Mussy and Pit both joined the Path of the Shine, each getting a sash. Team symbiosis gets +2 task points. Team Sandspirits gets +1 task points.

Team Symbisos App>>…

Team SandSpirits app >>…
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Deeborm Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
Mussy remains da bes

The writing bit has a bunch of little grammar mistakes but I am glad it is here anyway.
Sableyeguy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Liqour's a boss, Mussy's cute (don't tell her I said that...), and that Crobat is so coooool!!! Nice story!
PowderAkaCaseyJones Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looooove this. 
SabreMushy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Beautiful!! XD dat hoot hoot omg
woooper Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is amazing! I love the colors and how you did Poli~! Also the story that goes with it is just so funny and amazing!!
sapphireluna Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neat! I like how you divided the panels.
TailsLuigi-Dewott Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Nice one, Woop.
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