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Interruptions by CrazyIguana Interruptions by CrazyIguana
"Soon all the-"
"NO I WON'T!"Shouted Robin cutting a surprised Axel off mid sentence.
Robin then let out a water gun attack directly into Axel's face, causing him to jump back, tossing Robin away and relieving Namel from his sand prison. "WHY YOU!"Growled Axel and he shot a powerful Dragonbreath attack towards Robin. But Namel was up, and swung his bone at it,somehow knocking the blast to the side. The Wind from Axel's take off knocked Namel off his feet and sent Robin flying backwards with the dust. He circled Namel and Robin from high above the spiny forest, his diamond shaped wings gleaming against the sun. Robin Fired his watergun at the now airborne flygon, but he dodged each shot with ease, smoothly gliding through the air. He let out another Dragonbreath, Scorching a line across the sand, causing the desert itself to appear momentarily green like the flames. Namel jumped to the side and managed to avoid the blast, but Robin got caught on the edge, getting thrown right into the trunk of a nearby tree by the agitated green sand. Namel dashed over to Robin in a worried panic,"are you okay?!"
"woop. I'm alright." Robin murmured as he struggled to his feet.But Before Namel could ask anything else, a high pitched whistle caught their attention and they both turned around to see Axel diving straight at them, wings glowing a bright silver. Axel was fast, and before even a word could be said, his wings had smacked into them, slamming both of the small pokemon into the ground."Urgh..." groaned Namel as he rolled to his back, looking up into to the sky which was now blanketed with dry dusty clouds. He heard another groan, and turned to see Robin looking the same way he felt, defeated. Axel, sure of his victory, returned to the ground, landing directly in front of them. The demented flygon then reached down and once again grabbed Robin, this time by his yellow bandana. Robin let out a weak cough, as the fabric choked him, much like a noose. "NOW for the final step~" Axel growled with glee. Namel's stomach lurched. He had seen the final step before. this was the part when he would take their clothes and kill its wearer. He had to help his tiny wooper friend, but he couldn't make himself move. "How should I Finish it th-"
The annoyed Axel turned around to face who had interrupted him this time. And there it was, another tiny Wooper. This one was wearing a black bow-tie neatly around its neck and a black top had with a yellow ribbon tied around its base. A....fancy wooper?


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kirbynat Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh, I love how the Dragonbreath contrasts with the rest of the picture. Very nice! :D
CrazyIguana Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
Thank you! :3
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