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Forest Of Victory by CrazyIguana Forest Of Victory by CrazyIguana
Unlike the night sand, the morning sand was unbearably hot, slighting searing the bottom of Namel's Feet with every step. He clung to his club nervously, fiddling his fingers around a crack in the handle of the boned weapon. "I can't believe that wooper convinced me to actually do this," Namel sighed to himself. He continued to follow the overly(in his opinion)happy hopping wooper. He thought of what he was heading towards and felt his stomach lurch. "maybe Axel won't go for me since I'm not wearing anything" he thought, "or maybe at least he'll spare my life"
Namel stared down at his feet, watching what he was sure to be his last steps, too nervous to glance at the sky for the foe. Soon he noticed jagged shadows covering his feet and sand. He finally looked up to see that they had walked directly into the groves of dried barren trees. The lack of water mixed with the sand had turned the trees a dark color and had hardened then to a stone likeness. The sharp branches looked like like claws, making Namel feel as if he was about to be attacked by the life-less trees themself. But properly the most chilling aspect of this forest was the colored fabrics that layed dead on nearly every branch.
Namel quickened his pace to move closer to Robin, who seemed completely unaware of the evil vibe that the forest oozed. "Come out Come out where ever you are~~ Axel! Axel! "Robin suddenly shouted.
Namel twitched with shock and harshly whispered, " What are you doing!? Do you WANT him to hear us!?"
"yes I do!"
"But then he might come after us!"
"Isn't that why we're here?" Robin said with a turn of his head.
"No! er... I mean yes?...But...I thought we were going to surprise him or something..."Namel trailed off, quickly losing his confidence in his argument.
"haha you're funny!" Giggled Robin as he continued through the trees. Namel was about to follow when he heard it. A faint humming, like someone was singing in the distance. Suddenly the dead fabrics began to stir, like leaves shaking in the breeze. And in a flash of wind and dust Robin was gone! Swept up right in front of Namel! But before he could even begin to miss Robin, his head was slammed into the ground. Grains of sand wedged in between his face and his skull mask, chaffing his scales. He tried to lift himself away from the painful sand but couldn't budge. Axel's foot kept his face well buried in the sand.Clenched in Axel's claw, hanging upside down by his tail, was Robin, squirming like a trapped caterpie. A cold laugh silenced them both from their struggles.

"HaHAHAHAHA! Welcome to my forest of Victory~~"laughed the deranged Flygon."Look at the trees! Filled with the Many colors of my Strength! And Soon," he crackled turning his attention to Robin, "your color will join them."


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September 3, 2012
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